The detective “Lidenbrock”

Excerpt: Mystery shack were the best friends of the childhood. Lidens dream was to become a very famous detective and Shack's was to be a mystery! (Reads: 613)


Once upon a time in the dark night,Lidenbrock was finding the Ralph murderer with his bosom friend Mystery Shack.Both were busy in finding clues of the murder.Suddenly,they find a mobile phone.Liden run towards it,pick it up,open it,but there was a password in it.

Liden:”I found a mobile phone but Alas!it had a password!”

Shack:”Oh man!I will help you to unlock it.”

“Lidenbrock “and Mystery shack were the best friends of the childhood. Lidens dream was to become a very famous detective and Shack’s was to be a mystery!”

Liden:Maybe this mobile phone can take us to the murderer.

Shack:”Yes!yes! Come on try to open it.”

“After much tries, they were successful to unlock phone”.

Shack:”The pin “1234”.”

Liden:”Thank God!”

Shack:”Lets open messages.”

Liden:”ListenShack.Hi Ralph My cousin invite me in his party I want to reach there at 5:00pm.The party will held up in your flat (“CLOCK TOWER”) From: MrPearson .”

Shack:”Oh!we should find out who is Mrs Pearson”.

Liden:”Come Shack we have to reach at “Clock Tower”.”

Shack:”See!Modem there is Clock Tower run fast! Hurry up.”


Shack:”Here are some shops.Let us ask any one about this accident.”

Shack:”Hmmmm! Please shopkeeper tell us about any incident took place tomorrow 5:15pm.”

“Shopkeeper:let me check.”

Shack:”Liden,he is checking the recordings. I hope we would get it.”

Liden:”Hmmm! Me too.”

Shopkeeper:”I have found the recordings which you requested”.

Liden:”let us check.”

Shack:”Who is that person?

Liden:”He had some flowers in his hand.Oh God!His half face is burnt.”

Shack:”It’s horrible,but we have to find out the man with half face of burnt.”

Liden:”First we have to reach at “Clock Tower” to get some clues from Ralph house.Thank u shopkeeper.”

Shopkeeper:”You welcome! sir.”

Shack:”Ok!Come on.”

Liden:”We want to enter Ralph’s house quickly”.

“When they entered his house there was killers company .They were stealing the things “money, gold”.They quickly call the police.”

Shack:”Hey! You,where is your leader?”

Man of the company:”Who are you? What are you both doing here?”

Shack:”Hey! you all need to know that we are the detectives”.

Liden:”Yeah! Shack,police has arrived. “

Police:”What’s happening over here?hey! You tell me where is your master.”

“His company told about the killer.The police reached there and found him.”

Inspector:”Tell me! What’s  your name? and why you killed Ralph and Mrs Pearson. “

Killer:”Sir,she was my neighbour. she always used to give orders to me for her small works. This makes me angry and annoy.Other than she always used to tease me and I have not much energy to tolerate her and her orders. So that’s why I behead her.”

Police:”If this was the problem so you should tell her that you cant do or you should go to the police station.”

Killer:”Please sir!forgive me!I know,i had done a vice.”

Police:”You will be punish in hanging.”


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