Excerpt: A frightening and silent night where I was stuck alone with no much help around. Will it be an end of my journey or will I find my fortune? (Reads: 874)


It was dark, silent, one of those rainy night and to my surprise there was no around. It seemed as if the environment turned dumb, no twinkling of glow bugs, no sounds of leaves, doors were all shut, windows all closed, no animals wandered around. Dogs are the most heinous character during this time. At this time they are at their best for foul cries. But even the dogs decided to take night off.

The sound of lightning was the only thing that befriended me and at the same time threatened me. Loud thunder showers made me think of the horrifying scenes of the horror TV soaps of Ramsay Brothers. I was stranded at a small shelter with the roofs broken apart which need a heavy repair work. Rain drops seemed to pour in from every possible hole in the roof.  I seemed to be a refugee for this world.

In the midst of all that there was something that was holding me to look beyond all the threats, horrors, etc. Somewhere I was a little excited and pleased. I wondered what it was, whether it was a divine power or just my imaginary world which made me cope the horrified situation. Suddenly a loud sound took me ‘bolt from blue’. A tree beside my so called ‘repair mode shelter’ fell off crushed due to heavy lightning and rain. The trunk was huge and it blocked the 20 feet road adding ‘fuel to fire’ to the list of natural disasters. Nature itself became my foe.

The heavy rains resulted in a heavy storm as well. It made me reminded of tornado, the sufferings of the people while facing the most horrifying situation, the way they tackled it and the memories that were still alive for years and years. What a dreadful experience it was….Aghast….!!!! Was it going to be the same today? Will I be able to share my frightening experience or would this be my last moment? Questions, Questions and just kept tweeting in my mind. I looked beyond and hold the pillar beside me as tightly as I can with one of my hands. It was a grip of relief for me as I had never grabbed anything so tight before. I realized I was fighting to death to save my life.

To add to the woes, I caught cold and was literally shivering. My whole body turned blue. I have never experienced it before. Again, in the midst of all that something was holding me back. It was as if someone kept me charging even though when I was suffering from the worst possible cold.

I took a deep breath and relaxed myself for a bit. I turned behind and to my surprise I saw a beautiful, helpless girl holding my hand. Fluids kept running with more than normal speed in my body.  It was a speechless description. Perfect wavy hairs with part of it clutched with her clips on. Part of the hair waves fell off her foreheads with tiny drops of rain water.  Kohl was perfectly matching on the blue-eyed beauty. Rapped in a blue clad dress perfectly matching with her attire, it seemed that I was in the seventh heaven asking for nothing better and pleasing than this. It was then I realized that in the middle of all this it was a soft and silent touch of this divine beauty that made me alive for that day. I looked up and pleaded God. ’Hey God..!! Please don’t stop the rain today.’


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Himanshu Raj

I would like to keep my introduction short and simple. Infact, I feel a bit shy and awkward introducing myself. But, I am a foody, love to play sports and a happy go person. I am into Information Technology by profession and into writing by passion. I like to read newspapers, books and write blogs and especially comment into the blogs. I hope to give my best to my readers and pray that my stories reach out their mind and heart.

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