October 31st, All Hallows’ Evening, 2019

Excerpt: Halloween Special: My little sister prepares a potato gratin every Friday and Halloween which I bake. Grated cheese can melt together with the cream while they get heated and stirred. (Reads: 272)



October 31st, All Hallows’ Evening, 2019 – Halloween Special
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My First Year of High School

Fiona is my friend, my name is Jayden and I’m fourteen. It’s Halloween 2016 and the nearby community is deserted this late, I began high school this session and my siblings and parents are at their lake house. It’s late at night and I thought I would write down what happen today.

My little sister prepares a potato gratin every Friday and Halloween which I bake. Grated cheese can melt together with the cream while they get heated and stirred, so she can have a lot of cheese without pieces of cheese when the potato gratin is finished.

Fiona was hiding and waiting for me when I was out walking, which was just now. She had black sweatpants and a black hoodie with the hood up. She had painted her face, mostly white and rest red. It was her own idea, to be spooky dressed and scare a friend at a creepy place on Halloween.

Fiona can do a trick, she showed this for the first time just now. It went down this way, we sat down on the floor in front of each other, she grabbed my arms just above my hands and asked,

“Do I feel warm or cold?”


I answered.

“How about now, isn’t my right hand warm and my left cold?”

She asked but I didn’t feel any difference.

Fiona is drawing filled comic book squares on my left arm right now, outside the windows in my room is the roof pretty flat, on the roof is just flat, black roof pieces. Sometimes when it’s dark outside we sit out there, like right now. One time we just sat on a lawn and Fiona disappeared, I froze when I looked around. Fiona was there a moment ago, that I saw. She disappeared as soon as I looked at my shoes, so it must have been. Afterwards, I stood up and saw her standing on the same lawn as I did so it felt good. She must have sneaked away when I was watching my shoes, because I discovered her behind me afterwards.

For a time Fiona felt differently. It began when she had flowers in her hair once, it’s obviously not for nothing that she is the coolest amongst the two of us. When I saw her, I could literally just think, breathe. And outside of my control I appeared nervous and my voice was affected. One night I dreamed that I happened to brush against Fiona’s stomach with my hand and she thought it was okay.


My Second Year of High School

I have six younger siblings and am afraid of the dark, today is the second Halloween in high school. Recently have also my siblings been afraid of the dark, my siblings and I think that we seen something paranormal on the second floor in a neighbor house. He who lives there is never on the second floor, no one else either. I have asked him, he has not been on the second floor for years.

He is a consultant for a national security company, a lock manufacturer, a security agency and the military. He also operates private hi-tech security systems. I asked if I was allowed to enter the second floor in the fairly new house, a replica of a house that stood there before. He entered a room with just electronic equipment while I slowly headed up, it was evening and dark outside.

On the second floor wasn’t it empty as he said, there lay a girl who is about 25. She went to the same school as him, the one I go to now and she said that she had been living there for eighteen months with her own key. She had written a piece of paper explaining everything if he would come up when she wasn’t there, I don’t know if they were just fooling around. But I had to promise her not to say anything to him, that she stayed there. And she promised that she would move out that night.


My Third Year of High School

Today is my third Halloween in high school and the year is 2018. Me and Fiona play video and computer games a lot, sometimes all the time. We also watch movies, TV shows and do other things, our friends are often on adventures and we always come along. Otherwise, I can’t think of anything else to tell about me, besides that I have a psychotic illness. That’s why I write this, I have had no treatment and no one else knows about it.

I have no psychiatric diagnosis but I definitely have paranormal experiences. It’s triggered by fear, some experience might have been natural, accidents or paranormal. I don’t want to forget anything, that is my motive for writing this. Recently it has gotten worse, I have begun to see a girl at times. I am too afraid to, but she seems so real I think you can talk with her. I saw her for the first time when Fiona was babysitting her cousins on Halloween, I came by with more candy.

I said to Fiona.

“You know the girl is just standing in the hall.”

Her cousin in an armchair glanced at me.

“What girl?”

Asked Fiona.

“Your cousin.”

“The cousins are here.”

Then I realized that it must bee that sort of thing because she was so weird. Just stood there in white clothing, her face painted white. Her hands and neck was also painted white, everything in white and her shoes were clean and shiny. On the other hand, it was Halloween. The thing was, she just stood there, didn’t answer when I said hello.

“It was just a Halloween joke.”

I told Fiona.

When I had gone to bed that night, I heard something as I was facing a wall. Turned around and right at the bed was the girl, with a large cold kitchen knife in her hand which she pressed lightly against my throat. When I looked at her she pressed the knife harder against my throat, then I looked at the ceiling and didn’t feel the knife as much anymore. When I closed my eyes I did no longer feel the knife anymore, then I didn’t sense her for a while, so I was no longer too scared to open my eyes and she wasn’t there.

The windows in my room was closed and the room is on the second floor, there is nothing to climb on. I don’t know why but I went outside for a walk. It was dark and it was raining, everything was wet, everything seemed slow, surreal. I stopped outside a church in the forest and there I saw the girl, I was very scared. The girl walked up to me and pushed me, and then pushed me again and I fell to the ground. Then the girl walked away, I was trembling and slowly walked home.


My Fourth Year of High School

One time when Fiona was suppose to sleep in my room because it was only two days before Halloween. That night when it was dark outside she told me that she had seen a ghost, just like the girl. Fiona told me the truth about her and the ghost, Fiona had black eye shadow around and between her eyes. They aren’t real, Fiona and the ghost, they doesn’t exist. Not entirely, they just has permissions of absence, it’s only if I end up in hell that we can be together all the time.

One morning when I woke up I saw something written all over the wall, I knew it was written during the night. My door was locked and the windows closed just like the night when I saw the girl, on the wall it stated; “Make Fiona yours”. It was Halloween 2019 so our first date was on a couch on Halloween, we saw three horror movies because it was Halloween, they were so awesome. We ate as much vegetarian pan pizza as we could, which was less then half of what we ordered, and began watching the first movie.

The girl, the ghost, was to my left and Fiona to my right. I had to pass pizza to the ghost so our friends wouldn’t freak out over flying pizza, they could obviously not see her. Then we drank lots of cold soda, Fiona noticed how close I was sitting next to her because I was afraid of the ghost,

“You really like me today.”

“I do.”

The plan was to kiss her, it would be my first kiss. After having waited far too much into the first movie I finally had to, after some time with incredible suspense I still had a long way to go. But on the bright side, then I was a little closer to her. Amazing to be that close to her, she almost didn’t turn her face at all when she then gave me a quick glance with a subtle spontaneous smile. Then I went for it and she turned her face to me, the first film was still on. Then more slow and with my head tilted to the right I got closer and closer, eventually my mouth touched her lips.

Today it was senior prom night, right after the dance, right outside, Fiona told me the truth about the ghost. A few other students rushed down a hill where we stood, the dry sand rustled. We held hands because a street lamp flashes intensively there, her dress was shiny, it was dark green with a red belt. The ghost wasn’t a ghost, it’s Fiona’s cousin, she had first been hiding under my bed. Then crawled back and when I left the house in the morning she did to. She was instructed and paid by Fiona, the other night was Fiona under the bed and then wrote the message on the wall. Fiona had found the beginning of this text and thus knew about everything.

We just graduated from high school and today I went to the movies with Fiona and she played the leading character in the movie. She told me that she have always been a movie star but kept it to herself to have a normal life and high school experience, she’s so awesome.

She was pretty much starring in one of the horror movies we saw last Halloween, it was a high school horror film. I got to see a video filmed on set when a Make-up artist attached a thin silicon nose above her real one, and then covered it in make-up, so that no one would recognize her from the movies.

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