Short Story Love: Funny Coincidence

Excerpt: Ever since we met a few weeks ago, I’d been hoping to run into her sometime. She had recently moved into this neighborhood, and boy was I glad. (Reads: 1,321)


[Short story love “Funny Coincidence” is selected for Love’2012 Story Writing Competition]

Short Story Love: Funny Coincidence

Short Story Love: Funny Coincidence

I was writing a paper at my desk, facing the window. The occasional car horn and the loud, thumping beat from a teenager’s car tried to distract me. But my mind was already elsewhere. Even an engineer finds mathematics to be dull and unstimulating when there’s a pretty lady to think about. In the monotony of solving differential equations, I was often lost in a string of fabulous thoughts.

I heard her voice form downstairs near the parking lot. My heart reacted first with a quick, anxious beat, but my body feigned calm as I got up slowly. There, walking around the perimeter of the colony, I saw her.

Ever since we met a few weeks ago, I’d been hoping to run into her sometime. She had recently moved into this neighborhood, and boy was I glad. Every now and then, I would peak outside from my room window, checking if I could spot her outside. I would walk slower towards my apartment, increasing the likelihood of running into her. I would find excuses to go outside more. My evening jog fit well into the motive. But we didn’t run into each other.

And yet, there she was. Dressed in casual shorts of my favorite shade of green and a cool blue tank top, she walked as if in deep thought. She took a few quick steps then strolled through the next few, and that randomness made me curious. Did she know of my fancy for that shade of green? The optimist in me rose.

I grabbed my car keys and ran- straight to the mirror. A quick ruffle of the hair for that perfect I-don’t-care-how-my-hair-looks look. I paced to my car, not expecting to run into anyone. I opened up the boot, and scuffled through whatever there was: some old textbooks, my beloved basketball an old, amost forgotten music CD. Now, to kill some time: looking completely engrossed, I browsed through some of the old textbooks. I hand’t read much of them for the finals, and there was no reason to pay any attention to them now.

“Hey” she said, ending my wait. I noticed the green shorts again. “Fancy running into you today.”

“Yeah,” I replied with a revealing smile, “funny coincidence.”


Funny coincidence: the other side

I just moved to this rather posh neighborhood. Just your casual girl next door, but more random in many ways. I’m still getting used to this city. The food, the traffic, the weather, the people, the guys and love: it’s been a mystery so far.

I met this cute guy the other day. He’s been in this colony for a while, and was the first person I met here. He seemed nice, you know, nice – the kind of man you just don’t get to see a lot these days. I’ve wanted to see him ever since, but pur paths have not crossed so far. I spend several evenings outside; reading, chatting with the expressive little kids, but more than anything, waiting.

Mom always sais that the universe conspires for our strong desires, and I see him now. He’s taking a light jog around the complex. I’ve always had a thing for fit guys. I also noticed a shiny basketball in the trunk of his car the other day.  Maybe I should go say hi. Too desperate? If only I could stop thinking so much, and act more.

I quietly walk downstairs, just as I would any other evening. I circle the colony opposite to his direction. A couple of frantic heartbeats later, I see him tread uphill to where I wait for him. Dressed in a white Adidas tee with multicolored horizontal stripes, he looks built. White earphones, presumably Apple, dangle from his ears and he is absolutely zoned in to exerice and music.

He does not spot me immediately, but I give him a minute. He finally notices me, and smiles, pleasantly surprised.

Taking off his earphones, he says, “didn’t expect to run into you this fine evening.” His eyes have a sparkle, like he knows. I beam, “funny coincidence.”

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