THE CRUEL ENDING…- Short Story Suspense

Excerpt: Short Story Suspense: “For a normal man, the sound of bullet is equivalent to a blast but for me it is like my life.” I told to everyone newly appointed (Reads: 1,347)


Short Story Suspense – THE CRUEL ENDING…


THE CRUEL ENDING…- Short Story Suspense
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“For a normal man, the sound of bullet is equivalent to a blast but for me it is like my life.” I told to everyone newly appointed by our department and I was the trainer of all of them.

“So, I want you to think just like me. Never fire on an innocent and never leave the guilty.” This was my favorite line so I say this every time in front of trainees.

“My name is Raghav and I am your trainer here.” I introduced myself. “So for now you can go back to Officer Sinha he will teach you your work.” I was about to leave the place when one trainee came out from them.

“Sir I just want to be like you.” He was looking like he wanted to flatter me as I was very well known here for my strictness. In looking wise he was not looking like an officer type of material, he must be about 19 years old and had a very thin body and I hate that type of body. In short now he was on my shot list.

“O really, thanks for making me feel so good.”

The guy felt really good after listening my words but he didn’t knew that from tomorrow he will be going to experience the worst of his life.

“Well, what’s your name son.” I asked him very politely. I was behaving with him just like a Boucher behaves with a lamb.

“Sir my name is Surendra Pal Singh, but my friends call me Sunny.” He was trying to be friendly and was making me angrier.

“So Sunny I want to give you one advice, don’t talk anyone here like you have spoken with me.” After the last word I gave a little smile and left the place and made him think what I meant and I am sure that the whole night he’ll be thinking about that.

Right from the next day I showed that why I had been called that I am the ‘Father of Hitler’ in cruelty. I treated every trainee so badly that they thought that death will be sweeter than this training. My work here was to through out all those trainees who think that being a police officer means that you have the license to work as a dacoit with the common man.

My training always started at 10 am. Everyone wonders that why it is so, normally training starts from 5 in the morning. This was because of Mr. Sun who comes overhead at 12 of noon and I love to see my trainees crying for water and I being the follower of water saving campaign, saves water. This was my style.

“What happened Mr. Sunny, why you have stopped here?” I said as he has stopped running which I ordered to everyone. He was bathing in sweat and was stinking.

“Water, wa……ter”

“OK I will definitely give you water but first answer my one simple question,” I knew that in this type of situation no one can answer even what is 2+2 because your brain starts to betray you. “What is 20 multiplied by 30 plus 400 minus 1000?” I spoke that so fast that even a normal person can’t answer that.

“It ……… it is………. Ahhhhhhh………… I don’t……. I don’t know sir.” He was panting so wildly that after every word he had to take a break. “Please give me water.” He begged me.

“Its zero, nothing, nil and you have no water.” I felt so good that no one can imagine that. “If you want water you have to take another round of ground.”

As soon as my last sentence went inside the ears of Sunny, he fainted.

I called all boys together, they wake Sunny up. When Sunny caught his nerves back then I started talking with them all.

“Now do you know why I am being so cruel with you?” I didn’t wait for their answer as I don’t want to waste time.

“This is because my work is to train you for those conditions where the things are hardest, where your mind starts to stop work, where the death is more closer to you then your gun’s bullet, where……..” suddenly I heard someone whispering something, I tried to heard that.

“He thinks that we’ll be going on front to fight, as if he is training army soldiers.” That was Sunny who whispered. I was so angry at that instance that I could even kill him for that but because of some protocols I couldn’t do that.

“Sunny, so you think that only those people who are on front faces problem.” I took my gun out and carried my way towards sunny “Let me explain all of you that what type of problems I am talking about.”

I held my gun on his head and loaded my gun. “Now Sunny how are you feeling now?” I said in so serious note that everyone there felt that I will kill him. “Have you experienced the problems I was talking about?” I shouted so loudly that his hair blown because of my voice impact.

“Yes Sir.”

“Say it loudly.” I again shouted.

“Yes Sir.” He said just like I wanted.

“Now go back and take five more rounds of the ground and then you will get water.”


My training camp was of 15 days and I always started with 75 trainees but in the end only 20 or 25 trainees left. Some of them willingly leave the department, some of them go to hospital, but this was the first time my one trainee died and no prize for guessing who he was. He was Sunny. Someone murdered him, his dead body was found in the lake near our camp. His body was made difficult to be recognized and because of my scene which created by myself in front of everyone I was claimed to murder him but believe me, I was not the one who killed him. I was not…


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