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Excerpt: This short story love - DDLJ a love story by me...Though the name is adapted from SRK's movie the story is completely different!! Hope you all will like it :) (Reads: 1,650)


[This short story love is selected for Love’2012 Story Writing Competition]

My first love story for your page – Dilwaale dulhaniya le jaayenge:

9th May,1979:

A boy was born in a south-indian family in Hyderabad. He was a charmer by birth, so his parents named him Kunal…!!!!

9th May,1982:

A girl was born in a north-indian family in Dehradun. She was beautiful by her birth, She had beautiful eyes, very fair, she was just like her father and as her father held her for the first time in his hands he named her as Kiara…!!!!

Short Story Love

Short Story Love - DDLJ

So now I have introduced two characters born on the same day but different years… this story revolves around Kunal and Kiara their first meeting and the sparks in them which take place. I am trying to put in my best so that you all will love it…Read on to now…!!!!

My story title is DDLJ which doesn’t mean that I am writing DDLJ’s story it is just that just like the date 9th May DDLJ also has a Role in this story..!!!!

As years passed Kunal & Kiara grew up in their own places,where as Kunal was son of One of the famous Industrialist of Hyderabad….similarly Kiara was daughter of a Businessman who had to travel places…so while travelling they end up in hyderabad…!!!!

20th October,1995:

Year’s pass by and now Kunal is “fifteen” and Kiara is just “thirteen”


Oh My God…wowwwww………..Yash Raj’s Film DDLJ is releasing today…Yayyayyyyyyyy…….I am going for the movie…I am going for the movie….!!!!!


WoWWW….the most awaited movie release avtundi amma,nanna randi veldamu….Ramakrishna Theatre;5:30 evening….!!!!

Ramakrishna Theatre:

Kiara:Yayyyyyyy……finally I am here for the movie of the “Man of my dreams”

“Shah Rukh Khan”

Huhhh……it’s housefull here chalo let me sit on my seat L-9

Kunal: Ammaiyah….vachesamu pa kurchuddam….L-10

And the movie goes-on with two individuals Kunal singing “Hogaya hai Tujhko toh Pyaar Sajana” & Kiara singing “Na jaane mere Dil ko yeh Kya Ho gaya……


Kunal & Kiara both are out to take their refreshments….and suddenly there is alot of rush outside,people pushing each other because the movie is about to start after the break and then both Kiara & Kunal run into each other….

Ahhhhaaaaaa…..this was the first time they met and they sat gazing at each other and suddenly they realised that the movie had started and then they rushed into the hall and are in each others respective seats….and then they notice that they are sitting next to each other….as the movie goes on they start getting sparks between each other………

Just think if the first meeting itself got so many sparks between them what about Next????

Four Year’s Later,2000:

Kunal is 19 & Kiara is 17 young enough to fall for someone special…..till this time Kunal is doing his engineering & Kiara is in Junior college..!

Kunal stays in D.A.V apartments 4th Floor and Kiara also happens to shift into the same apartment and same floor……!!!!!

Now guys they are neighbours…..

Kunal was not the only son for his parents he also had a younger sister Kripa who is 17 & unfortunately she happens to be childhood Bff of Kiara…they have been together at school & junior college…..and as Kiara was new to the place she hardly knew anyone…so she rushed to Kripa’s house and there she happens to meet Kunal for the second time…..!!!!

They saw each other and they are startled they where have thinking where have they met each other….????

They cross-by still thinking about each other and suddenly it click’s to their minds and they say to each other Hey you are the same person right whom i ran-into during the interval of “DDLJ”

Yesss…...the answer comes from them…..and Kripa’s enter’s and the same as usual dialogue comes…”You both know each other???

Ah…..this was their second meet and slowly they go-on meeting each other,they become strong friends….and Kunal is startled by her and Kiara just takes him as her Bff(& the brother of her friend)

9th May,2001:

This was Kiara’s first birthday with her new friends and this was the time when she comes to know that Kunal’s birthday is also on the same day…..so they happen to celebrate their birthday together….lot of friends,cake’s,gifts and all….and the day passed by….it was a memorable day for both Kiara and Kunal…..around 10:00 both Kiara & Kunal were alone,Kunal thought that this was the best time for him to express his feelings for her…..and suddenly as Kiara is deeply engrossed in talking to Kunal…Kunal kneels down and proposes her…!!!!

First Girl,First Boy,First Proposal,First Feeling:

The time Kunal expressed his feeling’s Kiara was flattered….and even Kunal after seeing her feeling shy…and so there were butterflies in their stomach along with a first peck of Kunal on Kiara’s cheek..!!!

First Peck on Kiara’s cheek gave her butterflies in her stomach and Kiara left the place in tension….and then she started dancing all around in her room “Na jaane mere Dil ko yeh kya hogaya……“& Kunal standing under the Full-moon starts singing his favourite song—“Hogaya hai mujhko toh pyaar sajana…..” & then suddenly as Kiara was in her dream world she had a thought in her mind she started thinking how would it be if someone comes to know that her Boyfriend is her Bff cum brother of her childhood friend….moreover she was tensed thinking that how would Kripa react….she would obviously say that you used to come to my home for me or my brother…after knowing this all Kripa would hardly talk with Kiara…..with all these thoughts in her mind Kiara took a decision…..!!!

Very Next Day:


…I Have A Heart And That is True…
…But Now it Has Gone 4m Me 2u…
…So Care 4 it Just Like I Do…
…Cause I Have No Heart And You Have 2…


Was shocked after hearing all this from Kunal….she sacrificed her love only because what would people say or Kripa….next word which Kunal heard from Kiara was “I am Sorry

Kiara said that ,”I cannot be in a relation with you

And left the place….

Kunal was in tears he never thought that his first love would break his heart…..now from best friends they were two different individuals,shattered worlds…they hardly spoke to each other…!!!

Two Years Later: 9th May,2003:

Kunal & Kiara’s birthday party….this was the day when both of them decided that “we should be friends”…and so they became friends again…..they started playing together,talking hours to each other….though they were Bff’s in front of all….they only knew what was their in the hearts…they could hardly forget their first love…and they just thought that “life goes on”

And slowly they both were in different relationships not because they had feeling for them but because they had feelings for them….

When Kiara was in a relation she again had a heart-break and this time it was serious….this was the time when Kiara realised how much she loved Kunal….but now it was of no-use…at one place Kiara was heart-broken…on the other side Kunal was very much happy with his lady-love…and by this time Kunal was successful engineer and Kiara was a Degree student….Kunal was 21 & Kiara was 18….Kunal an adult and Kiara still a teen.

And soon there was a time when Kunal had to leave India and go for further higher studies to New Jersey….for a short time-span of two years.

These two years Kiara was single and was ready to get married to a U.S established business men Harleen whom she hardly knew….and Kunal was still in a relation….and slowly these two years pass by and Kunal is back in India and Kiara on a position to get married to Harleen…!!!


Kripa enters the house with a good-news and announces loudly in her house that “Na Best-friend ki Pelli fix aindi….Yayyyyy Kiara’s getting married…..and soon there is a atmosphere of happiness in Kripa’s house and Kunal hears it…he is totally shattered…he thinks how can she marry someone else without my consent…he rushes to Kiara’s house….she is all set for her first-date with Harleen before “The Dream-Wedding”

Kiara’s Residence:

Kunal enters in,Kiara shouts in excitement “Awww….its my wedding Kunal and you are back…I am so glad to see you….

Kunal hardly could react and suddenly observes Kiara looking Beautiful In Black-Gown all set for Date…

Kunal before Kiara would ask tells that “you are looking as if an angel who just got down from the universe

Kiara is flattered again…..though Kiara is ready to marry Harleen she still has feelings for Kunal


Though Kunal is in a relation he still has feelings for Kiara….

“But the fact is that they both do not know about each others feelings or that they still do exist…Kiara thinks that Kunal has moved-on & Kunal thinks that she has moved-on so fast that she is even marrying a person who she hardly knows..”


Two days Later:

It’s Kiara’s engagement today….and this is the time when Kunal realises that he has no life without Kiara and that he is incomplete without her…similarly so does Kiara does realise the same thing…but now Kiara has another fear in her heart that it is too late now for them to patch-up…but on the other end there is this fearless Kunal…who has the courage to steal her Kiara from some nerdy Harleen.

Kiara has already put the engagement ring in the ring-finger of Harleen and she hardly has any hopes of this wedding not to happen…and now it is the turn of Harleen.

Before Harleen could even take Kiara’s hand in his hand…here has the hero of the day Kunal entered


This engagement cannot take place…until and unless I am alive……..Kiara is very happy and others are shocked….and Kunal moves forward in front of all and confesses to the whole bunch-of people that “Kiara is my life….if there is someone who will marry her its me not anyone else

And the latter goes ahead to even propose Kiara for marriage in front of all….and he does it…this is the second special moment in their lives after 9th May,2001 and Kiara before even thinking for some fraction of moments announces that she will marry Kunal…if not Kunal she would remain a spinster forever after….listening to this the parents of both Kiara & Kunal..hardly had an option to back-out for the wedding



This was love of Kiara & Kunal…which made the world Kneel in front of them and Harleen back-out.

Sometimes Somewhere in this world “Pehli nazar Ka Pyaar” hardly succeeds….. and finally in the end

“Dilwaale (Kunal) hi toh le gaye Dulhaniya (Kiara)”

Suggestions are welcome…so feel free to suggest…!!!!


Thank You,

Preetika. D

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