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Excerpt: The Shakespearean work which describe life of human through its each line to a its very true context is also based on his observations from the nature. (Reads: unavailable)


A bolt of lightening occurred. I was awake by the screech of fear made by the cats outside my window. I didn’t know what struck me but i started to think and wrote about life.
Drenched in some of my sweet memories various and differing thoughts of various plots were striking my mind. Out of all was a name of person rotating again and again in the hemisphere of my thoughts.

William Shakespeare, what a   person he was I thought. He had actually defined whole human life through his writings. It was one my wildest dreams to be as successful and garner as much acknowledgement like him.   Though my quest is yet not over and nothing is impossible.

Every corner of our life is a bunch of tangled threads for leading life with a smile we need to sit for hours and hours untangling it to make a piece of pure silk cloth.

With every breath taken in my mind was going through a detailed dialysis of different thoughts and moments which I came through while leading this life.  Although breathing in was cherishing as it reminded me of some of my great stints while breathing out was becoming a tiring task as it reminded me of  some precious  and blissful jeweled moments which were rotten in the memory by sluttish time. Though while we look back at our past a constant feeling which eats me from inside is that may be I could have said that word or I may just had made that move while talking to someone or taking some decision in past  the act done then would have made us land at a different position may be a better paradise or in worst bowels of earth.

In this life we need to walk through diverse conditions, we can not and we should not always expect a bed of rose petals spread for us to walk on. But we need to remember that these petals grow on a stem filled with thorns.  Though this was just a mere example but it tells us or actually me that this drama of life performed on the stage of world is based on the growth of our mother nature.

The nurturing which we get starting form our childhood, if it is well manured and is watered time to time we grow into a big mango tree ready to give fruits while if we are attacked mid way by pests then we fall we falter and are ruined.
I think I have cracked . The Shakespearean work which describe life of human through its each line to a its very true context is also based on his observations from the nature.

We all think that human race is the most developed specie but actually we are still lagging behind by a long distance. Till we don’t match our shoulders with the mother nature. Actually what will happen with current scenario is, we will grow but our roots under the soil won’t the thirst and hunger of shoot will grow but our roots would be struck breathlessly.

I’m so pleased that the bolt of lightening woke me up and I could really edify my hunger of writing to an extend that it will help the readers or even me in future.


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