The Rabbit’s Wisdom

Excerpt: The rabbit's wisdom helped all the animals. Had the rabbit not been there the animals would not have got their freedom. From this we can understand that" Never give up in life till you succeed". (Reads: unavailable)



Kids Bed time Story – The Rabbit’s Wisdom
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Once upon a time, there lived many wild animals in a jungle. The leader of that jungle was a rabbit. One day, there arrived a pride of lions. All the lions started attacking all the animals and started eating them. This continued for many days. One fine day, the rabbit had an idea and so it called all the animals under a big banyan tree.

It said ” Attention my dear friends,  The lion menace is reaching intolerable levels which requires some immediate action. I have thought of a solution to this problem. It is not a great solution but we can give it a try. I think we should use whatever method is possible from our side to end this problem. How about we all attack the lions together by calling our mice friends?”

The animals agreed to it. They also thought of keeping as many traps as possible. The next day, everybody attacked the lions but they could not match up to the might of the lions. So, many of them were injured while many of them also died. This plan failed.  But the rabbit did not want to give up so soon. It had another idea. It again called all the animals saying that,”My dear friends I know that my plan failed and I also apologize for that. There’s one more plan. How about we all go to another forest and make another strong army with the animals over there?”

The animals discussed for a minute and decided that this plan may work. So they all left to the neighbouring jungle  before the lions arrived. After they reached the other jungle, the rabbit said seeing all the animals being so tired

” My friends I think that you all are very tired we all can halt here for the night and proceed to make friends tomorrow.”

Everybody was pleased to hear this. So they all slept. The next day, they all left in search of friends. Soon, they found some friends. They all told their plan to the animals. They also told them that they would gift them a part of their jungle as a token of friendship.So they agreed. After they reached their jungle, they saw the lions sleeping in their jungle. So, they all were ready to attack them. So they attacked them. After a great effort the rabbit’s team won. All the animals congratulated the rabbit. The other jungle animals were thanked by the rabbit. As told by the rabbit they got their part of the rabbit’s jungle.

Moral: The rabbit’s wisdom helped all the animals. Had the rabbit not been there the animals would not have got their freedom. From this we can understand that” Never give up in life till you succeed”.


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