LOVE, the Sweetest Rhythm for the Heartbeat – Short Story Love

Excerpt: Short Story Love: From that day whenever our eyes met each other accidentally, I was very excited and could feel butterflies in my stomach. Two years went (Reads: 3,360)


Short Story Love – LOVE, the Sweetest Rhythm for the Heartbeat

[This short story love is selected for Love’2012 Story Writing Competition]

Short Story Love

Short Story Love, The Sweetest Rhythm for the Heartbeat

That was my first day of Graduation. I took a place in first bench and started chitchatting .My eyes caught hold of a 6 feet fair and handsome guy on a last. I stopped chatting and starred at him. I was confused as his glance fell on me at the very moment. The minute our eyes met each other, my heartbeat ran very fast and I felt very shy. We were distracted with one of the lecturer’s announcement.

From that day whenever our eyes met each other accidentally, I was very excited and could feel butterflies in my stomach. Two years went like that without any conversation between us. Both of us never even tried to speak with each other. But I knew at the very first sight that we were born for each other.

By the end of the third year we all became good friends. All our classmates planned for a day’s outing to nearby waterfalls on the completion of our semester examination. To reach the falls we have to travel by bus for an hour, by foot for more than an hour in a forest by the side of a water stream. As it’s planned one we started exactly by 6am. Soon we reached the forest. All were so excited that they ran into forest forgetting about friends and belongings. I was single on my way playing with water. It was drizzling lightly and was cool. Suddenly I noticed someone coming very slowly n surprised to see that it was him. I slowed my walk just to accompany him but don’t want to let him know. So I sat down at a point as if I didn’t notice him. In no time he sat just beside me. He was sooo close. A shivering started all over my body. I got up and was about to move from there and was stopped as he stood before me blocking my way. My heart beast was sooo fast, my breathing process also fastened. I felt very shy and scary too that I closed my eyes without daring to see what goanna happen. He gave me tight hug. It was such a loving and comfortable hug, moreover it’s for the first time in my life, I felt the warmness in a guys touch. I didn’t stop him instead lost myself. I don’t know it was for few seconds or minutes. He cried loudly saying “You mean a lot for me. I need you beside me all the time, all my life time. Even a second is like hell without your thoughts. Please Be Mine”. Tears were running down my cheeks. Of course these were my words too. But words were not coming out from my mouth. He released me. When I opened my eyes saw him running into the forest and he disappeared. I sat there in silence and astonishment. I cried, laughed, screamed with happiness and started walking into the forest. I saw all playing n draining under the water falls. My eyes were searching for him but all my thoughts were still running around the incident took place in the forest. I stopped seeing him screaming loudly and playing with his friends. For a minute I was confused weather the incident happened or it was just my imagination. I closed my eyes, I can still feel the warmness in his company, and the love he had on me. But when I open my eyes and see him, I even cannot see any such marks or feelings on his face. The entire trip was over in the dilemma. And we had an off for 10 days. I had gone mad at the time of vacation. Never started my day without his thoughts and never ended my night without his dreams. I decided to speak with him the next time I met him. All the time I was preparing how to face him, or what to speak with him .I almost lived with him in my thoughts and dreams.

It was the first day of the last semester. But for me it seemed like first day of the graduation. I was eagerly waiting to see him. The first class started. Tears filled my eyes. I shed my tears seeing him at the door with happiness. He was looking at me with same eagerness. This time I didn’t turn my eyes, I saw straight into his eyes. Our eyes spoke for few seconds, comforting and consoling for missing each other at the vacation time. I thought that day was perfect for proposing him. Class was going but my thoughts were running how to propose, how to start, where to speak. It was lunch time. Everyone left to canteen. I was still day dreaming. Suddenly a voice brought me back to this world. I turned around and was shocked seeing him. He started “how were you all these days and how was your vacation?”

Whenever he is near I completely forget myself. Even this time the same happened,I was trying to answer but words were not coming out of my mouth. I kept calm starring at him. After sometime he left the room. Soon after he left the room I cried like anything for my helpless situation. My entire mood was off and I observed the same in his face. It was the last class for the day. I decided to stop him after the class and talk to him. Soon after the Lecturer left he left the class. I was totally disappointed. Next day he came late and left early. Day by day I was becoming weak.

Finally the day came to give Farewell to each other.Everyone were in a deep grief as all are going to miss the Happy Days.I walked slowly all over the college and suddenly stopped seeing him.I straightly walked towards him with full of pain in my heart. This time in front of everyone I hugged him tight and cried loudly. All the college surrounded us in no time. He too hugged me tight and kissed me on my forehead. There were no words all the four years. On the last day started our LOVE STORY which will never end.

The sweetness in love is the ultimate thing in life that who ever misses it, they missed their entire life.


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