The Fall


A Short Story Remembrance – The Fall
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“Another fall….Yet another memory!” Steve thought.

The lonely man has dug a small but deep grave.

He looked sideways. Two graves lay beside, his parents’.

The gusts of wind have rained down beautiful coloured autumn leaves on those graves,on behalf of their son, it seems.


He had always loved the fall. The fall was the only witness to his parent’s blissful marriage. Moreover he was born in a fall.

“Down, down,

Yellow and brown,

Fall the leaves

All over the ground.

Rake them up

In a pile so high,

They almost reach

Up to the sky”

As a child he had sung that rhyme while raking the fallen leaves.

After that the fall had gone on a long trip from Steve’s  life.

He travelled for study and job, married Amy.

Once he had told Amy “ I love fall the most, it is stunningly beautiful!”

Amy had replied disdained, “Fall? Progressively disappointing! I hate it!”

Being poles apart their marriage had turned out to be a match made in hell, as the unnoticed falls passed.


Nine years ago fall had brought Spike, the dog, into his parents’ as well as his empty  life.

The old couple and their childless son had seen life again.

More than a pet, Spike was a loyal companion and the beloved child of the family.

Two years ago when Steve had lost his mother, his father was no more the same. But Spike had taken charge of his master since then and accompanied him everywhere.

During the last fall Steve’s father gave in to death and was buried beside his wife.

Spike had always found resting place between the graves of his old master and mistress.

Steve spoke only to Spike. Other times an awkward silence defeated him.

This fall Spike has left to join his master and mistress, leaving Steve forever lonely.


Steve took the casket out of the car. He thought that was needed for a proper burial.

“Come on boy, tell them I will join them soon!”

He put Spike carefully in the casket and put it in the grave.


He looked into grave and tears flowed down his cheeks.

Should there be a eulogy or a prayer?

He whispered,

“God, you can see my heart,as heavy as lead,as I stand here to bury my Spike,
For the rest of my days I will remember, his company, fidelity and loyalty!

That’s all what I have got to ponder
Death comes to all, I wish mine came soon
May Spike sleep on in eternal slumber in my parents’  loving care.
Rest in peace Spike!”

Steve started filling the grave. He didn’t toss a handful of earth into the grave to symbolize the closure of his relationship with Spike.Certain relationships can’t have a closure too!

He had gathered some dead flowers for the dead and placed them on the graveside.

A gentle breeze passed consoling Steve.

He stared at the empty space near the three graves and sighed.

“May be in the next fall!”


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  1. says

    It moves your story like the falling leaves your metaphor for change. We write to write, to get us from one place to the next. Leaving behind memories as we project ourselves into further realms. In the end, exhausted, we learned to live. Thanks for sharing your story of love and devotion mixed with loss and hope.

  2. says

    May Spike sleep on in eternal slumber in my parents’ loving care.
    Rest in peace Spike!”

    This brought enormous tears in me. I found difficult to type even.

    Kudos Mridula!

    Write more please.

  3. says

    This is an emotion evoking story. I thought of my Parents and their dog and could easily see them ending in the same way as your characters.

    “He travelled for study and job, married Amy.”

    ‘He travelled to study and to work, then marrying Amy’

    What do you think?

    I love the poem and I love the prayer; a great inclusion intertwined within the story. Also the addition of his destructive relationship.

    You managed to fit a lot of plot, emotion and character description into your short story. It is captivating, an engaging read and very beautifully written!

    A very good job indeed and you’ve raised the bar higher again and it’s my favourite story so far.


  4. Ambily says

    Well written mridu. Your stories always succeed in conveying the emotions to the readers, and this one too.. While reading this i can feel the heavines in steev’s heart.

  5. says

    This story was very touching to me. I really liked how the fall meant so much to Steve even though it often held his saddest memories. I also like the small touches of poetry. The spacing between the lines and sections was interesting, I always read these open spaces as part of the flow and story. Keep up the good work, I’ll be back to read more.

  6. says

    “He didn’t toss a handful of earth into the grave to symbolize the closure of his relationship with Spike.Certain relationships can’t have a closure”
    So true is it that no end comes to certain relationships. The love that endures time has no end and often no memory of a beginning.
    Thank you

  7. Mridula says

    I thank each and every one of U, from the depth of my heart for reading, liking, commenting and sharing my small work, even without knowing me, even without any courtesy,that means a lot to me, just so happy! :-D


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