A step into the mysterious, puzzling future

Excerpt: This story explains about our future about eight hundred thousand years after. The earth is completely changed. Read this amazing story to find what happens. (Reads: 285)


Future is the concept which has made all the scientists puzzle, including myself. But I have at last found a solution The time machine.

I had to test the machine before presenting it to this world. There were buttons with numbers written on them. I pressed 8-0-9-5-6-7. The lights were flashing all around me, and I was taken into an unknown place.

The land was red and there was no sight of human. There was no house, industry, hospital, schools or hotels. It looked like the land was abandoned. It looked like our world is no more. I was just moving forward but all I could see was very little green moss. There was a sudden chill. The sun was much  more nearer. The planet was eclipsing the sun. I was shocked.

The chirping of birds, sounds of ma, hum of insects and bleating of sheep – It was all over. I traveled more further into the future for a positive change. But even the green moss vanished and my view was obstructed. I lost all my hope. I decided to return back.

When I returned I experienced ultimate freedom. I wanted to tell everyone about my weird experience but I was sure that no one will believe. I met my friend, I stammered but yet I explained her about my sight. She just told me that i was imagining  stuff, it is just a dream. I was down in dumps. My thoughts said me not to reveal this to the world, they will not believe it. They will make fun of me. I had this as a secret.

I tried to imagine this as a dream but it was impossible. A horror of ultimate darkness came into my mind.I felt I was fainting. Our earth will be doomed if we misuse our precious resource.


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