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Excerpt: There may things that we do out of habit, because that's a tradition, we do it without knowing why. Take a step back, reflect. (Reads: 168)


Ever wondered how some of the small actions and/or decisions you take leave an impact? More often than not, you will not even be aware of the footprints you leave.

Earlier in the year I vacationed abroad. One of the things that caught my attention was – whenever I swiped my credit card, I was asked do you need the customer copy. Initially I said yes because it helped me track my expenses. A couple of payments later I realized none of the locals asked for the customer copy once their card was swiped. Soon I started saying No, I don’t want the customer copy.

Back in India, I continued this practice. I use my card for 99% of my expenses. At any retail outlet, restaurant, hotel, petrol bunk – anywhere I swiped my card, as I punched the security code, I would say it loudly & clearly – I don’t want the customer copy. Some acknowledged and returned my card, while a few though acknowledged returned my card with the customer copy – old habits die hard!

During Diwali Sale (before demonetization) I went shopping and as the cashier was billing my purchase, I said I don’t want the customer copy. transaction done, card obtained, I stepped out of the queue towards the exit. That’s when a man (he was standing right behind the cashier) stepped out & singled me out.

The first thought was – did they think am shoplifting?

This man introduced himself as the store’s manager and was curious why I didn’t want the customer copy. I told him of my experience abroad. I added that I have alerts on my mobile & email every time my card is swiped. I don’t need the printout and if I took the print out I would need to shred them least they fall into the hands of some fraudster who can make use of the minimal data on the printout to make my life miserable.

The manager smiled and thanked me. He said since I didn’t want the customer copy I saved paper, the printing ink & one staple pin besides the time it takes for the cashier to pin the purchase receipt with the card copy. He said he would speak to his management and get their approval so the staff can check before they print the customer copy.

A couple of days ago I went to a salon and out of habit said I don’t need the customer copy. The cashier smiled & said ma’am we have the new Point of Sale (PoS) that doesn’t need paper and doesn’t print – neither for the merchant nor the customer. An alert goes to the registered mobile number(s).

I was happy to hear this & also to know that we have advanced in technology too.

Why am I saying this? There may things that we do out of habit, because that’s a tradition, we do it without knowing why. Take a step back, reflect. One single action of yours may result in an impact your never expected. You don’t have to be a somebody to bring the change. You will be surprised at the results. “karm karo phal ki chinta mat karo”


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