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Excerpt: Medical science has proven that mere touch don't spread AIDS but even today a lot of people suffering from this disease are isolated from the society . (Reads: 89)


Varun is a normal guy who has a happy family and a beautiful girlfriend, Shreya and was is in relationship with her for the last two months . He was also well settled and worked as a legal advisor in a company. But he was not aware of what the future has planned for him.

Recently varun noticed fever and loss of weight but thought it as any seasonal fever but when this continued for more than 2 weeks , he went for the checkup. But even doctors were not able to identify initially as what was wrong with him but later advised him to take some tests . He agreed and and then next day went to collect his reports to hospital. When he reached there he noticed that doctor was sitting in a bit of tension . He sat on the chair and then asked about his reports . Doctor asked him to listen to him carefully and told him that he is found to be HIV+ . Varun was shocked and asked doctor that there must be something wrong in the reports and was trying to say something but was chocked as he could not say something . Doctor asked him to relax but varun still was in disbelief . Varun stood up and ran away from there .

He could not sleep that night. All he was thinking that how this dreadful disease had affected him. Suddenly he remebered how one day along with some of his friends went to red light area and now he knew that from where he got affected by this disease . He got up in NIGHT clothes he had on his body and ran to that red light area . When he reached there he saw a large number of people have gathered there and when he went closer he could not have believe what he was seeing. The prostitute with whom he had sex was dead and what was more shocking was that she died of AIDS . Now he was sure from which source the disease affected him but still he knew that one day he will also be lying dead like that prostite .

When he was coming back it was already 6 am . He quitely opened the door and went into his house . Later he went to the doctor who advised him to undergo treatment as in case of aids , medical science is yet to find its proper treatment so he told him that he can’t guarntee of completely curing him from this disease but he can certainly try to control this disease from causing any further damage . Varun left from there along with his reports and went to his workplace and tried to indulge himself in work . One of his colleagues came there and was discussing something . Suddenly a peun came there and told that the MD wanted to discuss something with varun . Varun went there while his colleague sat there waiting for varun .

Suddenly he noticed a file which didnot looked like of company so he picked it up and found that it was medical report of varun and was shocked when he saw that varun is HIV + . He hurriedly kept the file and was about to leave from there when varun came in . Varun asked him to talk but he left . That night varun thought that whatever is going to happen to him should not affect his present. Next day when he reached his workplace , he noticed a weird behaviour among his colleagues towards him . He was about to enter his cabin when the peun came and told him that MD has called him .

MD told him that he has been terminated from his service and a new legal advisor will replace him . This sudden termination did not went well with varun who when asked the reason behind it was told by MD that since he is suffering from AIDS so he feels that it will create a risk of this disease getting transfer to other workers and even the workers are not comfortable to work with him . Varun did try to explain MD that these all are myths and AIDS does not spread by mere contact but MD refused to further talk to him and told him to leave .

Varun left from there . Suddenly he got a call of his girlfriend shreya who asked about his whereabouts and asked him to meet her at night . Varun could not utter a word rather saying yes. When varun went to meet shreya he reminisced the beautiful moments he spent with shreya . Shreya came closer and hugged varun . Varun separated from her and asked her to listen to what he wants to tell her and even though shreya tried to interrupt him he told about his condition to shreya. Shreya was shocked. While varun thought that shreya will support him but to his disappointment shreya broke up with him and told varun to forget everything that happened between them . Varun tried to stop shreya but she shouted on varun to leave her hand and told that she has her whole life in front of her and does not want to end up like a maid for him .

She left from there leaving a heartbroken varun behind her. Varun then reached home and was about to enter his room when his parents stopped him and while his mother tried to console him his father asked him “from where you got this disease” .

Varun could not answer . While his father angrily left from there his mother asked him to have food but varun denied and told her that he wanted to sleep and went into his room and closed the door and started crying thinking that how his one mistake has made him so lonely ,his love has left him, he lost his job and now his parents specially his father is now distraught over him . He thought that since he had no one by his side for whom he can live so he thought of ending his life before this disease ends his life and jumps from the roof from his house . Since it was quite late no one came or noticed and when in the morning some people noticed him and took to hospital he was declared dead due to excessive bleeding ……

Now first thought that will come to everyone’s mind is that varun was wrong in committing suicide but the thing which should also be noticed is that varun had no one around him . As in case of aids even medical science has proven that mere touch don’t spread AIDS but even today a lot of people suffering from this disease are isolated from the society .

This story was written to bring out this problem which even our indian society is facing.


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