Short Story Love: Her Endless Wait – An Untold Love

Excerpt: Some stories end with leaving nothing for the pages of history. That’s why I have chosen one of them to draft on papers in my story, so that they remain forever in reader’s hearts. (Reads: 3,916)


[Short story love “Her Endless Wait – An Untold Love” is selected for Love’2012 Story Writing Competition]

Short Story Love - An Untold Love

Short Story Love - An Untold Love

Sometimes it’s very hard to write some stories on papers. Not because they are tough to explain but actually they are so painful that even thinking about those real incidents fills your eyes with tears and shakes your body in pain. I am writing one such story (with a few imaginary sentences). But those with whom this happened are now very much far from me. I can’t see their eyes. But a few years back I have definitely seen, what people often refer as LOVE……..They taught me the actual meaning of love. Friends some love stories have very happy endings, some have very sad. But some stories end with leaving nothing for the pages of history. That’s why I have chosen one of them to draft on papers in my story, so that they remain forever in reader’s hearts.

Chandu and Sweety, were two of my classmates, very much close to each other. I said very close because I don’t have bigger scale to measures how much close they were to each other. They knew they can’t ever afford to live without each other. But unfortunately they had never realized that probably they were in love. That’s why they never expressed their feelings to anyone. And this turned out to be the biggest mistake for them. It shifted the destiny other way.

That birthday party of Manu (one of our classmates) , he told Chandu about his love for a girl, and asked Chandu to help him by saying that it was a question of life and death for him and he was the only person who could do it for him. Chandu, didn’t know that destiny was playing with him, he promised his friend Manu to give whatever he would ask, after all it was his birthday.

And that happened what no one could have ever imagined for. He asked his heart, his sweety from him. The moment he pronounced her name from his mouth Chandu shook like earth was quaking. But he had hidden his feelings behind his eyelids and decided to stick to his promise with his friend. He lost his world but not his words. He put all his efforts to persuade Sweety for Manu. Helpless Sweety decided to burn all her dreams for the promise of his love Chandu. After schooling Chandu left the city for some reasons.

Years after schooling they met each other in temple and this time eyes found them unable to hide what was untold for years. Sweety told about how Manu tortured her and requested Chandu to come back in her life exactly where he had left earlier. Chandu had no options except to hold his love at that tearful moment. Sweety didn’t waste a single second in telling Chandu about all, what she had felt from childish friendship to teenager love. Honest towards his love, he promised sweety to stand by her every single moment of her life. But equally truthful to his friendship he requested sweety to forget everything and accept Manu as his life partner. At first Sweety was not ready to drink this poison again but helpless before Chandu’s resolution she decided to accept Manu.

Chandu was on the way to Manu’s home to tell him the good news. But manu had some other plans for his friend. He was prepared for something else. As he saw his friend Chand approaching him he fired, and within seconds Chandu was on the road. All the happiness vanished. At those dying moments he told Manu about Sweety’s acceptance of his proposal and left everybody forever.

After that day what happened to that sweet girl, no one knows. But I am sure she must be somewhere very alone, waiting for her Chandu.


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