The Dawn Of Aliens

Excerpt: I turned to the window I saw something unexpected that I’d think would ever reach this far. Aliens dispersing everywhere, into every house abducting people from every angle in my sight. (Reads: 387)


No!… I yelled once more.
I jumped out of bed and beseeched this was a dream, I was terrified! Everything seemed so real, so flagrant this couldn’t be fallacious I know what I saw. This creature seemed so fastidious to understand as he talked to me with his abnormally small dry lips; as his glossing non pupil black eyes glared into mine I observed in shock and fear. He was no human or animal, he was an alien! But what could he possibly want from me? I wondered. I’m a normal 11 year old boy who lives in a small town in Frainkesville, Minnesota.

The following morning, I had a divergent feeling towards aliens every since last night, before I never believed in them ever since last night’s odd experience. I was having an elusive time during the day; I couldn’t focus. Once the bell ringed, I excited myself to tell all my friends at the table about my dream and how extraordinary it was. Coming from the lunch line I approached the table and took a seat near Ricky, my best friend. As everyone began to take bites out of their food , I began to shout “aliens exist! They are here , they are real. “

Everyone at the table laughed at me and showed no interest at all; instead of finding it interesting and feeling fear, they all derided me. My class at the end of the day was science, so I decided to ask my teacher, Mrs. Lopalk about aliens existence. She smiled and slightly giggled with a reply that did not satisfy me one bit.

Once the day ended, I made my way to Frainkesville park across from my house. I paced back and forth trying to figure out how I can find the aliens again, or if they’re coming back to take over like every fantasy mentioned. Except this time, it might not be such a lie; if only I can collect something from them for my friends to have credulity in this before it is too late. As I proceeded to walk back home it darkened every step I took, it’s like if a shadow of panels were standing over me. I looked up and there it was, a spaceship! I saw a blue hue of light directly aiming in my crystal blue eyes. Everything was blurry all I can see is a figure hovering down from the spaceship, I felt a strong grip on my hand I opened my eyes, I was hovering too! We arrived into the spaceship and everything was so visionary. They insisted for me to lay down, they never mentioned a word in English, they used hand signals. I placed myself on the bed and one of them put their rough, blue hands over my eyes and I instantaneously fell asleep.

How is this possible, I was just walking home I don’t remember arriving. There I laid in bed with confusion and desperation to find out what the aliens are planning to do and why they need me for it. I capered out of bed and walked to the kitchen to get some breakfast, as I turned to the window I saw something unexpected that I’d think would ever reach this far. Aliens dispersing everywhere, into every house abducting people from every angle in my sight. “This is unbelievable!” I shouted. I dropped the cereal box and whizzed outside the door with an impacted facial expression of mine. The spaceships traveled across the skies like a bullet, before you know it everyone was gone except me; I didn’t understand one portion of what occurred I was disoriented.

The next afternoon, I looked out my bedroom window and no one was there, not one kite soaring through the light blue skies or traffic causing noise at my door. Were they really all gone? Was this not a dream? What about me! I asked and shouted in frustration. Seconds later, I felt outrageously deviating. My skin turning blue faster than my blood pumping through my vessels. I dashed in front of the mirror and scanned myself from my head to toe.

“I am one of them! That’s why they didn’t abduct me!” I shouted. “Let the dawn of aliens begin.” I said with a grin.


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