Excerpt: If it was an imagination, magic, it dint matter. It was extraordinary example of how I was unknowingly longing for my love. The one who was standing right in front of my eyes. The reason I want to fall in love even in my last days… (Reads: 858)



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I was writing my dairy when my phone beeped.


“Hello” I recognized the voice. “Who gave you my number?”

“It’s not difficult to get the number when we have so many common friends”

“Tell me what’s it?”

“Checking if my baby is sleeping”

“Baby? Which baby?” I was smiling.

“Who else. That baby who gives me baby.”

“Ok stop. Tell me what it is”

“I lost my event sheet. Can you mail me one?”

I knew it was a lie. He himself prepared the event table sheets.

“I will send now. Bye”



“You see the bright moon in sky?”

I looked at the moon through the open window.


“Can you see two figures there?”

“Are you playing now?”

“No. I am not. Just look at it.”

And to my surprise I saw two figures. Just the outline of them in white background and one was tall and indicated a male and other short of female. Suddenly I saw them move… dance…I thought I was imagining but I was hearing the music… a music that was beyond the humans creation… Music from an unknown divine instrument…

“They are dancing” I said. There was no reply for his end.

When I got up in the morning I was not in my usual sleeping position and my neck was aching badly. I remembered the night’s incident and it seemed strangely familiar but impossible at the same time. I checked my call log and it was me who called Vishnu. It said the call duration was 7 minutes. I didn’t know when I called him. He was the one who asked me to send the event sheets. I was in confusion. Then I remembered I was on medication. Doctor Uncle gave me that medicine to take on that particular day when a star meets up with another or something like that. I can’t oppose him saying two stars can’t touch each other or escape their respective orbits. If they do it’s not called touching. It will be collision. He is the one who gave me hope to live and asked me surrender my beliefs to my treatment.

Though he is good, the way my dad met him in our estate was strange. My mind always wanted an investigation on strange things but in this case I had to have the faith. So I decide to hope. Hope for the better. When you understand no worldly treatment can cure you, what else can you do? I believe do my parents. He asks me these strange questions like “what you feel when you see a star? Which one is favorite? Sadvini or Mahanti? I don’t know what they even are but surprisingly I answer him. It might be the effects of those transparent tablet. My parents have faith in him. He has an old fashioned house where he treats me and he is engaged in treating the tribes nearby. Everything about him is strange. But there is something about him that makes us believe him.

But he hadn’t told me about this side effect of tablet. That I lose my mind’s control and start seeing people dancing on moon or calling my forbidden love in the mid night.

The whole day I was in dilemma whether to ask Vishnu about yesterday’s phone call incident or just let it go. But then I had so many other alternative explanation which made sense. Like I called him unknowingly and left the phone unnoticed. He might have waited on the other side for 7 min then he cut the call when he dint get a reply. Or it can even be like this, he called me but, may be due to some technical problem the phone might be showing it as an outgoing call. Etc. but none of them were near to truth. And I was damn sure I saw the dancing couple, and I heard the music. And then? I slept simply like that?

Mamma once told me, when I was a child, I used to look at the moon for minutes together and enjoy. She told all the children like moon and the stars in the dark sky but I was different. The way I looked at the sky was different and it was more like unusual. I could sit looking at the sky for more than an average child did.

My mind raced trying to connect the incidents. But it was when I was very small and I didn’t even remember doing like that. And I don’t have any special interest in astronomy as such.

I hated not knowing… according to me a question can be complete only if it has an answer. But the incomplete question kept me restless the whole day. The divine music was playing at the back of my head softly….

“Came looking for me?”

Hell… how can he just say it so confidently…?

I was curious to put a full stop to my curiosity of last night. So I went to PU section and purposefully slowed down while passing Vishnu’s class room. I knew he would definitely run to me and I loved it when he did run and came.

“Not exactly. Umm…I was waiting for Aasha ma’am. Morning she had asked me to come in the break” I could give a fast believable reply. That’s the power of intelligence-I thought stupidly.

“Really? But she is absent since morning” he was trying hard to suppress a laugh.

I felt dumb… why did I came up with that dumb reason…”power of intelligence”– someone laughed in my head.

“Whatever. Did you get the events sheet?”

He looked amused.

“I was the one to prepare the events schedule. Remember? Why will I ask you? I have the originals with me. What happened?”

I was quiet and looked down.

“You look dull. Don’t take things hard. I am the one who proposed first. If you have to tell anything, tell. Don’t be shy.”

“What?” was my sudden reply. He didn’t make sense.

“What what? You could have come up with some better reasons if you missed me that much. I thought you were brilliant enough to have some proper reason when you call in midnight”

“What….?” Now I was in utter shock. I called him? That too in the middle of the night.

“But Paavana… tell me did you really see that?” he looked nervous. He waited for my reply with a raised eye brow.

“Did I tell that also?”

“Yes. Those dancing couples in moon…the music … did you really see that?” I was embarrassed. Calling my secret love in night and telling something imaginative. I didn’t know what to tell.

“Oh! That! It’s nothing. I was just joking. Thought of having little fun.” I managed something but it was dumb too. So I added “I was on medication… I am sorry for the disturbance”

He smiled happily. May be he was happy I called him. “No sorry’s. Just make sure next time you call, you recognise mine and my mother’s voice.”

I couldn’t stop laughing… I was happy. If it was an imagination, magic or effect of medicines whatever, it dint matter. It was extraordinary example of how I was unknowingly longing for my love. The one who was standing right in front of my eyes. The reason I want to fall in love even in my last days…

“Now go to the class” he said and caressed my head affectionately….


(to be continued…)

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    Hey Maya! I really loved the way you narrate it. You picturized things so brilliantly and so beautifully.

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