LOVE UNEXPECTED – Short Story Love

Excerpt: Short Story LOVE UNEXPECTED is story played by the destiny. True love doesn't have any influence of other factors it is only connection of two hearts. (Reads: 4,567)


[Short story love “Love Unexpected” is selected for Love’2012 Story Writing Competition]

LOVE UNEXPECTED - Short Story Love

LOVE UNEXPECTED - Short Story Love

“Will I get her?”

Rahul asks his mother, sliding his head onto her lap.

“You will definitely find her. Never lose hope. Things will settle down soon at our place,” Mrs. Sharma consoles her son swirling his head.

Unsatisfied and unreliable about his family state Rahul leaves the place.

Rahul is an MBA graduate from IIM. His two brothers Mohit and Rohit have split marriages. Mohit was married four years back to Ankita, which was settled by parents. Rohit was married one year back to Chitra, a girl of his selection with his parents’ blessings.

Rahul sits on the terrace and starts reading the newspaper.

“Good Morning Rahul!,” a voice greets him.

Rahul turns his head slightly towards right and bends the end of the paper in the direction of voice.

“Hi! Ria . How are you?” he gives a mild smile.

“I am good Rahul. After a long time? ”( Ria )

“Yeah! Almost two years and I done with my MBA, have to join IBM after 3 months. What are you up to ?” (Rahul)

“I am done with my B.Tech from IIIH, will join L&T in a month.” (Ria)

“Oh! Wow! Congratulations! Even Mohith Bhayya works there. ” (Rahul)

“Thank you Rahul. Yeah I know, finally I know a person there. Heheh..Got some work Rahul, I will leave now. Aunty told me that you are back, so I am like this.” (Ria)

“Okay Ria.Good day!”(Rahul)

Ria goes from that place.

After one and a half month, Rahul goes to L & T to pick up Mohith in his new car. Mohith and Ria are coming out from the office.

“Ria! Join us for a coffee,” Mohit asks Ria.

“Sure Bhayya!”(Ria)

Three of them goes to a coffee day near by.

Acha Ria !“ Did you like the match your Dad brought to you last week ?”

“There is nothing like yes or no for this question Bhayya.I talked to him four times. Our talk was good but I don’t want to marry a person whom I don’t know so I asked Dad to give me some time” (Ria)

Rahul interrupts, “Oh! Wow. Then how about me and Bhayya enquiring about him.”

“Question is not about enquiry Rahul. I don’t want a stranger so I Dad for some time.” (RIA)

“What ever it may be, you take a wise decision. Don’t hurry in such things. I am warning you with my experience. There is nothing like love marriage is preferred or parents selection is good. It is only the attitude which makes a good relation.” (Mohith)

After that chat, the three leave starts to their home. Ria’s and Mohith’s family stays in a two-storied building. When the three arrived, Ria’s parents and Mohith’s parents were on a chat in Mohith’s house.

“An Engineer’s match came to us via matrimonial. He is well educated and a rich fellow. Talks are going on and we are asking Ria’s decision.” (Ria’s Dad)

“Oh! Ria is a nice girl. However, why don’t you see a match whom you know very well? What would you say if we ask Rahul for Ria ?” – Mrs. Sharma looks at Ria’s parents.

All were shocked. Silence prevailed.Rahul and Ria were staring at each other. Rahul thought, “What happened to Mom? Why did she suddenly pose such a question without even asking me once?”

Ria’s Dad with a frown on his face, “Behanji! We are sorry. You should not disclose such matters before children and more over we don’t like to give our child in a family where two meanings are broken.” Speaking these words Ria’s parents goes out with Ria.

No one talked to each other either in Ria’s family or in Rahul’s family but Rahul gives an unsatisfactory expression at his Mom.

Rahul texts, “Ria ! I am sorry. I don’t know what had happened and Mom even didn’t ask me any question regarding this.”

Ria replied.” That’s ok Rahul. May be after two broken marriages she wanted to be choosy, I can understand but I don’t have such opinion on you.”

Rahul – “Thanks for understanding. Yeah even I am of same opinion. Good night Ria.”

Ria – “GN Rahul.”

With unusual chat between both the families there was no conversation between them nearly for a month. Rahul’s Dad asks Ria about some incident. Ria gives a satisfactory reply to him and comes back. Ria’s Dad gazes this incident through a window-pane and asks her

“Did he ask you again about Rahul’s issue?”

Ria – “No Dad, he asked about newspaper .”

Ria’s Dad- “Okay..! need not respond to their family. And we will shift to another place so that you need face this problem again.”

Ria’s – “I left this issue long back Dad. You don’t get panic on this issue.”

Ria’s Dad – “Anyhow I think its time for you to get ready for office, get ready beta”

Ria – “okay Dad.”

May be those words of her Dad “Rahul is a nice guy.I may have accepted her invitation if there were no broken marriages” made her to think about him.

Ria thinks “Why Dad connected Rahul with his brothers life. Rahul is a good person and I know him well; if he is interested too I can give a chance for us.”

Rahul enters L&T asks for Mohith in the reception. The receptionist tells him the direction and Rahul follows it. As he passes by, he suddenly finds Ria sipping tea and thinking something very seriously.

She was dressed beautifully in baby-pink with black curly hair in French-plait and a bit of hair falling on her forehead. Rahul was staring at her for a while.

Mohit came from his room and said, “Rahul! What are you doing there? Come inside.”

Ria comes out of her dream world and looks around after hearing Mohit’s words. She was shocked to see Rahul staring at her.

“Heyy Rahul! Two minutes we will leave,” says Mohit.

After two minutes Rahul and Mohit leaves that place.


Night@8PM (chat on phone)

“Hello Ria” – Rahul

“Hi! Rahul” – Ria

“What were you thinking in office so deeply?” – Rahul

“Nothing Rahul. It was just an illusion” – Ria

“Okay. What were you taking at that time? Tea?” – Rahul

“Yeah. I do not like tea. I order black coffee every time. Unfortunately, it was not available. So I adjusted with it… ” – Ria

“Oh! I hate black coffee. I love only tea. Opposite” – Rahul

“This is the first time you are talking to me like this.” – Ria

“Yeah! Felt like texting you. I texted you.” – Rahul

“Okay then good night Rahul. I am going to sleep” – Ria

“Good Night Ria” – Rahul

After over a series of chatting for a month Rahul finally decides to propose Ria.

“Hello Ria ! Can you come out for a coffee with me today?” – Rahul

Ria hesitatingly says yes slightly understanding what he wanted to tell.

“Good then! Meet you at6 near coffee day at your company.” – Rahul

“Sure. Good day” – Ria

“Good day to you too” – Rahul

Ria completely lost in thoughts. She is tensed, excited, chilled and inexpressible!

Rahul at the same time started thinking, “Are we correct for each other? Will Ria get adjusted with my family? After a mess will Ria’s father accept me as his son-in-law?” and many more.

Rahul goes to his mother,”Amma! I want to talk to you something serious.”

“Is it about Ria?” – Mrs. Sharma

Rahul was shocked and stood silent for a minute. “How..How..How do you know about it?”

“Don’t be silly Rahul, I’m your Mom.Ria is a nice girl. You can proceed in this matter. We will slowly convince her father. – Mrs.Sharma

Rahul very excited with his Mom’s reply hugs her and starts for L&T.



“Are you ready Madam? I’m at our place.” – Rahul

“Yeah! Rahul. Two minutes I will be there” – Ria

Ria goes to Coffee day and looks around Rahul waves his hand and Ria goes there. Rahul orders for two black coffee.

“You don’t like black coffee na ?” – Ria

“I’m liking it now-a-days, I’m drinking it daily.” – Rahul

Ria smiles..

The order is ready and both starts taking-in the coffee.

After 10 minutes Rahul says,”I do not want to drag much. I want to urn this emotion into marriage.”

Though expected she smiled and nodded her head that she is willing.

Both smiled at each other.

“But my Dad…” (Ria)

“I will take care of it Ria. Don’t worry.” – Rahul


10:00PM (on the same day)

“Sweet dreams Ria” – Rahul

“Same to you Rahul” – Ria

After two days Ria finally starts a discussion about Rahul near her Dad.

“Dad! What is your opinion about Rahul?” – Ria

“Why are you asking like that?” – Dad

“Actually.. I like Rahul.We are in love with each other.” – Ria

“What?? You told that you don’t like Rahul and now you are saying that you are in love with him” – Dad

“Yes Dad. Initially I too did not had any feelings. However, I started thinking of him. Give him a chance. You will like him.” – Ria

“That will never happen and we are going to shift from this place within a week” – Dad

“Rahul! I spoke to my Dad just now. He is not agreeing and we are shifting our house in a week” – Ria

“Ria! Ria! You hurried! Anyhow, I will talk to him. Don’t worry love.” – Rahul

Rahul immediately goes to Ria’s house and knocks the door. Ria’s Dad opens the door and gives an arrogant look.

“Oh! Now you came to convince me ?” – Ria’s Dad

“Uncle, we both love each other.” – Rahul

“Look! It is a family affair. I don’t want my child to be in a family of broken marriages.” – Ria’s Dad

“I agree that both my brother had broken marriages. However, it does not mean that we are wrong. Look at my parents. They are together” – Rahul

Ria’s Dad is still unhappy about it.

“Once I asked my Mom whether I can get a girl who unites our family but I never had an answer. The only answer for it is Ria.”

Slightly convinced with Rahul answer. Ria’s Dad says, “Rahul! I will discuss once again with my family and intimate you.”

“Okay uncle. But I can assure that I will treat her like a princess” – Rahul smiles and leaves that place.

After a eek Ria’s Dad gets convinced and gives a green signal for their marriage. Ria and Rahul lived together happily till the end.



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