Dragon skull the proving grounds

Excerpt: The fiction story is basically a imagination of a human growth with dragon and the survival skills that lead to human evolution. (Reads: 175)


‘Universe is a black carpet in which earth is a tiny blue spot’.

Earth was special as it had lives in it. Several thousand years back from now the earth was full of prosperity, gold and diamonds everywhere. The earth was green and sweet water erupted from the boiling crust. Summer and rains were the daily routine of earth. But there was something that earth has never come across called winter was about to step in, this was very first winter of mother earth which turned the green bed into the white cold unknown the winter lasted long. The eagles which once ruled the sky were now extinct. Not a single egg of an owl could hatch. Winter flew and the sun rise between the mountains causing the snow to run away as water,after long time summer is back living very few species.

The human tribe was one of very few living species that survived this deadly winter. But the oldest saint of the human tribe foretold that from now earth is going to change with arrival of new fearsome bird that breathe fire. the saint couldn’t hold his last breath. The tribe head was least concerned with the warnings of saint and the time passed like water. Back in the dark jungle the owl egg cracked and the chick is out. The chick survived although her mother was dead; the chick was no ordinary one as it could generate fire in its belly. The chick grew eating pigs, deer and on one fine day it was a fearsome dragon with red eye.

The dragons started to rule the land; they could peel the human skin and crush the mammoth bones into pieces. The human tribe at the east had good knowledge about dragons; there were five different types of them. The very first type was with red eye called king of all dragons. The eastern human tribe had a tradition where the group of upcoming adult men rode two months with f ive elders of the tribe to the north in search of dragons. Only those men who successfully kill a dragon and bring their egg shell to the village were considered to be a true adult, failed ones would work as slave if they survive the hunting.

At the middle of summer dragons lay their egg and it is the season while the tribe leave for the hunt. this season there were only four men who were at initial stage of puberty and the group of five elders and four men begin their journey of months to the northern dragon mountains. Time to speak about our four young men who were about to begin their hunt,the first one is called ‘Barbarian’ as his ancestors fought well using sword.So as him. He carried a sword with diamond tip made by his father designed to pierce into the scaly armour of dragons, next one was called ‘golem’ as his father used to build village defence like walls using stone. Golem was very strong man with high pain resistance. He used to carry stone hammer as his weapon. Third one was ‘wizard’ the son of dark witch.he used chemicals made of herb meat to destroy dragons, last one is called hog rider as his ancestors managed to kill wild hogs single handedely.

After long ride here we are at the dragon hill. The path wet with blood and the hill top summoned by skeletons the hill was the most toughest, the man could ever climb. Barbarian, hog rider, wizard, golem all set for the hunt make their way into the cave at the base of hill while elders wait outside. Barbarian make his way into the cave with his sword pointing straight, his eyes locked on the darkest part of his path, elders outside notice diamond tip of his sword disappearing in the darkness of cave then there was a noise of barbarian filled with rage. Then there was utter silence, the barbarian was out with dragon egg and all his shoulders covered with dragon blood he was now a true tribal adult.

On the other part the bones cracked as he walked through the cave, all his muscles exited, dragging his stone hammer he walks in but elders outside hear a dragon breathing fire and after an hour golem was out with dragon egg. The wizard with his spells filling his wooden belt designed to accommodate his spells move into the darkness after a kilometre walk inside the cave he could now see a dragon deep in sleep and spark in its breath the dragon catches his scent the wizard is now standing face to face with the dragon while he introduce himself ‘hey there gringo!! I’m wizzy from the east’ and drops his spell of infinite death on its nose,the dragon hits sudden death. son of dark witch was now a complete adult. Left whist tightened, right hand gripping the spear muscles tightened, his confidence drowning his anxiety his footsteps echoed the cave as our single handed killer’s foot hit the rocky path the echo broke fight between him and the dragon. But he killed it before it could breathe fire by piercing the spear straight away into the dragon’s neck.

Feel of heroism and breeze of change all over the hill as this year was special. First time in history not a single human head was on floors of cave. The raven(male crow) fly hard to every nook and corner of the ball with wet blue, soft green, hard rock [earth] to spread the news. As per the tradition the survivors drink the egg and start their reverse journey to village after long tierding victory walk of months the adults and elders notice something weird, something that had never happened the village watch towers 2km away from the village were burnt they walk straight to the village.

As per the elderly knowledge serves the villagers would welcome the survivors in the ceremonies way but none did. The village was completely burnt and no life was noticed in the surroundings. The village was completely destroyed. but what actually happened in the village??? I have no idea well the old raven whisper in the elder’s ear resting on his shoulder that the horde of dragons destroyed the whole village no women, no children were shown mercy each of them were burnt to ashes hearing this the young blood of adults boil and they unite with elderly support for revenge strike Does it really matter whether you use a royal sword or a knife?? Yes it does and adults walk in four different ways to unite mankind for revenge strike.

(To be continued)
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