My fingers in your palm

Excerpt: The hero smiled and dared to dig into heroine’s eyes mischievously. Our heroine fell all ways apart. That was the first time anyone committed the crime. (Reads: 387)


“His hand is somewhere between gentle and grave. No doubt, he has got the honey voice but his hand hasn’t got this quality of his voice.” Blushed our heroine while thinking of the handshake with our hero. Yes, our hero whom our heroine just shook hands with.

It started with a formal meet at the park. It was a sultry evening in a park where both were roaming around. Breeze was soothing but heroine found her company really boring well who like to discuss normal course of daily events under a tree shed and dim light of sun.

“Radhika , meet Rajan, he joined our course a month ago. I have told you about him yesterday.” Her arts teacher introduced the hero to our heroine gladly.

“Oh, hello Rajan, Ma’am told me that you are quite good at choosing theme.” Said the heroine hesitantly.

The hero smiled and dared to dig into heroine’s eyes mischievously. Our heroine fell all ways apart. That was the first time anyone committed the crime. Yes, the crime because our heroine thinks that digging into someone’s insight without one’s permission is a grave mischievous activity and should be categorised as a crime. She managed her wits and ended that horrible meeting by saying goodbye.

Our hero won his first match. He was smiling proudly and watching the girl leave.
“I hate that. How dare he? My spectacles aren’t that much blur that one has to dig into my eyes like hawk while I talk. He has no manners. Silly him.” Angered the heroine lying on her bed.

“She is unique. I knew this but the way her eyes chant the emotions musically I am sure of the fact.” Laughed our hero while combing is spiky hair. It’s his first triumph in a month in which he kept watching her from distance. He liked the way she kept dropping things on her way to class. Her way to choose drastic colours to paint her thoughts on canvass and her bold moves to define the structures of her imagination. He was good at choosing art theme but the way she spontaneously colour the white space made him feel new.

He kept doing all this after his first triumph but something new was added. She started doing it too but very secretively because she knew that the boy’s eyes always were in search of a chance.

The day came when the institute decided to take the students on an art tour. Everyone was over excited in the bus well a reason was there. Our heroine and our hero chose the farthest and safest place from where they could do their all day secret observation without any interruption. Tour went adventurous and the bus headed to the final destination. The bus was about to reach at last stop. There were only four were left in bus. Hardly had she turned the face than she found him facing her seat and looking at her. “What the hell does he want to know?” thought the girl.

That scene continued till the bus stopped and both started to walk in silence. “I want to ask you something” our hero broke the silence. “No, I want to ask you something.” Reacted she. “Okay, ask.” Hero smiled and offered the chance while crossing his hands. Our petite heroine couldn’t survive the bold move. She surrendered “Nothing, my home is just down the street. I can go now, thank you for accompanying me.”

The hero smiled as usual and made a gesture for a generous handshake. She looked down, managed her hairs and drag her hand to fill the void in hero’s palm. The clock stopped clicking for both of them and their heart skipped so many beats at sudden. The boy bent little to reach her ear and whispered “Now, you can’t hide it anymore. I know it all.” She blushed then she laughed and left the boy standing there.

“Do wear pink tomorrow.” Shouted the boy from distance. The girl turned and replied “and you Black.”

She landed on her bed and kept thinking just one thing “My fingers feel strange in his palm”.


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