The House

Excerpt: Finally she stood in front of the house with a beaming smile across her face. Her once blue eyes turned to a liquid amber as she rushed into the house and saw the shadow across the hall. (Reads: 1,268)



Suspense Short Story – The house
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The night was still, no wind that night. The cloudless sky had a bright moon sharing an eerie glow across the field. The mist was rising slowly yet surely over the field in front of the house seemingly creeping up from the woods just ahead. Not a soul was visible for miles on end. Only an occasional ‘Hoot’ from the owl breaking the peace and calm.

The house in the center stood proud and tall with its elegant porch and an open backyard overlooking the fields and pond. This house was ordinary or so rumors were made to be. During the day people would believe it to be Victorian with its tall white pillars and balcony overlooking the once lush lawns. At night however, as soon as the sun went down, the outlook changed making the house look old and withered seemingly falling of the hinges giving it an air of possession. Haunted if you will. It was believed by all that the house held evil. Not that of possessed dolls or lost souls looking for redemption, but of a battle between demons and angels, where demons showed no mercy and angels knew of only love and happiness. Yet within this same battle there was a pair of loves a demon and an angel that fell in love turning the world upside down within the house. Before they were put to death the demon promised to return for the sake of their lost child hidden in a place far far away, for revenge of this beloved and for missing a life that could have been pure and sweet and perfect.

For years on end the house was empty not a single tenant dared take on the house for fear of the evils that lurked there and the rumors of people not returning from that house. Most people though didn’t believe within the rumors stated that the story was nothing by a legend, a legend that for them stated that a demon child would come and uplift the curse. Years turned to centuries and people would still religiously avoid the house for fear of what it was capable of doing.

Then one day a young woman came. Her beauty and elegance known to have an electrifying glow. She was known to be shy but with a nature that was friendly and easy to get along with. People were captivated with her beauty and grace, deeming her an angel that may have dropped from the sky. She purchased the house with all the savings she had and made plans to repair it to its former glory. Her love for this house was a childhood affair for she kept seeing it in her dreams. Childhood memories hand her constantly drawing the house with a passion that could not be explained. Teenage years were spent in isolation, no friends for company and only school being her solace. Her art skills improved and the house became more of an obsession for her. She finally found the house after college when she had found her first job. She saved as much as she could from her meagre earnings to make her dream come true. Family left only of a distant cousin tried to dissuade her and told her of the rumored stories of it yet she refused to believe them for she knew the house would never hurt her for she had a connection with it. She knew that she would find love and comfort that she desired her whole life.

Now finally she stood in front of the house with a beaming smile across her face. Her once blue eyes turned to a liquid amber as she rushed into the house and saw the shadow across the hall. With a shout of sheer happiness she ran towards the wide spread arms of the demon awaiting saying, “Papa, I’m home!”


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