A Sad Love Story..!!!

Excerpt: Aizwal couldn't controlled her emotions and hugged Rehan . And they promised each other until they are alive, They will be together and happy. (Reads: 1,447)


It was during Winter…. Aizwal thought of going out alone for sometime, so that she could spend sometime alone. She was frustrated with her life. Guess what Aizwal found????
She found a cute Bella(A dog) Aizwal took Bella in her arm and walked away.
While walking! She met a young handsome boy who was also walking alone on street.
Aizwal got his attention, he came towards her and asked.
Do You also like to walk alone on street???
Aizwal: Ignored
Rehan: I am talking to you, “My name is Rehan and i am from Mumbai”.
Aizwal: Again ignored him , and just walked away silently.
Rehan: Hey! Why are you ignoring me ? Don’t you like me”??
Aizwal: Smiled and said, No it’s not like that. “I just avoid talking to strangers”.
Rehan: Come on, I am not bad company at all. You can trust me. See i also like staying alone and you are also same  like me. Can i walk with you? I hope you don’t mind.
Aizwal: Yea.. hmm mm. Ok you can
Rehan:: “Can i ask you something”?
Aizwal: “Yes”, You can…
Rehan: “What else you’d like to do”? Like apart from walking alone on street,,
Aizwal: ***Silent for a couple of second****
Hmmmm well , “I like walking in rain, Painting and travelling”…. Anywayz time to go now, Bye…
Rehan: But………Ok… Listen can we meet tomorrow at same place.
Aizwal: “Not Sure”.
And she walked away from Rehan.
Rehan was watching her continously  that she will turn and look at him once.  But she didn’t look at him
The next day rehan was waiting for Aizwal. He was confident enough that she will come today. He looked at his watch . He thought of going back then he saw someone is coming and it was aizwal itself. He was so much happy because rehan was Love at first sight with Aizwal. She was looking gorgeous in her skirt , blue eyes and her lips which attracted him the most.
Again the conversation started between Aizwal and Rehan
So, Finally you came . “Tell me your name atleast”, Rehan asked Aizwal
Aizwal: My name is Aizwal
Rehan: Nice Name
They both walked together for long, they both didn’t say a word each other. Rehan was looking at Aizwal, But Aizwal didn’t notice.
Rehan started the conversation
So, Ms Aizwal what do you do in your spare time?
Aizwal: Ummmm.. I am a teacher in St. Georges school, It is a primary school. I love spending time with childrens because childrens don’t hurt people intentionally like how adults actual do.
Rehan:  Well, I agree with you. But, “May i know the reason of your sadness”?
Aizwal: Nothing Important.. It’s just like i had so many dreams to fulfill, But…. Have no time…….
Rehan: What? Please tell me clearly.
Aizwal: Ummm, Nothing. Let’s go back
Rehan: “Stop Aizwal” . You can’t go like this.
Aizwal: Leave my hand rehan and let me go. It’s about my life . You don’t need to interfere in it life. So stay away from me.
Next Day
Rehan is searching  Aizwal because he has to talk to her, He has to say Aizwal about his feelings about his love at first sight . He searched her everywhere in the nearby areas. At last he found her in a market buying groceries .
He secretly went behind her and followed her till she reached her home.
He was waiting Aizwal to come out of her home, so that he can talk to her about yesterday.
He waited sooo long…… But Aizwal didn’t come.
Suddenly Aizwal came out of her home for a walk. She saw Rehan standing out .
She ignored and started walking away from him.
Rehan: Please Stop Aizwal ,  I need to talk to you,
Aizwal: Stop following me Rehan and just go away from here.
Rehan: Ran towards her and catch her hand and asked, “Why are you ignoring me”. You don’t know, How much I love you Aizwal, Please don’t do like this.
Aizwal was trying to free herself from Rehan,
Aizwal: Rehan, Leave me….. “What are talking about”? LOVE? What do you know about LOVE? In just two days of our friendship , You took our friendship to love? No.
Rehan: Aizwal, I just want to know about yesterday. You said “You have no time”, What does this mean??? Can u tell me??? Aizwal? I am talking to you??
Aizwal: Come with me.
She took Rehan to her home. And gave him her file to read.
Rehan: What is this??
Aizwal: You will get all your answers in this.
And she went in a kitchen.
Rehan: Opened it and started reading..
Tears was falling apart from his face.!!!
He ran towards the kitchen and push Aizwal towards the wall and said, ” You have cancer”? and started crying on her shoulder.
She bursted in tears….
Aizwal controlled her emotions and said. Yes i am at last stage of “Cancer”
“I hope now, you got all your answers. So, Forget me and find someone who can be with you till your entirely life.”
”  I have no rights to live in this world,
I have no rights to be happy.,
I have no right to be loved…
That’s why , The person whom i loved the most, he left me
Do you hear me” He Left me alone, in my last days”
That’s why , I dont get attached to anyone
That’s why i was avoiding you,  Ignoring you”.
Rehan: “Aizwal, I will not leave you at any cost. See, We met because Destiny want us to be together till our last breath.”
Aizwal. “I need to tell you something about me”.”
“I am also a Cancer Patient”
” And See our co-incidence, I am also at last stage of cancer”

By hearing this, Aizwal couldn’t controlled her emotions and hugged Rehan . And they promised each  other until they are alive, They will be together and happy.
They both took their last breath in each other arms.

No one Knows when their lives going to end, So, Untill you are alive. Live it, Rock it and make your life memorable and happy.
Because, You wont get your life again.


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