India Win against Australia by 75 Runs – 2nd. Test Match

Excerpt: The author describes how India Cricket Team win the 2nd. Test Match against Australia and could level 1-1 so amazingly limiting them at merely 112 runs. (Reads: 44)


Amazing Win by Indian Team against Australia – Bangalore 2nd. Test Match, Bangalore on 7th.March 2017
India defeated Australia Team dramatically by 75 runs in 2nd Test Match played on 7th. March 2017 in Bangalore levelling the win record 1-1 in 4 test series and now any of the team, if wins the next match, there would be 2-1 making the next fourth test match extremely interesting for the cricket lovers as well as the players of both the teams – India & Australia and moreover undoubtedly enough for everyone who can enjoy the last one test match to the maximum – inasmuch as the ensuing last 4th. test match will be full of suspense, thrill, excitement, entertainment and what not? Such a beautiful moment comes for the teams – face to face to fight for win, after a pretty long time – to say after more than a decade.
Consequently both the teams in the ensuing 3rd. test match whether win or lose is meaningless in case any of the team do not win consecutively both the test matches one after another i.e. 3rd. and 4th.test matches. If any one win and later lose, there will be draw and such a draw in a cricket match the spectators do not like, someone must win or lose only then their enjoyment will be meaningful otherwise not.
In brief the statistics of the 2nd. Test Match is as under:
First Innings:
India – all out – total score – 189 runs.
Australia – all out – total score – 276 runs.
Result – Australia lead by 87 runs.
Second Innings:
India – all out – total score – 274 runs.
Result – India lead by 187 runs.
For Australian Team to win the second test match also 188 runs were not difficult to score to defeat India adding one win more and paved the way to win the test series but their dream of winning was smashed when Smith was out by LBW at the total of merely 28 runs in 48 balls with 3 fours. When he was declared out, the total score was 67 for 3.
After that Indian bowlers and fielders were seen hopeful and played very excellently and effectively under the outstanding captaincy of Virat Kohli who was seen vigilant all around the match guiding and encouraging all along, the result of which India limited the Australian Team merely at the total of 112 runs in 35.4 overs only.
India win and succeeded to make good the loss faced in Pune – 1st Test Match, now levelling 1.1.
The tragic part of the Australian Team is reckoned and assessed as follows:
Just have a bird’s eyes view:
Australia –
!. 74 for 4 wkts.
2. 101 for 5.
3. 101 for 6.
4. 103 for 7.
5. 110 for 8.
6. 110 for 9.
7. 112 for 10.
Ashwin smashed 4 wickets consecutively one after another that paved the ways to win this 2nd test match.
Moreover credit for this wonderful win goes to Pujara – 92 runs, Rahane – 52 runs and Lokesh – 51 runs – all played in a very odd situation.
There is no exaggeration If I say it is a historic win by Indian Team against Australia.
Truly speaking it was an exclusive match for Ashwin who took 6 wickets for giving meagrely 41 runs, it is his 25th times when he took 5 or more wickets in a single innings played so far.
If we look backward, we find:
1. This outstanding win enlivened the dormant reminiscence when India won Melbourne Test in 1981 and Mumbai Test in 2004 when India defeated Australia stopping at the total of 83 runs only , Kapildeo took 5 wickets and in Mumbai Test in 2004 Harbhajan & Murli Kartik stopped them at merely 93 runs when they needed 107 runs to win.
2. In ICC Test Ranking India is no. 1 and very enthusiastic to maintain it till 1st. April 2017, and if Indian Team do so successfully, will be eligible for getting the highest cash award by ICC.
As usual as a critic of “Amazing Cricket Matches” I do congratulate the whole team for this excellent win.
Once again I do remember my school days:
“ जय हिन्द का नारा गूंज उठा , जब हाथों में तिरंगा थाम लिया | ”

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