Is still the Boss ….!! – Short Story on Environment

Excerpt: Short Story on Environment: June, 5th, Future Worlds Environment Day!! The world has seen death of trees. Or should I lament & echo these lines like a protester. (Reads: 2,751)


Short Story on Environment – Is still the Boss ….!!

Short Story on Environment

Short Story on Environment - Is still the Boss ….!!

June, 5th, Future

Worlds Environment Day!!

“The world has seen death of trees. Or should I lament & echo these lines like a protester of new changed world & inhale all accusations to escape vandalism from the new breed of human corps or human beings, now renamed as HUBE—a mortal designer breed equipped with all sorts of genetically altered genes & a memory card—the improvised version of or hybrid of ROBOTICS & HUMAN GENETIC wonderful amalgamation. “

The HUBE-230479 murmured to the Elite HUBES present there to discuss the betray of new environment tests on the remnants of elapsed environment or say lack of it, on the eve of worlds environment day, still practiced to commemorate now to discuss better ways to step up classified sections of the ongoing experiments for the success of MISSION-LIFE 2099. In short to celebrate the success of scientific fervor & technological advancements leaps bounds, all these years after the world stood still & suffered hemorrhage from the powerful strike of meteorite 20 years back.

Yes the HUBES are named as according to their date of creation, no names & no surnames or better say at last we have attained— classless society…..what a paradox indeed. The Centre for Global scientific excellence ,GSE is busily making amendments & advancements to avert the new posing technological danger, on 2099 year when there BRIT—(computers network) would stop responding to data modifications & data acceptance …in simpler meaning, it would create mess & chaos for the ongoing HUBES all set timeline.

The last 20 years have been Devil Abyss for Napster — saving grace or a blessing in disguise was just the Project MISSION-LIFE 2099. For all those who have believed in the Science & scientific revolution & in the process have forgot to save very much needed core for human being survival—- Mother Earth itself & embezzle all the nature’s free gifts, that human race has been bestowed upon.

Animal’s species have vanished, plants species have washed out, oceans glaciers have become molten mass of magma …..A survival of fittest rule propagated by Darwin itself, weans out here, completely after 100 thousand years of human race transgression towards technological excellence, yet in the end it was imperfect & a perfect doomsday.

To commemorate the death anniversary of trees, oceans, animals, environmental collapse, HUBES gather at memorial building via their beta phones, travels at the speed of beta rays, to pay homages & to carry on their usual day work which was just to earn their DIET-O capsules— capsules & water pill pills supplements in lieu for nutriment. The food shortage has prompted HUBES to survive all ordeals & be a winner? Lest it would be a challenge to race against time again, after making grandiose technological accomplishments & proving it that Technology can keep mankind alive.

A brazen Napster as it should be called, as now has population of 100 million, to support to, no land survived like countryside anymore, so no ago-based economy. No food & no cheese burgers & Hamburgers anymore for HUBES.
Skyscrapers rock the city. All tallest building is now built to support ever growing populace of Napster which over the time, has diversified the resources, both, renewable & non-renewable.

Vehicles travels at the speed of supersonic still there is not much left to explore to as outside world is dark abyss for them.
Life is all but just a thought, a sensory feeling now. All touch & push up buttons working on sensory motivation are reliefs for the HUBES much Techno-mechanical life style. Technology can be a boon but banished altogether on the names of Wars, nuclear warheads, pollutants, pollutants disposal, and bio hazards, deforestation etc. have contributed to the ill health of planet earth. It’s all poison venom; still napsters have survived, only because of the intelligence of the scientist’s working day & night to improve genetic codes & genetic feasibility for the coming generations.

Unemployment is on increase as machines do effectively more work n at faster rate than Human minds.

The warnings bells of Centre for Global scientific excellence ,GSE has been not taken seriously & with the start of year 2080,all the blissful things that these last generations of HUBES have enjoyed ,have been killed owing to ecological imbalance & global warming.

The scientists have discovered habitable new planets, in our Milky Way galaxy legion — Era & Age. Henceforth, the tests have been conducted to put life again on any of these planets, as Planet Earth has been refusing to heal to get better for the Survival of HUBES, especially after 2099 year.

The conditions pertaining to Environmental & Ecological impediments got worsened after a Meteorite strike 20 years back. It has hit the core of Mother Earth, triggering Tsunami, volcanoes & earthquakes which wipe off many countries from the map, only those who survived then came long back to form Napster colony & improvised for the lack of environmental conditions prevailing then. Half of Planet Earth gripped in blackness & odds, since last 20 years, the day meteor strike — the dark part is now referred to as Spatters Colony.

The Napster gradually evolved to lead life based on scientific inclusions mostly. No outside contact with the world is farsighted from last 40 years or so owing to rapid weather changes & environmental hiccups outside Napster territory. The uncertainty prevails everywhere & those from the last generations of Human beings prototypes have always discerned & protested the ways of new cultivated lifestyle, in hope to save Mother Earth & Nature for many generations to come. But their sacrifices & warnings & pleas & words go in vein. Nobody was interested in their expletives anymore, as they were busy to welcome the New Beginning for human mankind altogether. The beginning which paved the destruction of Mother Earth gradually was now reverting back to HUBES life’s with uncertainty & vengeance it seems.

Money, currencies, overseas businesses, was obsolete terms & practices. Medical provisions are free & inexpensive, many dreaded diseases can be cured now, still much feels lost & recovery is far stretched dream. The science has come long way, everything seems to be great here, except melancholy that grips the Napster lives.

The prehistoric caves more than 10,000 years old were discovered, a credit goes to efforts of scientists & machines known as Modes on Planet Era. Planet Age, is in infancy stage with abundant of rocks & water like substance but Scientific minds posed a bigger challenge here — an extinct gas is found to be existing in the environment there which was alien to Napster populace, oxygen —O2. Ozone layer prototype has been found in traces to both newly discovered Planets also.

Since, Napster colony was breathing in Environment less blanket, the genetic modify chip & designers codes encryption makes them susceptible to every living gas except gases present in lack of Environment of Napster colony. HUBES are born through predefined scientific labs procedures & Designers babies codes, fitted with all info to behave that way for their survival.

The Centre for Global scientific excellence, GSE, now posed a greatest challenge of the Eternity—what should they do in such a dilemma overriding their technological excellence? — Should they leave Napster people to die slowly or save generations to come…but how? The answers were not there as they have altered the entire natural codes & procedures & prerequisites, as dictated by none other than our only Boss— Mother Nature, over the time & now with every elapsed time & breath they are breathing & marching towards Apocalypse again.

This was decided then to genetically modify the genes of yet to be born generations to suit their physiological behavior & compatibility etc. then a group being tested for years to create perfect balance of what all is there on planets & MODES were sent thereon the, Project MISSION-LIFE 2099, to observe closely about the new found ENVIRONMENT, Prototype of what they have heard from their great grandfathers & in folklore.

Now, more than 5 years have passed in conducting & findings possibility, a tiny though, like a saving grace & the genetically trusted & cultured modified humans beings prototypes have been sent on mission — It’s going to be 2099 year soon…..!!

Mother Nature is still the boss!!A Mother Nature gives you chances, many chances, but once lost, we won’t gain that chance & trust back ever!!!! I told you all earlier also—- HUBE-230479, sighed heavily again.

P.S. —- This short-story is dedicated to the spirit of World’s environment day, celebrated every year on, 5th June, to salute the Mother Nature endurance & giving us second chances. Hope we all will begets what it begets—goodness & will paved best tiles for future generations to follow. Hope we all can save our Environment & let Mother Nature heals herself to embark on the future better & healed environments not poisonous to breathe & full of greenery in reality not in imagery & museums to follow.


A short poem dedicated to the spirit of Mother nature on the Worlds Environment Day Today.

Mother Nature

Nature, oh!! Mother Nature

What have you got us as a creator?

Oh these lovely rivers which flew heart out of fear,

These lovely birds whose chirps makes heavenly abode wishes very near,

These fallen tears of yours from the sky,

Like a raindrop or a dew drops feels serene up from the sky.

New day, new beginning, new hopes, new promises to be told,

A lost promise we made to you seems to be revived,

Oh!! Mother Nature you can be so caring & polite.

Your abundant gifts for us all, these were free,

But we need to take care of it,

It would not be free anymore.

You are divine,

You are serene,

You are bliss,

You are hope,

You are today, yesterday & tomorrow deeds & hopes.

Your still rocks…..

As you ,still , is the boss .


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  1. ruchi says

    Thanks a lot Nitin….!! If we can start from ourselves for our kids… I believe rest will falls in its place…Keep reading & Tc 🙂 🙂 !!

  2. nitin says

    Nicely Written, we r standing on the edge and if we still don’t realize this could be the future of all mankind.

    keep writing…

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