Life is not a bed of roses

Excerpt: Life, for most of us is not a bed of roses. Heck I am not hoping for roses, but I could do better than thorns. I am no Jesus to bear a crown of thorns. (Reads: 1,273)



Life is not a bed of roses
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Life, for most of us is not a bed of roses. Heck I am not hoping for roses, but I could do better than thorns. I am no Jesus to bear a crown of thorns and pray to God to forgive those who do this unto me. I am just a normal guy who expects things to be well… normal.

The problem with life is just when you think there is no hope left and you are ready to jump off that bridge and cross off that to-do list forever, your ever-hopeful friend fills you in morale boosting tales right from ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’  to his personal life. You are confused again. After all the confusion, here I am with a firm decision, even though it’s to jump off a bridge. The messiah had to appear now. Full of promises of a bright life beyond the miseries of the present. To remind you that God always tests the righty right people. Makes me wonder if God had no other job than torturing hapless souls. There are some who say the difficulties faced now are a result of past live karma. I really don’t get the logic. If I was really a bad guy in my previous birth, why not punish me then so that I may learn a lesson or two. But hey that wouldn’t be interesting at all. Let’s wait till bugger kicks the bucket and bring him back as a good guy. Now let’s screw him!

Brimming with hope.. ok.. just a little bit of it I reschedule my jumping-off-the-bridge to another day. I try to attract the ‘positive’ vibrations all around me, scanning my surroundings like a hawk. The drunken stupor in bars doesn’t qualify as my friend ‘gently’ reminds me. Its supposed to be present in people with hearts overflowing with love. Kids? Whenever I walk into a park, all those little brats are emptying their lungs screaming like there was no tomorrow. Did they just realise how life was going to be when they grow up?

That leaves me just the temples. There is no shortage for them. There is one in every street. God said He is in all places but I guess some people took that literally and set out to fulfil His wish. I pick one and decide to sit in a corner to calm my buoyant mind. The temple is soon torpedoed by a barrage of large woman clad in silk sarees and goldly riches. I wondered if they planned to gatecrash a wedding and dropped in here by mistake. It was an auspicious day it seems and they were here to offer their devotion and also to show God that they were in fact doing well. What followed was a continuous stream of chanting, chiming bells and singing bhajans in different combinations. Well nobody is getting any peace. If I were God, I would run away before the woman break all the windows with their high pitched notes.

I wanted to run away too but then decided to brave it out. You know they always say, that a greater pain always diminishes the one you are facing now. So bring it on. After a while, all the sounds around didn’t bother me at all. It was like watching a TV on mute. You see all the actors mouthing their dialogues but it doesn’t matter to you because you just don’t care! Maybe this was the secret of life after all.  When life keeps throwing s**t your way, you don’t have to pull the plug, instead you can just mute the jarheads pissing you and you might actually have some fun seeing them babbling on for hours. I now walked past the brigand of noisy kids in the park minus the noise.

Here I am back to square one, waiting for a new dawn, a new beginning and the hope that tomorrow will be better than today. This is what keeps the world going and I tuck in my to-do list deep back in my pocket. Maybe another day? Maybe never?


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