Tucker Bright

Excerpt: Halfway to the ground Tucker forcefully deployed his graviton device which used magnetism to suspend heavy objects in the air. "Now he's flying" said Nolan on the rooftop (Reads: 46)


“Mr. Tucker G. Bright, you are hereby under criminal investigation of carrying out hazardous experimentation which jeopardizes the lives found here in Brazos County Texas.” said a weathered judge, who looked to be about 60 yrs old and a bit intoxicated from perhaps a long night of shooting whiskey before sleep.

“There called Polomagnetesis, fragments from various planets arranged in a matter to create a particular universe with its own laws. This was Tuckers latest scientific breakthrough and its possession could render godlike abilities from the earths surface.”

“Yes Mr. Bright, the court understands your thorough comprehension of the capabilities of universal development, but has yet to determine how to rule on the matter. Are we to hold a scientist of mechanical development any less culpable than one say of chemical concoctions in their labs?”

Tucker Bright was a local sensation in the community, in a city of misleading opportunity, Mr Bright developed hundreds of his own ideas into facts of nature. He was a Twenty four year old graduate from Texas A & M in mechanical engineering. He wrote his thesis on trans-dimentional transportation with demonstrations that instantly won him National Achievement Awards and aided the united states military with new ways to transport non-living materials under the radar.

The entire judicial process stems from an incident which that occurred in the streets of downtown college station, Texas. Where Mr. Bright performed public experiments as he usually did to observe realities in his breakthroughs.

“Are you sure about this Tucker” asked Nolan Peters, a local attorney and long time friend of the young man.

“Are you sure about this” Tucker replied with a sarcastic tone.

With that Tucker Bright leaped off the ledge twisting in mid air to smile at his friends on the rooftop as he began his downward motion of a 400 foot free-fall to the crowded streets below.

“I love you” Mary yelled as her boyfriend leapt.

With a twist of his hip and the thrust of his wrist, Tucker had maneuvered himself in perfect position with his head leading straight down the side of the building wall.

The birds watched with amazement on the opposing rooftop and window ledges below.

Halfway to the ground Tucker forcefully deployed his graviton device which used magnetism to suspend heavy objects in the air.

“Now he’s flying” said Nolan on the rooftop, “but were gonna see just how good he is right here”

Tucker angled his decline right for the street corner, where the city’s hustle of crowds were waiting to cross the street.

He toggled the thrust higher and lower to obtain direction.

Just ten feet  now as he constricted his device in a way to suspend his motion upon touchdown, his target still unaware of his existence.

WHAMM, Tucker snatched an the dusty hat off the the dirty panhandlers head so quickly you could see the dust rain back down into his hair as he looked instinctively in the wrong direction.

“Well well well he ain’t to bad after all” said Nolan on the rooftop, looking down at Tucker who managed to land upright in the park across the street.

The panhandler turned around in a rage only to see young Tucker Bright fixing his hair in an excitement.

“What the hell, oh, im sorry Mr. Bright i didn’t realize it was you.”

“Thats quite all right sir, here is your hat, thank you for taking part in a groundbreaking experiment, how does one thousand dollars sound for your troubles?”

the panhandler went pale and nodded in confusion not knowing if he could mess the offer up.

Tucker paid the man and walked back into the building he jumped from only to be confronted by the building security who said the local law enforcement has been called due to his recent actions upon the roof.

Does the defendant have anything to say to the court before it conjures for a ruling?

Tucker stood, ” May the court understand that my eight years in research here in Brazos County has been to develop our control  here as we are. I would not allow any tests to be done in any circumstances if i had not personally been made aware of any misconceptions. It is with that in mind that i make my case as to why i proceeded with my experiment in the College Station, and i am certain the benefits of my discoveries will far outweigh any chemical development of any elemental relevance found in the earth surface,”

“Very well” the judge said, “may the Jury please conjure a judicial conclusion to this matter.

Nolan and Mary nodded to Tucker from their seats assuring him that he had the momentum in the case. Although they were unsure as to how 12 impartial members of society will rule on a matter involving such unearthly ramifications. Nevertheless, they knew Tucker was well educated, even ore than his defense attorney was, and they knew even if he was convicted of some erratic manipulation of the law he would find a way to prove innocent.

The door creaked open and an overweight man stepped out holding the door open for the other eleven jurors who were all dressed in there finest clothing to partake in a matter they had no connection with.

“the Jury presiding in the case Bright vrs. Brazos County, herby find the defendant, on the count of endangerment and reckless scientific experimentation, not guilty.”

Tucker quickly closed his briefcase and stood facing the judge with little emotion on his exterior. He knew that in light of this ruling, any ruling against him in the future would have to coincide with it as well. He could already dream the experiments he would be allowed to perform now.

“It is with great pleasure that i inform you Mr.Bright that although i do not agree with the courts decision in letting you tamper with your moonrocks, i will allow you to walk out of my courtroom a free man. Believe me when i say life fragile. We must handle it with great care. Court is adjourned.”

Tucker, Mary, and Nolan left the courtroom with the defense attorney, and headed to the street. The Newspapers were all over the scene with headlines that were just as unthinkable as what had taken place.

Tucker Bright, what is in store for you now.


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