Old habits die hard – Moral Short Story

Excerpt: Moral Short Story: But my favorite site was me. I wouldn’t stop taking photographs of myself. I had felt like I had the best photogenic face (Reads: 790)


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Old habits die hard - Moral Short Story

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I grabbed my mug of coffee and sat in the balcony.

I was planning to do my favorite timepass again.

I started setting  up my favorite thing.

A camera.

It was, it is and it’s going to remain my favorite thing in this whole world.

I smiled as I remembered the day I had got my first camera.

“Guess what, sweetie? It’s your birthday gift.”

I was so excited when Dad had given me the camera.

I couldn’t stop taking photographs of everything.

But my favorite site was me.

I wouldn’t stop taking photographs of myself.

I had felt like, I had the best photogenic face.

Well, it wasn’t just a feeling.

People around also said that I was just… beautiful.

My feelings grew stronger and stronger day by day that I was beautiful.

And I started preparing in the right direction.

I had my family’s support.

Even there wasn’t any financial problem.

I had started taking a training for modelling.

My goal was clear.

I wanted to become a super model.

People said that I could even join a bollywood.

Well, that was a second career option.

But my major goal was modelling.

As I said before, I was in the right direction.

I entered in a model hun contest as a huge favorite and I was able to win that as well.

Soon after that, I started getting modelling assignments.

And pretty soon, I was a super model.

Like I always wanted to be.

Everybody who I loved, was so happy for me.

I felt like all of my dreams had become true.

I felt like I could never ask for anything more.

That’s when he  entered in my life.

He was a struggling actor.

He wasn’t as successful as me, but he was a nice guy.

He said that he loved me.

And I realized that he was what I was missing in my life.

So I told him back that I loved him,too.

I indeed loved him.

So much.

But we got in a fight that day.

Couple in love always fights, right?

But he had lost his temper.

And before I could stop him, he threw an acid on my face.

That was enough to change my life drastically.

The police arrested him, but it didn’t matter anymore.

I had lost my identity.

I had lost my face.

I had lost my beauty.

I would never walk on a ramp, which was my most favorite thing.

Well, second most favorite thing.

So here I was.

In United States.

Taking treatment to get my face back.

Well, I’ll never get it back.

But doctors are trying to make it look decent at least.

I look like a monster at present.

But that wouldn’t stop me to do my favorite thing.

Taking photographs of myself.

I completed the set up of camera and it started clicking automatically.

I do take my photographs, but even I am too coward to have a look at them.

But even that wouldn’t stop me from taking pics of mine.

Because old habits die hard, you know?


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