Love… Love… and Love…

Excerpt: I would have missed a story - a story of love - a beautiful love - love however is such beautiful that whatever associates with it, becomes beautiful. That's how this love story is, beautiful, indeed beautiful. (Reads: 975)


[This Short story  is selected for Love’2012 Story Writing Competition]

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Short Story Love – Love… Love… and Love…
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Sometimes you think that you should not be there, not for that time, atleast….but it is only in that moment , you think, if I would not be there, I would have missed a story …. a story of love …… a beautiful love … love, however, is such beautiful that whatever associates with it, becomes beautiful. That’s how this love story is , beautiful, indeed beautiful.

I remember that day,it was drizzling.I was standing in the balcony to enjoy the falling drops on my hands.It was only that time,I got a call from an office where my friend is working at present.I had to go.

Nodoubt,I love rain,like others,but still,the way I love rain is different from others.I love rain like a lover embraces me,like a father protects me,like a mother cares for me,oh my God…..I just love rain like anything.I was driving my scooter in the rain.The rain drops were touching not only my body,but my heart and soul also.

That’s how love is,indeed,it mixes up with your heart ,soul and life like anything.I was singing songs to relish the raindrops from the core of my heart.I was in the grip of ecstasy.But ecstasy,as you know,can’t stay for long.

There,it was…I was in the office.Interview was done and I was selected as expected by me.

Then,I was in the cabin of my friend.Here it was,where I witnessed the historical moment of somebody’s life,somebody’s love…..’historical moment’ was the word came to my mind at that time and even now,when I am writing a story upon that.

He was,with his girlfriend,sitting in his cabin.That was the last time they were sitting like this.Because as I knew that she was going to be married next week with someone in Delhi,a bank manager.

To marry a bank manager,she had to leave someone,her lover,a marketing agent.

Because you know… what parents think…..that bank is more secure than marketing.

Bank manager is more than a marketing agent.

That’s how it happens with all.

They were sitting infront of each other.Silent,they were ,from their words,but not from there thoughts.Now you can think,how i know ….their thoughts.I can say this because he is one of my best friend,she is ‘his’,and moreover,there is love that unites us all.Because love is love,for them,for me and with you as well.

He was talking to me for a moment but his attention was ,only and only,’she’.He was looking at her continuously as if he wants to fix her image in his eyes forever.He was saying lines like…..

‘what can i say’

‘what can i do’

‘dont know’

‘why it happens’


‘why with me’

‘why like this’

‘what’s time at present?’

Restless,he was,really from his heart,thoughts and feelings.She was saying nothing,but everything with her eyes.Her eyes were speaking instead of her lips.Her heart was full of pain….pain of separation,pain of detachment,pain of love…..yes….’love’ that she had dreamt for forever,now going to be with her ,forever,nodoubt,but only in her thoughts…..not in her life…..

She just rose up to go home.But again,she sat down on her chair with some thought.

This happened twice,thrice and many more times…if not in reality,then in the thoughts of my friend.Everytime she just moved even a bit,his eyes were noticing every moment of her and the moment,she just stood up,he,everytime,saw her with such eyes that she was unable to step out of the cabin.

But life is can’t hold it for long time.Better to move with it,in each and every form,better it was with them.

That was the time,really…when she picked up her bag and stepped out from that room,without her own will,but she stepped out…yes …stepped out from the room ,that was filled with their love,just few seconds ago.

And it fills with love even now,because everytime,I look into his cabin,I see that his eyes are searching,nothing else…….but….love ….love ….and love………

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