Excerpt: Really, that was a stormy night haunt me a lot, especially the boy. As usual, next day, I went to the hospital. After my routine ward visit, I slowly walks to my room. (Reads: 259)



“Oh! Damn, Mobile phone is ringing, who is calling me, these midnight calls are always causing disturbance” With a broken sleep, I taken my mobile,


“Doctor, urgently you are needed; one of your patients’ condition is going bad”

“OK, `I will be there within 10 minutes”. I suddenly woke up and dressed. Mohan and Children are in a deep sleep. Only a walkable distance to hospital, why I have to disturb my sweet hubby and children.

Then I went out of my home. Time is 1.00 p.m. Oh!  Sorry, I forgot to introduce me.

Myself Dhwani, working as a Doctor in a private hospital located at Trivandrum. Last 5 years, I became the part of that hospital. Patients, pain, death, these all surrounds me for the past years. It was my papa’s wish made me a doctor.

Time had gone, I reached the hospital and walking toward the emergency ward.

Two eyes are catching me, with a painful body language. Yes, around 14 years old boy standing before the ward. He is the only person standing there, I guess, the patient may be his closed one.

That was a lady, around 40 or 45 years old in the emergency ward. She is suffering a head injury due to an accident met on yesterday. It was a deep injury on head, me and colleagues made our best to her. After that I came out of the ward. Till that time, the boy is eagerly waiting before the ward.

I just looked at him and asked “Are your Mom is in ward?”

Yes, he answered

“What’s your name baby; are you alone and no one had come with you-Lot of questions came to mind”

Understanding this, He answered. I have only mother, Papa, I couldn’t see him. Me and amma living in a rural area. Last day, we came to the city for treatment. I have a leg problem. That time, Amma got accident.

Then I look at his body, Yes, His right leg is not in a healthy condition.

He continued,

I am studying at x th standard, Amma is washing and ironing clothes for nearby people. That is the only income we had. Then he cried and look at me seeking kindness. I pat on his shoulder and said “Hi baby, your amma will be recovered at the earliest”

After reaching my cabin, that boy and his mother haunted me.Their tragic situation made me painful. Now, it’s 3 o’clock, but my sleep had left.

“Doctor, now everything ok, why don’t you go home?

Oh! Its sister Grace, “Nothing, I just want to observe the patients’ condition”

“OK Doctor”, she moved.

In a meanwhile, I went to the deep sea of sleeping. Suddenly, someone had knocked at the door.


“Doctor, the patients’ condition going worse”

Then I ran out of my cabin to ward.

Sometimes I think, doctor is also helpless in front of death. That happened. She had gone before I reached the ward.

I couldn’t see that boy; His one and only relative had gone. How can he overcome this traumatic situation? I slowly walked; my legs are shivering. I failed to recover that lady. Death is a truth. But, this time, totally destroyed .I also have two boy children with the same age of that boy. When they lost me, what’s their situation? Then I moved out of the hospital.

Mohan woke up, “Anything serious dear”, he asked

“Nothing, one patient had died, I couldn’t save her life”

“Hi Dhwani, why are you so silly? Take it easy dear”

After some time, Mohan and children went to office and school. Really, that was a stormy night haunt me a lot, especially the boy. As usual, next day, I went to the hospital. After my routine ward visit, I slowly walks to my room. That time I was shocked, the boy was sitting there. I couldn’t control my emotions. Then I moved fast toward him. I picked his hand.

“Doctor, my Amma had gone; now I have nobody in this earth” He cried.

“Baby, we all loves you, don’t be cry”

At the time, I felt an external force within me and suddenly I picked his hand

“Come with me”

He looks at me and walked.

That time I felt he was seeking an amma from me.Then I hold his hand so tightly and murmured at me “Really a stormy night, felt that pain and got a son”.


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