The Man Who Walked With Jesus Christ

Excerpt: Timothy had always been nice, expecting karma to pay in return, a good favour for his good doings, in his life time for others, but has lost faith. (Reads: 2,661)



Short Story – The Man Who Walked With Jesus Christ
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A nice man, is walking down a road a long road. Spitting rain and under the red sky, the two mixtures creating a rainbow. Always helping others but never really getting the nice treatment in return. Down with life and upset at what he had achieved in his life. Like his bullies and tormentors, all with jobs as managers and great pay. Timothy had always been nice, expecting karma to pay in return, a good favour for his good doings, in his life time for others, but has lost faith.

‘I have had enough of this, no more mr nice guy’ Timothy spoke to him self

As he walked down the long road, watching buses go by and lorrys making huge turns and teenagers smoking weed and 25 with teenage girl friends, and the gangsters roll in there black Audi’s and lous music. Getting called names as he walks past gangs and water splashed at him as fast cars drive past him, on purpose. Beautiful girls with hideous men that treat them like they are nothing.

Near to the end of the long pendleton road in manchester eccles, it gets quiet, no people no cars nothing but timothy not realising this, but seeing a man carrying something big. It was hard to see what it was in the darkness, as the sun was setting down fast and the shadows were taking over. Timothy’s nice nature was to strong to resist and had to help the stranger carrying what ever it was.

The starnger was a mute and helping him back up the long pendleton road, as they were walking timothy being helping him carrying the huge object, he realised he was wearing clothes he didn’t know he put on, he also was wearing sandals, well it is the summer. Then something creepy was to come about, In the distance a group of people just lined up and covered up by shadows. Timothy couldn’t see there faces and wondered why they weren’t helping, but then again nice people are dying out.

As they were walking further, the ground started to become sandy and rough and in an instance, the sun rose. He had never seen the sun rose that fast and just when he had seen a couple of minutes ago the sun had setted down. He looks at the man and staring at him in surprise, what he was helping him to carry, the cross. The stranger was jesus, the gang in the shadows were shouting audiences wanting him dead, he had some how gone back in time to help jesus christ walk the walk to his death. As they finally reached there destination.

‘Thank you for helping me, nice man’ jesus christ spoke

‘No problem’ Timothy replied

As he was walking back, everything went back to normal, night time and raining and back in england walking down the long pendleton road and timothy looked in his pocket, a lottery ticket, and at the back saying ‘its not gambling when you know the money yours’ and timothy smiled, karma had repayed him, and he had helped jesus christ.


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