Blob The Giant (Part One)

Excerpt: Blob and Little were frightened and confused, then a man appeared with his crossbow in left hand, arrows in the holster on his back shone, (Reads: 54)



Blob The Giant (Part One)

Chapter One: The Departure

It was the last show night and Blob, the giant of The Great Traveling Circus, was afraid as the show arrived the end. All seasons, every year the circus traveled from one city to another or even states performing exciting and mind boggling stunts and funny magic tricks under one humongous canvas tent that were not only big in scale but also sold-out. And like previous years after the white tigers had jumped through rings on fire Blob was to give a grand end by lifting the round stage on which every artist of the circus would stand and acknowledge their audience’s applause. It was a chore and boring task for him. After the grand end fireworks, behind the stage, Blob was afraid to speak to the circus’s master about what he had been thinking over past few weeks.

He waited outside while the circus master, La Vega, was talking amorously with Alaska, Vega’s alleged love interest and poster girl of the circus. Then unwittingly he followed Vega to men’s room stammering and bumbling words which Vega didn’t hear and again he waited. When Vega was about to come out, Blob pretended like he was washing his hands. Seeing the eighteen foot thick giant appear out of thin air startled Vega “Ah Christ! Blob?! You aren’t supposed to be using this toilet. Why the bonkers are you here?”

“Master. . .sir, I uh? The bucket of water doesn’t have water in it so I thought there must be water here and I. . .” Blob said.

“You should buy a book and learn to use simple sentences. Forget water, Pack our things and put them in my trailer for now. Tomorrow morning carry our bags and get to the railway station early. I don’t wanna stay in this furacious dump another night! but I can’t deny we need rest too”

“Actually I wanted to say. . .that I am not coming”


“I quit. I don’t wanna be a part of this circus anymore, I want to do more with my life than lifting heavy things”

“Thats what this is about. So you’re threatening me that if I don’t give you a better act you’ll leave us? People you’ve been with so many years! Circus belongs to circus”

“No! I am not threatening you or anything but like you said now, I should bought a book and gone to school like other kids, I shouldn’t have left home”

“Oh you want a normal life?! You miss mommy and daddy? I bet my twenty bucks that people would love you outside circus, won’t they?”


“No you jug-head look at you, you’re big! ugly! wherever you go you break things. Kids will be scared of you! But I’m not gonna stop you though, circus don’t need you”

“All these years I did what you said and you could only know me so less but when I go out you’ll hear good things about me” Blob said and left the room to gather his belongings.

He went to a trailer parked outside and put his hand in through open windows like a cook does to take the plate out of an oven. He picked a carry bag, packed a grey shirt, a brown trousers and using a key from his pants pocket he opened a cupboard to take his hidden cash cache. Twenty bucks. The bag looked like a worn out lady pouch compared to him. He put it on around by a string, he left the key and turned to walk away. “Is it true you are leaving us?” asked Little Wheel, Blob’s only friend.

“Yes, Little. I have to. I can’t keep on going like this forever. Don’t you think of it? You’re the only gnome we have and all they make you do is a hundred cartwheels” Blob said.

“But all this time, why haven’t you said something?”

“I was scared, in fact I’m pretty scared now. I don’t know where I’ll go. . .its not strange Vega didn’t stop me, every body hated me because I need to eat thrice as much a normal person would. They all thought I was a liability and now they don’t have to put it up anymore”

“Wheel don’t hate you”

“You wanna come? you’re wasting your life here. We will find where we came from, my parents, your village”

Blob wanted Little to come with him but Little backed down. “Circus belongs to circus” said Little.

“I’m not circus anymore. Fine then, I thought you were different. Goodbye” and seeing Blob walk away disappointed made Little sad.

Vega called him from behind and said “For once I thought I’d run out of dwarfs, Little. You’ll see, the cruel world outside will despise you! You will come back Blob the giant!”

Blob stopped and replied “Twenty bucks says I won’t” And he departed to explore a new adventure that fate had under it’s sleeve for him.


Chapter Two: Vhur The Traveler of World

Blob walked on the desert turning his head around looking for direction to the city. Half hour later an AFS returning from the circus flew right above him but it was too fast to hear his cries for a lift. “How stupid I am, I didn’t get water before leaving” maybe it was sunstroke or he was loud thinking, soon he was talking to himself.

The sun above was unforgiving and boiling everything under it dry. The Vykans, blue genus canis that were winged and ate their prey while its still alive, they wouldn’t dare to fly and hunt in day, they hid in their caves or dug holes under ground looking for an escape from the sunlight. It was getting more hot and dry as night broke. The sands far away curled and spread in air, reaching the sky and the clouds turned red, thundering and twirling above the gaining heat storm. “Strange weather” Blob whispered and started walking faster, although lost he didn’t want the storm to catchup.

“Hisshhh” the dry grass made sound, Blob jumped in fear. “Who is there?” he asked hoping it wasn’t a Vykan. Then the sand behind him unsettled and blew in the wind. A water bottle. He picked it up and gulped it halfway. He saw small foot steps that lead him to a big rock. A small black shoe fell while the gnome tried to run and he quickly picked it up. He walked around and found Little Wheel hiding behind the rock “Wheel!” he exclaimed.

“Ah Blob!”

“I thought you wouldn’t come”

“Well, I changed my mind”

“Why are you hiding?”

“I thought you were mad at me”

“Come on you silly willy, why would I be mad at all”

“Where are we going?”

“Let’s find out”

Blob and Little walked as far as they can following the direction the ASF had flown away in. “I am sure there is a city somewhere around I am simply not seeing it” Blob said.

“I can’t walk” Little dropped his bag and sat down to finish the roasted chicken wings he brought with him “You know for a gnome you get hungry too frequently, you’ll get fatter. Maybe you should share this one with me” Blob said.

“No. Because my legs are small I need to walk faster to keep up with everyone, so thats my exercise and to compensate I eat. Yikes! my bag smells like dead fish. Looks like the heat turned the chicken into carrion” mean while Blob carefully looked for city lights glittering in the dark night and chanced to see a triad of Vykans flying toward them. “Run! Now. Now! Run!” he screamed.

He carried Little on his shoulder and started running but the Vykans were fast and always hungry. Those dog like bats snatched Little and tried to pull him apart greedily for full meal. Blob tried to jump higher and higher but the Vykans flew upper and upper in the sky. Then an arrow struck one of the Vykans which scared them off and Blob caught Little and saved him from fall. The Vykan crashed on the ground and died. Blob and Little were frightened and confused, then a man appeared with his crossbow in left hand, arrows in the holster on his back shone, the bolts on his belt glowed in orange and the scarf round his neck blew with the wind like a cape. “Fools are you to loiter the desert in night if hunting you are not!” The stranger said.

“We are lost and thank you for saving me” Little acknowledged him.

“Yeah, very glad you showed up” Blob said.

The stranger walked to the carcass of the fallen Vykan, he fingered its mouth and put it in his mouth then said “Hmm let me see, female. . .hungry it had been for a long time and what do we have here? A giant and a gnome together?” said Vhur.

“Is it against the law to walk the desert?” Blob asked.

“Law? Nothing can bind the desert, free and harsh it is yet soft and moist under its dunes. Giants and gnomes were never friends but true its that desert shows you strange things”

“Err yeah sure. Anyway hi I am Blob, this is Little Wheel and you are?”

“Vhur, I travel worlds. Vykans hunt after dusk knows everyone, then brings you what in night out in desert?”

“We are trying to get to the city”

“City of Saurian? Walk two more days if you want to get there before storm gets here”

“Darn it! don’t mind me asking, maybe you could give us a lift?”

“I travel not in a vehicle, instead a shortcut there is that will not only take you to the city but any world you fancy visiting”

“Thats great! Little you can find your village. Do you remember where it is?”

“Its in the world of Sorcerers, but it won’t be easy. . .after the second Kingston war gnomes hid their villages with magic” Little said.

“You were in a war?” Blob asked.

“My father was. And his father before him”

“Will find the village you two I am sure, tell me why you want to go there?” Vhur asked them.

“Little just wanna go back home, so do I” Blob replied.

“Don’t worry you two. The gnomes and the giants, maybe you didn’t know they come from same world. Take you there I will”

“We really owe you thanks”

“No, a reading glass is all you owe me”

“A reading glass? You can’t see things up close, can you? Never heard of an archer with vision issues. Ahem, we are not oculists if you mistook us” Blob mocked on him.

“Makes you think what that you look educated in first place? They belonged to someone I loved, find me that glass in the world and you’ll have expressed your appreciation to me” Vhur said and held his hand out to Blob.

Blob gently shook hands with and said “Its the deal”

“Beware, if you fail, very upset I’d be and no world there is you can hide in from me”

“Uh thats kind of a threat but because you are helping us again, so I am gonna give it a pass”

Chapter Three: The Oracle’s Book

Vhur gave Blob and Little a vessel of white liquid he had under his jacket, he held his watch and opened it to disclose its hidden dials which showed current longitude and latitude. He twisted some button and told both to hold on to each other before pressing the green button. And he pushed the button firmly.

“Ah great looks like your watch is broken” Blob said, but hardly did he finish saying cold air blew harshly and sands around them whirled wildly in perfect circles and glowed like green fireflies. “Hold on!” Little screamed. Vhur looked at sky, the stars too whirled like they were being stirred by a big spoon. “What’s happening?” Blob asked and Vhur only smiled.

They all floated off the ground and shot up into space screaming and spinning while Vhur spread his arms to fly pretentiously. Soon they traveled at hyper speed and suddenly stopped. The whirling world had turned white, they closed their eyes and opened to find themselves falling out of a cloud.

They fell from almost a thousand feet height, tearing through moist clouds and bloomy blue sky, down in a forest. Blob wasn’t hurt, he worried that Little might not live the fall. “Little? Little!” He cried his name and Little wasn’t around. Vhur had disappeared too.

Vhur paid his master King Zarekk a visit. In the castle, he didn’t waste any time to rest or entertain himself with booze and hospitality. Every servant and soldier, every ruler and the ruled knew that without Vhur Zarekk wouldn’t have assumed power and he himself was aware of it but no knew that Vhur was the pirate lord who intended to rule the world after the second war and failed losing his crew. The only thing that kept him from assassinating the king was the book of Oracle which Zarekk had spent years, monies and men searching for.

“What is it?! You dare tell me that you failed again!” Zarekk yelled at Vhur in his courtroom. Vhur bowed before him and said “Great Zarekk, To serve you I live. If disappointed you I have ever, severe my neck”

“Stand straight man! loyalty and tradition have now become synonymous to mock and routine. What is it you have found out?” said Zarekk.

“For years I searched for the Oracle’s Book but I haven’t found it and when it seemed I’d become a lost fable like the book I ran into a gnome and a giant”

“A giant?! Impossible! I got every one of those filthy Rakshasa killed!”

“Careful you must be my master, we don’t want anyone to hear you say. A small chance is what disloyalty in men craves to destroy the believes build we have and raise a doubt among the ruled”

“Huh, I don’t trust anyone. Take care of that giant. And follow that dwarf, he might lead us to the hidden village”

“Set track already I have to the gnome, the book is why they are still alive”

“You’re sharp as your bolt, Vhur. After you find the book. . .burn the village and kill them all”

“Find the Oracle’s Book I will”

“Aaah!! If I find you alive Blob I’ll kill you myself!” Little screamed falling from the sky. He fell in a lake, the water took most of the impact but still he hurt his ribs. In the lake he saw something painted on a rock with a color which was visible only to a gnome.

“Seek not further the book of spell.
For many who did found hell.
A charm to please the evil ruler or free an elf,
To lift a curse or receive power and wealth.
Walk backwards and ring the Oracle’s bell.
Never will you find the book of spell,
For its hidden where the Rakshasa dwells.”

Little didn’t understand what the note said other than to not search for the book. He swam up and to the shore, he looked everywhere and found himself in middle of a dense forest. A rabbit hopped out of a hole and jumped behind a tree, it stalked Little cunningly. Little was hungry, he went to a bush of berries and had some raspberries which healed his injury. He heard someone chew some berries that he dropped but when he turned around he didn’t find anyone. The leaves of every bush and the tree trunks had the same paint marks he earlier saw in the lake, after searching and destroying some bushes he discovered a rock carefully concealed and it had an arrow painted on it. Little followed the direction the rock showed which went deeper into the forest. The rabbit changed its shape into a raven and showed its master through its eyes what Little had uncovered going to each arrow.


About the Author

Akshay Raj Chovhan

I first thought of writing when I read Julius Caesar I tried writing similar conspiracy story but stopped halfway, then again when I wondered what I wanna be when I grow up and soon being a writer became least of all. I tried few things in CG arts but didn't get anywhere nor was it so fun later. Sketching has been a hobby until I got squeezed between part time job and studies. Then I graduated in B.Com. I had come up with a story for a short animation long time ago, later when I gave it ink and paper I realized I got better at writing than earlier...? I decided to write fictions and sketch as a hobbyist.

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