Potion of Love

Excerpt: Strange are human creatures. Who loves whom, how much and why is still unknown. They give away the most valuable things to their near and dear one just like that. I’m also not an exception. (Reads: unavailable)


President Zurrock Islai was quite satisfied. He was glad that the scientist Nicolo Pente and his team had done a splendid job. Lines of appreciation formed on his long straight face. His mane-like long silvery gray hair added to his lustre and great personality. He raised his right hand and the long yellow rob of gold and silver warps and wafts moved up. He looked majestic on his chair studded with the jewels of different colours.
“ This is the potion of immortality.” Nicolo and his two assistants had come to see the President personally. They seated themselves in front of the President and he produced the dark greenish liquid in an unbreakable flask sealed in an air tight way. It must be hardly ten millilitres.
“ It’s shining happily.” Zurrock picked up the flask and held it in front of his eyes. He sniffed it. It’s acrid.
“ Yes, sir and we were about to go astray and the whole five years, three months and twenty two days spent on the project would have been wasted.” Nicolo said matter-of-factly.
“ And the millions of dollars pumped in too.” Reldin, Nicolo’s first assistant supported.
“ I’d full faith in you.” Zurrock rose and patted on Nicolo’s back.
Zurrock was in his golden chamber. Everything there was made up with pure gold. Diamonds were studded most appropriately in the carvings made. The art depicted mostly of oak trees which usually live hundreds of years, sea as a symbol of eternity with all the variety of fish and animals in it and the sun – the emblem of energy. The ten acre palace stood magnificently in the sprawling lush green land of hundred twenty acres with different buildings like Administrative blocks, Laboratories, Workshops, Ware-houses, Security, Gyms, Swimming pools and what not. Since Mr.Zurrock had taken over the world’s this mightiest and the richest empire – Dr.Ready’s Immortals worth – trillions dollars two hundred sixty nine years ago, it had always progressed and progressed. It had its factories and offices in all the countries on the earth as well as the moon, Mars and Venus. Every year, the research department spent millions and millions on its projects. They had been successful in establishing colonies on Moon, Mars and Venus. Not only that but their other space projects were also successful. In the field of medicine too they were unparalleled. Success after success was achieved. Dr. Ready’s Immortals started as a small medical company in Jersey manufacturing paracetamols had grown into this vast empire. Its budget was more than ten times the spending of all the governments of the world taken together.
Soon after its start in the year 2009, the company had run into problem and was about to be wound up. Mr.Zurrock Islai then a junior scientist in the company had risked every penny of his, his friends and relatives to buy the company at a throw-away price. None of the company’s employ had cooperated Mr.Zurrock in any way as they were sure that the company was already dead and what remained was to be cremated only.
But Zurrock was different person altogether. He adopted a policy of blood and iron and he behaved like a fox a lion put together. He fetched the company out of the danger. He was twenty nine then. He not only put company on the path of permanent progress, but infused new blood and new enthusiasm. Every government of each country and even the highest officials of UNO had already learnt to respect Zurrock and his men.
And after five years, he started a secret project of enhancing the longevity of human life. It was solely because of the company’s sale of its products “ Long life capsules” and “permalife-potion” that the longevity of the mankind had stretched to an average of 152. Mr.Zurrock, ten times noble laureate – himself was eager to celebrate his three hundredth birthday after two years two months and two days. He was still healthy, vigorous, sexy and full of plans. Nicolo Pente was his latest addition to his team as the second to the then Chief of Immortality Division seventy years back. Dr. Alexander Kelvin who knew too many secrets of the company’s products died in his spacecraft when he was on his way to visit the Company’s factories on Venus. Nicolo then had taken over. He was not over inquisitive except his work.

After three will-guarded secret surveys including about 80% of the mankind, he had come to the conclusion that man liked to live happily. And 97.9% of the people surveyed for the project told frankly that happiness means sex in a totally relaxed environment. They also opined that it was better to live a continuous health life than to produce young ones, raise them and hand over the batons. There should be no old age, no deaths either.
120 white Himalayan rabbits, 206 walruses from south pole, 645 tons of wheat buds and 90 tons of caviar eggs. The list was not long. So Zurrock flicked over and again raised the small flask.
“ This potion, will give you permanent immortality sir and permanent youth !” Nicolo’s eyes shone.
“ Okay. That’s fantastic ! ”
And Zurrock telephoned to his secretary, “ Two checks. One of a million dollar to Mr. Nicolo and another the same amount for his staff. This is personal gift.”
“ Thanks you sir.”
“ Nobody should know about the potion.” Zurrock’s eyes were solid rock when he spoke these words. Nicolo and his assistants shivered. They knew what if meant.
Nicolo rose. He was lean and thin in body but he carried a brain in his skulls which was one and half times heavier that of Einstein’s. he sported grey beard and always put on simple cotton cloths. He rarely used shoes.
“ No sir, never. I have yet at least fifty years to my life. Last time’s potion P-2 will work till then. By then this research will become more common.”
“ Right.”
Nicolo and his team left.
Zurrock was happy that Nicolo didn’t suggest what should be he cost of the new drug. He didn’t even say that you have to go unhindered for at least hundred and sixty years.
And Zurrock thought of his female folks consisting of nine hundred and fifty two charming maids. All between fourteen to forty. Lusly was the latest recruitment. She was just twenty three. But she was there since nine year.
“ She loves me !” Zurrock derived a great pleasure. He remembered the incidence when he was traveling from Space-III to Space-IV between Venus and Mars. Lusly was with him while he was controlling the flight. His two alike were in exactly two similar space – crafts. The alien enemies Rondeus had sent a space – missile. The missile could find out the exact yen in which Zurrock and Lusly were there because of the miniscule difference in its speed which was less than the other two similar space – craft because of the Lusly’s weight. Lusly seeing the missile first on the computer screen of their craft and then in the space opened the window near and stretching her hand out of the craft, flicked the rushing missile by about 15 degrees with the help of her long comb which she always carried to arrange her long dark hair at anytime. In the process, her whole body was uprooted from her seat and drifted in the space outside. She had clung to the edge of the window and with a lot of struggle had managed herself in. till then, Zurrock was not in a position to make any of his hands free as he had hard time to control the disturbed trajectory of his craft.
And he carefully collected the potion in a small bottle and sealed it.
He didn’t have much to wait.
Soon Lusly was there. She was in diamond studded lingerie. She was dark, luminous and lusty. Her dark hair, big eyes, white teeth and slim body was wonderful. The crush that Zurrock had felt for her when he had spotted her on a space station between the Earth and Mars was still fresh.
They were in the sofa which became a bed. He was overawed by her lavender perfume.
“ Darling ! You’re great ! Today I want to give you a wonderful gift.”
“ You may live thousands of years with this while remaining young.” Zurrock brought out the bottle. “ But remember to consume it within seventy two hours only. The earlier, the better. The countdown has already begun.”
“ Oh, nice ! Thank you. I shall be immortal. I shall therefore always give you a company.”
And Zurrock had some urgent tele-meeting had hit the Company’s space factory near Moon. The rescue operation was on. But Zurrock had to have the latest information.
The President of Korea – combined and the President of Islamic Unity had exchanged some communiqués. A conspiracy was intercepted by the Secret Section. Zurrock was not much worried because earlier such failed attempts were made by China with the help of Iran and Libya. Still he alerted his defence secretary.
“ Our anti-atom bomb, anti-hydrogen bomb and anti-neutron bomb shelters are working with full capacity and vigil. Nobody can penetrate any of these defences.”
Zurrock himself was simultaneously at three places – Mars, Venus and Space. He can’t be touched. There were seven impregnable layers of security around him.
Two days, however, passed in great tension.
And at the end of the day, he remembered Rosy. Rosy the pros. She had left her call-girl profession fifty years back.
After sometime Rosy presented herself.
“ Rosy, I have undergone a lot of tension.”
“ It’s visible on your face darling. Now you’ve a sauna with the sprinkle of womb fluids of goats and sheep. Then my rosy – touch !”
She massaged him with her favourite heard. He was instantly fresh and erect.
They enjoyed a lot.
“ Oh, Rosy you’re a great massager. Collect your bells from my secretary.”
“ Thanks your honour. You’re always been kind to me. You’re noble.”
“ Paying for services is okay.”
“ Your honour. I’ve a small but valuable gift for you.”
“ What’s that ?!”
“ This potion. A small bottle. Its contents will you make you immortal. You can live for ever, my lord !”
“ Oh !” Zurrock was baffled to see the bottle. She produced it from between her breasts. Zurrock while holding the bottle, fondled them for few seconds – before she left in her most pleasant mood.
“ Bye.”
“ Good bye.”
And he switched on his detective camera – computer.
The relevant agencies soon collected the necessary information from connected links. They put the essence to the President.
After leaving Zurrock’s chamber, Lusly was driven to her home by Senimon – Zurrock’s car driver who had an off day. They had sex in the rear seat of the car when they passed through the woods.
They also had a long bath in the streams there. And after that Lusly had presented the bottle to Senimon.
“ Long live Senimon. I love you so much. You’ve the greatest size and the deepest love ! I preserved it for you only.”
“ Don’t you love Zurrock ?”
“ I do. But I love you more than I love him. You introduced me to him and since then I get everything I want.”
“ I know it.”
Senimon had placed the bottle in his shirt’s pocket while kissing her hand.
In the evening, he had gone to Rosy. He was a special client to Rosy and would give her so much of information except that pertaining directly or indirectly to Zurrock.
“ I love you most. So you become permanently immortal.”
Thus he had presented the bottle. He loved her most because she had given him love, food and shelter free when he needed them most.
Things became clear to Zurrock. He thought and thought. But he could not envy anybody.
“ Strange are human creatures. Who loves whom, how much and why is still unknown. They give away the most valuable things to their near and dear one just like that. I’m also not an exception. We could get lot of space in the space including various planets. Also we could get to immortality but still my scientist have much to do to reach the formation of feel9ing and love.”
He noted to remind the Heart Department to find out how feeling are formed and why a person likes or dislikes a man, woman or a child more or less than any other person.
Suddenly all the buzzers became active. He soon opened his news channel – which was blurting to him. “ Sorry Mr. President. Our gretest scientist Nicolo Pente and his full team have been blown off along with their laboratory. They were preparing to mass-produce a final version of p-potion, the immortality drug !”
Zurrock felt a shock. For few moments he become dumb and thoughtless. He recovered slowly. Accident? Natural? Managed? He ordered for a thorough investigation. After few moments he became normal.
“ Anyway let me consume this myself ! It’s not only potion of immortality but now it’s potion of love too.”
And he opened the bottle. Looked at the contents through the neck of the bottle. He poured it into his mouth.
But soon it turned into bitter colourless liquid like water and Zurrock threw it out coughing in an instant. Its time had just expired !


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I am IPS Retd., Advocte in Gujarat High Court, Ahmedabad, an established fiction writer in Gujarati and English, have won many prizes / accolades at state/ national / international level.

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