Excerpt: Chandramukhi 21 years married to Ramchandran 45 years on certain conditions she would spend Sunday with her boyfriend Venu.Then turning point comes in story (Reads: 2,628)


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Social Story – TURNING POINT
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I was unaware of her name. I never tried to know it. It was not at all necessary.
One day I addressed her as Chandramukhi. She stared at me and to her utter surprise she said, “ how did you know my name ? ”
Your face is just like the full Moon, that is why I …
O, I see!
Moreover your face is round as the full Moon and it is as beautiful as …
Some shades are also there as that of the moon. Lovely one, pretty one, attractive too!
What does “attractive” mean?
Attractive means to attract the people towards your face – means to say towards you.
I am a woman. I understand everything. On the very first day I understood as to why you stare at me, why you talk to me unnecessarily, why you stay for a long time in front of me.
For instance yesterday you came to give me the washed shirts and pants for ironing but you started putting so many questions such as when I was married, to whom I was married, what my husband was doing, how old I was and he… so on.
Nonsense! So many questions at a time, even my husband does not ask from me, why you? With so many queries you kept me engaged, by that time I could have ironed at least 15 clothes.
How much you have lost, may be forty five rupees, I will make it up by paying it to you.
Why should I take it from you? When I didn’t do anything. Should I accept any consideration for no work?
On the first day I told you that we run this laundry, its name is Ramchandran Laundry after my husband’s name.
I love my husband and my husband loves me too.
Have I ever asked you how much you love your husband and how much your husband … so irrelevant? When you say irrelevant, doesn’t it matter? When I do, it pinches you. Doesn’t it?
Forget all that has happened till now in between you and I. From the next day please don’t come, send your son instead.
OK. I said to her and left her laundry immediately.
I used to go for shopping every morning and evening by her laundry but I passed straight. I never turned my eyes towards her laundry. I heard her chirping but I turned a deaf ear to it. I was quite careless whether she was looking at me or not. What I wanted was that that she should come forward first to talk to me, she should surrender and ask apology for what she did with me.
Four days passed smoothly but on the fifth day my anxiety to see her was multiplied. I prayed to God to keep my prestige at all cost.
If anyone prays to God sincerely with true devotion and dedication, God hears patiently and helps him/her.
On the fifth day in the evening I was crossing the path of her laundry, she rushed and stopped my way to go forward, she caught hold of my right hand strongly and dragged to her laundry and said:
Since last four days your son didn’t come here to give clothes, what is the matter?
The matter is crystal clear, I asked him not to go and not to give you any clothes.
I want to see how many days you keep yourself without talking to me. Just like the promise of Gangaram.
What does it mean?
Gangaram was an innocent boy. While playing with a ball, he entered the campus of a University. He entered the chamber of the Vice Chancellor which was open and none was present there. He saw a beautiful chair. It was a revolving chair. He sat in it and started rocking. He was moving right, then left and was enjoying sitting in it. Just then the Vice Chancellor entered and seeing the boy rocking in his chair, he became extremely angry. He slapped on his cheeks, twisted his ears, scolded him and dragged him out.
The boy stared at the Vice Chancellor and felt so insulted that he promised that he would study sincerely, would work hard, would leave no stone unturned and would become Vice Chancellor and would sit in that chair one day or other.
As the insult touched his sentiment, he studied day and night, passed almost all examinations with distinction. The day came when he became the Vice Chancellor of the University and sat in the chair. Thus he fulfilled his promise. It was said to be “ Gangaram Ki Tek. ”
Very inspiring story. So you too promised not to see me unless or until I call you first. You fulfilled your promise and looked extremely pleased. Isn’t it?
Of course! The way you asked me not to come pinched me bitterly and I promised I wouldn’t see you unless or until you call me first.
What I realised very seriously while passing through my laundry, you never turned even your neck towards me as if you were hating to look at me. So much hatred, so much revenge for such a trifle matter you were giving that I could not have sound sleep at night even when I started thinking about your berookhi ( declination ). Whole day I remained mentally disturbed, unwilling to do any work, so I told everything to my husband who advised me to stop your ways and to drag you to the laundry, I had no alternative but to act accordingly. Now you are standing before me as an accused. I will deliver order for fine or imprisonment. Do as deems fit, I have no objection. Do come every morning, every evening without gap, understand.
When I see you, when I talk to you, something – something pleasant I feel within my heart as well as in my mind.
It is nothing but love of a woman towards a man. Here you are a woman and I am a man and love has taken place in between you and I. Isn’t it?
Of course! But it is not fair. There is some exceptional moment in one’s life when he or she falls in love with someone though it must not be as in case of a married woman loving another man. It is against social ethics but people go beyond it.
She listened to me attentively but kept silent. Didn’t utter anything either in favour or in against. I also closed the topic here.
She called a boy working in a garage and asked him to fetch two cups of tea. The boy rushed to and brought tea for us.
We were seeping as slowly as could be and with each seep staring at each other, we were observing silence.
Eyes have their own language. We were talking to each other in that language.
As it was too late, I turned round to leave her alone. I after stepping a few yards turned back and noticed she was standing as statue at the same place where I had left her.
Woman’s heart is naturally very tender just like the petals of rose flowers. We have to nourish it time to time otherwise it may fade away soon.
Woman cannot conceal or hide the feeling that she realises in heart or mind, naturally it glows on her face that one can read easily. When she is happy, her happiness glows on her face, on the contrary when she is worried, anxiety defaces her.
God has created woman for man and has done a great thing for him otherwise …? What would have happened is beyond my imagination. Alas! We could have understood His philosophy! How foolish we are, even then we do not pay due regard and respect to the women we live and lead with in every walk of our life – here, there and everywhere!
I came back to my house and noticed that a number of washed clothes were lying for ironing in two bags. Next day as usual at ten in the morning I took these bags and came to the laundry. Chandramukhi was not there in the laundry in her place some aged person was at the front table and was ironing the clothes. He was bald headed and looked about 40/ 41 years of age. Only some hairs were in black and white mixed on the lower parts of his head all around. His face was well maintained with modern cosmetics to conceal his oldness that appeared at the first sight any one could see.
I asked him, “Where is your daughter, Chandramukhi? I am not seeing her. ”
She is my wife, not daughter. Her name is Rajlakshmi, not Chandramukhi.
I address her as Chandramukhi as her face resembles with the moon – full Moon.
I don’t mind whatever the name you call her. What’s the matter? Tell me, I will help you.
Some clothes are herein these two bags – already washed by us. Please iron them and keep ready for delivery tomorrow at ten in the morning. I will come to collect myself.
Today my wife has some urgent work at home. Tomorrow she must be here.
Well, One thing I want to know your wife looks so young about twenty years old whereas you about forty…
Not forty, I am forty five years old.
Then how did you manage the marriage? How did her parents agree? Didn’t the girl, now your wife object it?
In fact the girl, my wife didn’t object it provided I could agree to her only one condition. Moreover her father was no more. Her mother worked as a maid servant in some nearby houses, her financial condition was very wretched. The young boys of the locality teased her now and then, anything could happen with her, kidnapping, rape and so on. Mine is very sound and I am the only son of my parents. My father expired long back. My old mother and my elder sister wanted me to settle in life but every time I put some excuses before them. In fact I fell into a bad company, used to attend night clubs, bar houses, hotels and even red areas, with all these unfair ways of life I was addicted to drinking and smoking which ultimately resulted in chest problem and on diagnosis the physician told me that I suffered from tuberculosis and I needed proper treatments for at least one year, and I will have to give up all these bad habits if I wanted to survive, otherwise…
It was the turning point in my life. In fact I didn’t want to die, I wanted to please my mother and my elder sister fulfilling their desire to marry and settle in life. In the heart of the city I own a big market complex from where I get Rs.50000 as rent every month. My Jeejaji and the elder sister took care of me, admitted me to a very good hospital cum sanatorium and within a very short period of time in eight months I was totally recovered and my health also improved with nutritious and balance diets and the environment I was living in. I repented over my past life that I led in a bad company and promised to live a simple life.
I heard all about your past life as well as the present one but one important matter still remains unanswered.
What’s that?
That is the condition that was put up to you for marriage by your wife, Chandramukhi.
Unbelievable! But even then I don’t hesitate to disclose it to you.
She told me sincerely that she had had a boyfriend whom she loved most since her childhood and in turn the boy loved her most too. The boy as belonged to a Brahmin family and she to a scheduled caste, marriage couldn’t be materialized at any cost, if any one dared so, none would be spared , they would be cut into pieces by someone who opposed such inter caste marriage and…..?
Then what did you do ultimately?
I had to accept her condition ultimately as there was no way out for me, I, though recovered from tuberculosis, looked like an old man.
The terms and conditions were more or less bearable under the situations I was living without wife, truly speaking without settling in life.
I agreed with her to the terms and conditions laid down before me for marriage.
Could I know the terms and conditions?
Why not? She would live with me for six days – Monday to Saturday and only one day on every Sunday for 24 hours she would be with her boyfriend and would come back to join him at ten in the next morning i.e. on every Monday.
She added further she would be a faithful wife and would serve me wholeheartedly, I could enjoy with her as I liked constructively for six days but for one day in a week I must not envy rather I must co-operate them without any hitch.
I approved it.
The moment I talked to my brother-in-law and my elder sister, they rushed to my house and talked to my mother whose joy knew no bound to learn my desire to marry. Accordingly a thorough search was made for a suitable bride for me and within a week’s time I was married to Rajlakshmi.
We after marriage went to Goa for honeymoon. We stayed for five days and enjoyed our conjugal life to the extreme. She co-operated in all that I deserved to do in such an occasion.
We came back and everything was normal. We were following the terms and the conditions in right spirit and letters.
“Rajlakshmi is as sincere and obedient as any good wife of a good family. She doesn’t conceal anything from me. I too”- he added.
She was happy to state to me every Monday night how she spent her long awaited moment with her boyfriend in day as well as at night under his arms. She didn’t hesitate to explain that that was as sweet as she spent with me almost the whole week in day and at night. She added she didn’t feel any difference between us – me and her boyfriend. That was why I not only loved her but paid due respect from the core of my heart also.
“Let us take your matter. You give her two toffees every morning. She keeps them intact. While going to bed, she tells everything about you – word by word and shares the toffees with me. We enjoy together even the trifle things that happen between you and my wife. ”- he said to me.
I said to him, “Truly speaking I never thought of it. It appears unbelievable to me. What strong will power and courage she has been blessed with ! Amazing! I have never heard or read about such a unique character anywhere or in any book. I can say she is superb. You are the most fortunate husband.
She is a great fan to you and always in a fresh mood while leaving the house in the morning for the laundry. If such affair of love and affection prolongs for a longer period, I am afraid she may flee away with you somewhere.
Mr.Ramchandran! I am about seventy years old, have grandsons and granddaughters of your wife’s age, can she do it? Never. Since morning as I see you haven’t found any foolish person to cut such a foolish joke.
Sir! You are well aware of the fact that she doesn’t see the age of a person but see his internal quality i.e. fairness and frankness in behaviour.
“Truth is truth and if there is any substitute of truth, it is the truth only, nothing else.”- he added.
Not Rajlakshmi, it is Chandramukhi , the name you have given to her and you always address her while talking to for hours together.
Be free from my side …
What? Intervened Mr. Ramchandran.
I am not kidnapping your good wife. She is with you and will be with you whole life as a sincere better half. Don’t be confused nor did you confuse me in the matter in question. It is now too late, most probably my wife has been waiting anxiously for me.
At least let us take tea together. He asked Tenia to rush and bring two cups of tea. After taking tea, I stepped down and reached house. While stepping down, Mr. Ramchandran said addressing me, “Sir! Please do come tomorrow morning, she will be here positively, as I will be out of station, in fact I will be going to Mysore to see my elder sister who has been suffering from jaundice. Do come and also take away your clothes, will be ready by that time.
“What were you doing for such a long time? I find you are taking too much interest in the baby, that young lady.”- my wife standing at the gate and waiting for me asked.
Today she was not there, her husband was, he kept me engaged, what could I do? We forgot the time while talking about some important topic.
“I know you and your topic since …?”- my wife added.
Well then!
Come with me tomorrow and see the young baby and her attachment with me too with your open eyes and ears. Mera mood kharab mat karo ( Don’t disturb my mood ), apne itna shopping kar ke thak gya hun ( You have made me tired of too much shopping ), totally exhausted.
Getting a light dose, my wife’s temperature became normal. She brought warm water to wash my legs, hands and face. I switched on the TV and concentrated on the national news.
Next morning at ten as usual I took two bags – one full of washed clothes and another to bring the washed ones.
I saw Chandramukhi awaiting from a long distance. As I stood before her counter, she stretched her eyes, looked at my face, tried to read something from it and annoyingly asked, “ what did you say to my husband about me?”
So many things, what of that?
Didn’t your husband tell you about the discussion we made about you?
Take your washed clothes, give me another ones. Where are my toffees?
This time better, five star.
How much spent?
Twenty only, ten rupees each.
Ask your husband, he can better reply.
Now it is my turn to ask you who that handsome boy was who dropped you from his bike.
My boyfriend, Venugopal. We love each other since our childhood.
Then why didn’t you marry?
He belongs to Brahmin caste whereas I scheduled caste. Our marriage cannot be materialized, if we do so, we wouldn’t be spared, will be cut into pieces.
Then how?
I married Ramchandran conditionally.
What conditions?
I will spend every Sunday whole day and whole night with Venu as couple. This relaxation has been gladly granted by my husband.
No ways out for him, he has no alternative but to accept the conditions. Just see he sleeps with me consecutively for six days and night, he smashes me as he likes, I never object, tolerate everything as a good wife. In case I spend only one night in a week with Venu, why should he think otherwise?
I also made it clear that we know each other’s past history and about you all know what you were and how you were indulged in bad habits.
I asked a question from her, ‘’ Have you tried to know the changes in the face of your husband when you resume him on the next day and night on Monday? ‘’
Woman is blessed with an inborn quality that she can know the matter of the heart and head merely peeping into man’s eyes. Have you ever realised any time, any moment that your husband doesn’t want you to loiter here and there and spend the night with him as wife. I am of the opinion that no husband wants that his wife should sleep with another man.
One year has passed peacefully, everything is normal, never complained rather was happy to see us together, in many occasions we saw the movie, had the dinner in hotels and restaurants, we enjoyed together friends alike. But since last two or three weeks I find him in agony, if I ask anything, he instead of replying is lost somewhere… I can’t say how it has happened all of a sudden and for what?
Chandramukhi! I’m sure he is under depression. Anything may happen any time.
What type of disease it is?
I can’t explain exactly but it is a kind of mental pressure or depression when a person loses control over mind.
I suggest you to consult a psychiatric.
What changes did you find in his ways of action of behaviour?
Last Monday at about ten in the morning Venu dropped me at the doorstep. As I entered the bedroom, I found him in deep sleep, most of the things were lying scattered, one empty wine bottle was on the table, two glasses , one empty and another full of water were near the bottle. A half burnt candle was on the plate. Under the centre table cigarette pieces were also seen. He has already given up drinking and smoking, then what caused him to restart them to take. I was very nervous. I called the maid servant who apprised me of the whole things, he couldn’t sleep at night, thinking something irrelevant and took wine and cigarette.
When I aroused him, he started confusing me with unusual talks i.e. how we spent the night, what we took in dinner at Savoy etc. He concealed what exactly happened and why?
I also guessed that he was feeling guilty of what he did at night in her absence, he wanted to veil the truth.
Whatever you say, how much more you believe in your husband, I am sanguine that he didn’t like you to accompany another man, be your boyfriend,to spend the night with him.
Chandramukhi! Not a good sign, I am afraid of any unusual consequences, can happen on ant day at any time. It is my apprehension but logical.
Please listen to me patiently. A husband can excuse his wife in so many matters but not that you have been committing for a year. He may be a very gentle man but in this issue he may lose his temper, even peace of his mind, can do anything undesirable under depression. I know many such cases where conjugal life was either disturbed or came to an end.
If you want to lead a happy conjugal life, you will have to leave Venu, no other ways I see except this.
She became sad to hear my advice. Gathering courage she told that she was ready to face the situations and circumstances whatsoever they might be, but at any cost she couldn’t depart with Venu, let the sky fall over her head, she didn’t bother for that.
I don’t care for the consequences I will have to face in the years to come. Venu and I will not do anything undesirable or unpleasant but if my husband does anything wrong, he will be held responsible for it. We can’t help. He can murder Venu, he can poison me also or both, we are ready to face any consequences, any, even death, clearly telling you, Sir!
The consequences are crystal clear. Your husband can arrange to kill Venu, but he will not do it.
Because your husband knows that you cannot live without him, you may commit suicide in case Venu is murdered.
He will not kill you.
Because he loves most, he cannot live without you.
Then what can my husband do you are apprehending to ?
Only one alternative is left out for him.
May I Know it?
He will kill himself this way or that way sooner or later.
What do you mean to say?
I mean to say that either he will suit himself or hang with and commit suicide.
He knows it and many a time he has seen both of you how acutely you stare at each other, how impatiently you embrace each other, how deeply you kiss each other, nothing is hidden now from his eyes. His eyes are broadened when he looks at such an unusual thing. He smiles while talking but does not mean he is happy with you.
He also knows that you can live and lead your live even he shoots himself dead or commits suicide by hanging.
Are you sure?
Of course!
Human beings are governed by their past good or bad things that he/she has done. Here yours have been repenting over his past sins that he did in bad company. His soul is cursing him every now and then. He is in immense strain and stress, in fact in depression.
Chandrmukhi looked disappointed. I was so tired of talking the irrelevant things unnecessarily for a long time that after taking coffee in the tea stall I left for house.
My son said to me, “ Babuji! You have taken much more time in returning from the laundry.
Discussing some important issues
Chandramukhi and his family.
Don’t involve yourself unnecessarily in this city. Everybody has got the family problems, we have too, what can we do for others? No time to think about?
You are right, even then we are not concerned at all and must not be, but as a social animal and as a part of the society, if any member is in trouble, what is the harm in sharing the problem?
I am seventy years old, have bitter experience of conjugal life and the differences arising out of lack of trust between the husband and wife. If I suggest anything that can settle the issue, I think it will also be a sort of service to the needy people like Chandramukhi, his husband and moreover his boyfriend.
O.K. My son informed that he has arranged our going back home next Monday by Go Airways direct from Bengaluru to Kolkata in the afternoon flight.
Thank you. Well done!
We are very happy that you are satisfied with the treatment here in St. John Hospital and going back quite well.
We stayed here for a month but how our days passed we could not know.
May I know what attracted you most?
Its climate, neither cold nor hot, no pollution. City is almost neat and clean. People are badly engaged in their work – all the five, six days. They enjoy Sunday somewhere in park, zoo, lake, gardens, temples etc. with their family. We visited Iscon temple, very good arrangement for the visitors. Lal Bagh is also worth visiting. Lord Shiva Temple, Sai Temple, Halsuru Lake, administration, law and order, wide roads, well managed traffic – all round the city. Here a large number of software companies – national and international have their offices where the engineers and non-engineers are employed. They are from the different regions of the states of the country.
If you like so, why don’t you shift here from house ?
Not practicable now for us, as we have so many engagements and commitments there, our native place where born and brought up, our near and dear ones we have been living with, so cannot shift permanently.
Every day I used to take and bring the clothes from the laundry and used to stay for a few minutes and talk either to Chandramukhi or to her husband – Ramchandran.
I noticed that she was sad- quite calm and quit, worried so much while replying my questions Which I asked in course of talking- that was unwillingly too.
What has happened to you, tell me openly, possibly I can do something for you.
“Face indicates of mind. Your face has faded, no charms, your eyes are reddish. I don’t find you in a cheerful mood.”- I said to her.
She disclosed that that on the last Friday night he was so annoyed that he didn’t wish me as doing earlier rather dragged the chair in anger and sat in front of me – eyes to eyes he said to me, “ Listen to me patiently. I do not want you to go with Venu henceforth, the reasons are very clear, the people are jeering at me, saying that I am impotent, no control over my wife, leaving her to spend the night with her boyfriend.
I love you most. It’s true that what I say to you to follow is against the terms and conditions agreed by both us before marriage, but now I am not in a position to adhere to it.
It is my earnest request for the sake of God, forget Venu for ever. Let me live a peaceful conjugal life.
I was more shocked than surprised to hear it, no ways out to argue, I said to him I would think over this issue, please allow me some time.
Decide within 24 hours by Saturday night and apprise me of your opinion, must not be later than this.
Chandramukhi! I am merely your customer, nothing to take and give, since I come every day, talk to every day, a relation has developed between us, we may call it love, but we must not take it otherwise.
“I never think otherwise about you even in dream you are so nice, a gentleman, an ideal person… ?”- she said to me.
“Chandramukhi! I have sympathy not only for you, but for your husband- Ramchandran, and over and above your boyfriend- Venugopal also.
You are very wise, know about the pros and cons of the total issue better than me. I can ask you only to settle the issue amicably, please don’t delay otherwise you will have to pay for it, you will have to…?
Chandramukhi! It is for information that I will be leaving for home next Monday afternoon by flight, tickets are confirmed. Do not know when we will be meeting once again in Bengaluru.”- I added.
On Saturday evening I brought all the clothes and on Sunday I didn’t go as I was extremely busy in packing our luggage.
My wife was also with me. We came to Bengaluru for our routine health check – up in St. John Hospital College.
It is said that another story starts with the story that the writer wants to say primarily, same was the case with me, not irrelevant to tell here.
People are of the view that men are of doubtful nature, but truly speaking women are more than men.
My dear readers! One day my wife asked me, “ So near the laundry is situated, what’s the reason every day you are coming late, sometimes very late after one or two hours, what are you doing there? I am afraid you are entangled somewhere with somebody – must be a woman.
You are right, she is a woman I am entangled with. I confess it.
Please accompany me today evening, see with your own eyes the whole…?
As stated I along with my wife came to the laundry. Chandramukhi was there at the counter and engaged in ironing clothes. She stopped the work and wished us as usual. I introduced my wife. She bid pranaam folding her hands.
I gave her two toffees.
I ask my wife to know the reasons as to why I was late every day.
Jokingly I said, “We have already decided to flee away from here to Nepal and settle there.
Aunty! Don’t believe uncle, he always jokes like this. We were talking together about family affairs, he was advising me what to do and what not to do, by that time I was making his clothes ready, we were also taking tea.
Aunty! Uncle is a gentle man, by heart he is very kind to everybody. He talks so friendly as if he were own relative. My husband also takes interest in talking to him. He is of the opinion that uncle is very clean by heart, whatever he says, says from the core of his heart. When uncle and my husband discusses about any issue, it is too difficult to understand who keeps more engaged – uncle or my husband. They go on talking and discussing hours together.
Aunty! Uncle addresses me as Chandrakuhki whreas my name is Rajlakshmi. With so much love and affection he calls me by name that we don’t object rather we are lost somewhere for a few seconds.
Aunty! Uncle has got the enchanting power, anybody can be attracted towards him when he talks to.
Uncle knows how to hypnotize a person, he is versed in this art.
My wife was convinced about our relation and also came to know as to why I was late every day.
We took tea and went to market for shopping. We came back to our house shortly.
In the evening we came out for evening walk to Halsuru Lake. I said to my wife to see Chandramukhi in return inasmuch as it would be our last meeting. She agreed and we came to her laundry, saw she was at the counter doing the job of ironing the clothes.
She welcomed us and requested to sit down inside the room. We were standing before the counter. She asked the boy to bring three cups of tea. He asked my wife about her health. She said she had been suffering from blood pressure and blood sugar. She after treatment in St. John Hospital, was alright.
I said I had to undergo bypass surgery in 2002. Dr.Manoj J. Pradhan operated me so nicely that till now my heart is as good as of a healthy young man. I have been taking medicines since 2002 regularly and now quite healthy and fit. Besides medicines he has advised me to be good at work and to do good to the needy people of the society. The booklet that he had given me summarizes some advices for heart patients:
Eat a heart- healthy diet – low fat sources of protein
Do not smoke
Maintain a healthy weight
Exercise and Yoga
Salt restricted Diet
Work well, sleep well
Keep away from stress & strain
Be good and do good.
Another important thing for a heart patient is the laughter that everyone should do in order to keep fit and cheerful.
We after taking tea together left quickly as we had to arrange luggage.
We had to leave on Monday after noon. We were purchasing two newspapers – one in Hindi and another in English.
After taking tea and biscuits I took the paper in my hand to read. I read the headlines in the front page and turned the next page. I was more shocked than surprised to read, “A man committed suicide by hanging. ” It was Ramchandran, husband of Chandramukhi who had committed suicide hanging by the fan in the bed room. We rushed to the spot of occurrence. We saw the people in a large number in front of the house talking about the incidence. We went inside the room and noticed Chandramukhi quite calm and quit surrounded by her well-wishers. We saw each other but she was not in a position to talk to us at that moment. The maid servant apprised us of how and when the incidence took place and why. It was early in the morning when she took the tea as usual, the door was closed from inside, no response was coming out even after calling again and again, knocking the door hard. She informed the people living nearby. The door was broken open. Ramchandran was hanging by the fan. He was taken down but the body was as cold as ice, he was dead. By that time the doctor was called for who declared him dead.
My wife said to me, “ Console Chandramukhi, she will listen to you. ”
I said to her, “Bear the loss courageously, no way out now to repent over the past, it is the time to make all arrangements for his last rites properly, it is you who can do it, don’t be nervous, don’t think he would return if you give your life this way. We people are helpless, puppets in the hands of God, nothing can be done against His will.
The moment she heard me, she burst into tears and said, “I am the culprit and responsible for his death. I didn’t listen to him nor did I yours. The maid servant gave me the suicidal note which read as follows:
Dear Rajlakshmi,
I love you most and will be loving most. Truly speaking I was mentally disturbed under the situations and circumstances I was living without you , let it be for a day on Sunday, I was remembering you and missing you, particularly at night, loneliness was biting me and started thinking about some unusual things, to shoot Venu, to strangulate you to death, but I found it unjustified.
I know you love Venu and cannot depart with him at any cost. I thought again and again and came to a conclusion better to end my life, so I prefer to commit suicide by hanging.
I have committed many sins in my life and one of them was marrying you knowing everything about your love with Venu.
I have requested Pradhan to allow you both to marry happily and lead a happy life.
I have requested my family advocate to arrange court marriage for you at any time you like. It is my last wish to be fulfilled by you earnestly before I breathe my last.
At last I make it clear that I am going to commit suicide willingly, nobody is behind it, nobody should be held responsible for it.
Yours lovingly,
Whosoever was present there was so emotional that their eyes were filled with tears – about to burst into.
We left with the permission of the family members.
We reached the airport well in time. The plane took off the ground and flying thirty thousand feet above the sea level.
I was very sad.
My wife looking at my face and marking the sadness on my face, said, “ Why are you so sad? It happened so, so with the wishes of God, none could stop it. With the pace of time everything will be normal, it is go of the world.
We took tea and by that time we were reaching Kolkata as the air hostess asked us to tie up the belt as the plane was about to land within a few minutes.
As we got down and were stepping forward, my wife realised my feeling and said to me like a philosopher, “ Whatever has happened to Chandramukhi, it’s unfortunate but no need to worry at all, everything is set right with the pace of time. Nobody is responsible for the incidence that has happened all of a sudden. It is a “Turning Point” in Chandramukhi’s life. Feel free and forget it.
Writer:Durga Prasad,Bich Bazar,GTRoad,Gobindpur,Dhabbad,(Jharkhan)
Date: 31st October, Day: Friday, Time: 8.30 AM.

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