The Thug

Excerpt: She slammed her head. What was she thinking. Why did she gave money so easily without asking anything. She could have called police and get him arrested. (Reads: 172)


Supriya was walking to her apartment.It was 12 in the noon. Usually climate in this city remains pleasant and that is why she prefers walking whenever it is possible. Though it was sunny but it was not hot. And moreover walking is a good exercise without any time investment. Most of her friends and colleagues have joined gym to remain healthy but she did not. How ironic is to burn fat in an air conditioned room. She does not enjoy running on treadmill .She would rather prefer open parks for that.

It’s been four years,since she had shifted here.She had got job in a multi national IT company and so she moved here.She felt to top of the world,new job,new city and the sense of independence!There was no limit of her happiness.She worked really hard and party even harder to secure herself financially and socially.

Supriya was lost in her chain of thoughts.There was so much to recollect.A lot had happened in these four years.Her friends got settled down leaving her alone. Her recent breakup for which she had cried enough in last few days but still not able to get over it. She had joined guitar class and a weekend dance class to keep herself busy. She has started giving interviews to switch her job. She just wants everything to be changed so that nowhere in her life she could find traces of him. She wanted to erase him from her life but the more she tries , more she gets into it.
She had so many questions to ask.They both were so happy,then why just one day before their engagement he broke off? and that too without giving any reason,he just broke off on a phone call! why?

What was wrong? It was so sudden that she could not even ask the reason for she was so numb to react.She was at the airport, going home for engagement. She still could feel how happy she was,having lots of dreams of a new life with him in her eyes. She had even applied for jobs in his city so that she can move sooner.
And then,that phone call!

“Supp, I am sorry but can we push this engagement for somedays?” he said

Her heart sank with an unknown fear. She could sense from his voice whats going to happen next.

“Why ?” she somehow asked.

“I don’t know,I am just not ready for the commitment!”he said

Surpiya was numb. From past 3-4 months,since they have decided to marry,she had asked this question
so many times to him that if he is ready for the marriage and he always said “Yes” and now suddenly…!

What happened next was least important. She tried hard to make him believe that together they will manage everything but all in vein. He had decided without discussing with her,without her consent as if she never existed in his life!

A lone tear escaped from her eyes, her feet become so heavy to move. For a while she stopped and looked around people.She was feeling like to run away and hide somewhere and cry. She just wanted to cry out loud. Her friends were not letting her to do so.

“See supp,just throw him out , he does not deserve you.why to waste your tears on such a looser!” Vini said
Vini was her roommate and now a good friend.

And she decided not to waste her tears and feelings for him.But deep down in her heart she knew that she still loves him and wants him in her life but she was helpless.She is 29,no more a kid to cry for things she wants.She has to understand life and ready to take it as it comes.She should be mature,she should be strong and according to the norms of society she should settle down by this time!

A lots of things were going on in her head with the same pace as she was walking.Suddenly a bike stopped beside her and the man took his helmet off.

“Madam” he called worriedly.

Supriya turned. He was a middle aged decent looking man. His eyes were full of tears. Supriya could not recognize him. Perplexed,she asked


“Madam,my wife is in hospital,she is critical and I have to deposit 2000 urgently but I don’t have.Please help madam.”He said with chocked voice.

Supriya was not able to understand anything, she was so much occupied with her own problems that her mind was too tired to think and process the current situation.She got irritated.

“How will you return?” she asked

“Give me your phone no.madam,I’ll call you in sometime or recharge on your no.Madam please help madam” he requested with folded hands.

Supriya was in no mood to ask or think. She just gave him 2000 and moved.

“Thank you madam” he said and went off.

As he went out of her sight,she realized what she has just done. She was being fooled by a thug.

“OMG!” she slammed her head. What was she thinking. Why did she gave money so easily without asking anything. She could have called police and get him arrested. If he really needed money, he could have called his friends,family or anyone. Why on the entire earth,he would come to her for help!

Suddenly she felt so drained out. She could not believe on her own foolishness.

“His Karma will come back to him!” She thought in frustration. Nonetheless,”It’s just 2000 bucks,does not matter much” and she continued her walk .

Vini would die laughing when she get to know how a thug fooled her.”Supriya you are such a looser!” she would say.

After 10 minutes she reached near her apartment.she found people gathered under the flyover which is in front of her apartment.

Curious and anxious, she rushed there, only to find that there was a fatal accident around 5-10 minutes before. Someone has called the ambulance but the victim had already died.

“Bahut bada accident hua hai ji, seedhi takkar SUV se” someone said in the crowd.

Supriya could see,there was a bike almost crashed ,blood stream on road and the body full of blood.Supriya could recognize the bike and the man who has just died.

Yes he was the same person,the same thug who fooled her 10 minutes back.But he would have forgotten that life is a bigger thug!It fooled him at the same time when he would have happily celebrating his victory and cheering for the same.

At that very moment,Supriya felt life. She got all answers now.


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