The first rape – Short Story on Domestic Violence

Excerpt: Short Story on Domestic Violence: I had to do what my husband said, I had no right to meet him when I wanted, even I had to put off my clothes when he said it did not matter I want it or not. (Reads: 22,368)

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The first rape – Short Story on Domestic Violence
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That was a summer midnight . I was knitting sweater in my room . You know sweater weaving is a mania, If you try to stop the movement of your fingers you can’t help it and you feel pain in your fingers ,but i had stopped this work for 4 years. It was not easy . I had been weaving sweaters since childhood but after the marriage i had to stop this . I was carried in a rich urban family after marriage where sweater weaving is an unusual task nothing beside wasting time . I did not like it but the dream of a big building covered my eyes . I had to lose some of my precious things like to eat waterballs at stall on footpath ,to see movie in cinema halls e.t.c. . I had to work hard to hide my innocent smile.

By the way that day in midnight i was missing my early life . I hope you know in india the children listen story till midnight from their grandparents , i was not exception. You know these stories are the thought given by an old generation to new generation and the thinking which are produced at this time can never be deleted till life comes to an end. I had also heard a story about adam and hauva ,the first man and the first women .actually you know i had listen much about their dress from many peoples but i think my grandmother was correct she said that both were ‘dressless’ . This word had no special for me in the age of five but i felt a new excitement in my body in the age of thirteen, The same continued till one years after marriage ,after that my life became steady and totally robotic i.e. I had to do what my husband said , I had no right to meet him when I wanted, even I had to put off my clothes when he said it did not matter I want it or not .but that day I was thinking about a question “what would happen to adam and hauva when they met for first time ? ” in childhood I used to imagine them wandering together in moonlight or bathing in large wild fountains .

(The doorbell rang and the door opened ) I knew he was my husband . Those days there was a lot of work in his office so he came late . But I did not go to give him a glass of water because I was dreaming . A new story was running in my mind . Adam and hauva were moving forward towards each other but unaware of their presence . Adam was 30 years old man with curly hairs on his chest. He had dense moustache and beard . He had thick shining thigh and he was moving slowly. (some noises were coming from drawing room ) hauva had fairy colour and her hairs were dark and dense covering her bare back . She had a thin waist and black eyes . She had also rosy lips and a pair of good shaped breasts .

( shiddharth (husband) had come inside the room and throw his suitcase on the sofa .) sudden hauwa’s eyes shined . She saw a lake and some days ago she had felt that she could move also in water . For this she had to move her legs in a particular way . Now she was swimming in cool lake water. (shiddhart was moving towards her putting off his shirt. ) hauva did not know that a pair of red eyes were gazing upon her from behind the bush . There was wonder in those eyes but one could see a violence also . Of course he was adam . And suddenly he ran toward her and untill she could understand somethine he had grabbed her by waist . A scream spreaded over the large trees and the first time tears rolled down on earth and thus the first cruel rape happened which is continued till now . ( I was raped by my husband again. )


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I am a student of class 12 and have possession in writting .reply me when you like . Reply me when you don't like .read slowly you will be lost .

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  1. Amal says

    Judging from your style, it seems you have a knack of a first person narrative. There are obvious grammatical errors but those can be corrected. I’d suggest you to read a lot.. and I mean A LOT!
    You can tell a story.

  2. Vishal says

    I am a student of class 12 from a rural area this is my first try to write story in english couldn’t you tell me the shortcomings.

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