Excerpt: The pineal gland is the most beautiful and mysterious gland of your body, also known as the "third eye". For example the Hindu god SHIVA who has this third eye (Reads: 276)




The pineal gland is the most beautiful and mysterious gland of your body, also known as the “third eye”. For example the Hindu god SHIVA who has this third eye above the two normal eyes situated over its forehead. This third eye of lord Shiva is Very well developed which has a great property to sense the PAST, PRESENT and FUTURE. But the interesting questions are that do we humans have this third eye? Do we humans posses the property of sensing it ? Do we know where is it or if we have then why aren’t we called gods then?

The pineal gland is a small rice like gland which is situated below the two lobes of the brain opposite to the pituitary gland (master gland). In the world of medical science the pituitary gland has great importance , it secretes almost 6 types of hormones while in amphibians it secretes 7 types of hormone. Your puberty signs, your hormonal changes and you sexual development is all under the control of pituitary gland which is a small pea like gland. But our beautiful PINEAL GLAND secretes two hormones serotonin and melatonin which is responsible to control our wake/sleep patterns. But only few know the mystery of pineal gland also known as SIXTH SENSE. Pineal gland is present in every human being right now in 99% of the population the pineal gland is crystallised that means it is inactive. It is responsible for psychic abilities. It has the capacity to see the future . Have you ever had an intuition which you saw in your dreams came true the next morning or days ago or else you see something and realise that you have seen it before also known as the” rendez vous”(French means something to be repeated). Many of you might have experienced it you even sometimes ignore it but that’s when your pineal gland is in action. Humans can see the future only they have to activate the pineal gland.

How can you activate your pineal gland? . You can only activate your pineal gland by keeping your thoughts clear and the key for activation is meditation. Meditation brings about positive vibrations around you these vibration are responsible for activating your pineal gland. Have you ever wondered why lord Shiva spent years meditating in the mountains covered with ice or in the forest ? Only because he was enhancing his own pineal gland so that he can look for the betterment of our mother earth and the people on it. I don’t say that pineal gland will make you god but will give you a sense to develop some great power within you the power to stand brave , the power to overcome your fears and your mistakes this can all be achieved only if you meditate. Some researches have also discovered that with sounds like “nnnn’ can also lead to vibration of your pineal gland. Even the word “OM” is suitable for the vibration.

My friend Fadiha astonishingly told me she saw a dream in which she was walking calmly over a road and suddenly she trampled over something and she fell down, that’s when her eyes opened in the middle of the night .The question here is why did she dream about it ? . Let me tell you first that Fadiha is a very intelligent and studious girl she had nothing to but her studies and was in the most crucial years of her life aspiring to be a doctor she did her best but suddenly she fell for a guy who was jealous of her success . The guy inculcated feelings for her which were almost fake, they exchanged numbers, became more then friends, started roaming , even while she studied he started talking the seductive things that no girl can ignore in this world, even during the lectures she remained lost in her own world. It was a great week of board exam that life changing season of our lives Fadiha wondered why wasn’t that guy calling her or replying her . She came to me crying and I realised what happened to her. I told her the facts behind his romantic moods. Well the results were out the guy who Fadiha was in love with had topped the class while she secured the least you could ever expect. she wept I saw him celebrate he ignored her presence completely but you I believe in KARMA. According to Albert Einstein ” LIFE PLAYS A SYMMETRY” that means what you give whether bad or good is what you receive in the end. Every dog has its day, I expected the same for that guy friend of Fadiha.

But i guess we are a bit diverged from the topic , but Fadiha had mentioned about her dream .The calm walking indicated the stable life of hers but the fall indicated the obstruction which was going to come. I guess that was the warning of her soul that’s when her pineal glands were active. Never ignore your dreams try to interpret them ,a right interpretation would lead you a long way. Fadiha learnt the science behind it and started responding to her UNCONSCIOUS world beneath her.

Treasure your pineal gland and develop the art of meditation. Meditation alters your way of thinking which leads you to inculcate positive thoughts within you. Your thoughts are a force which governs your universe. Your thoughts give you what you ask for , “cause you are the master of your thoughts”- Rhonda Byrne

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