The black lab

Excerpt: He was not ready to believe that his brain made all that dog stuff. Something like this happens only in dreams . But this was the reality . (Reads: 157)


This year again he has begged the award for the best screen writer . This is his fourth national award in a row . Most of his scripts being suspense thriller . People often ask him where does he bring these mind breaking ideas from ? Steven Spencer , 35 is the most prolific and the highest paid script writer of the country . He has written back to back 10 hit scripts in 2 years , stunning even the most experienced in the business . Like most of the writers Spencer has the most calming and soothing personality . 6 ft tall ,well set black hairs , includes jimming in his schedule. Always holds a charming smiles which holds many secrets .secrets that are possessed by shear hardwork , training and a pinch of craze .

He generally prefers stairs instead of lifts ,like most of the writers he prefers his own company more than anyone else . One evening while walking up to his flat , he notices his neighbour beating up his pet , a black lab once again . He usually does this. His name plate said Patrick moses . Patrick usually starts drinking from 8 pm , a heavy alcoholic . Spencer being a dog lover always felt said for the dog , black lab was always chained . Spencer several times complained to the police about the man’s behaviour but the man was unmoved . The labs eyes said it all . He looked with a merciful eyes , most of the time eyes were not alone they had tears as their companion and to hide them both was the dark black color .

Spencer started preparing for the sleep . He switched off the main bulb and switched on a dim yellow bulb . Their was a table and a chair just beside the bed . He switched on the lappy and switched on it to the sleep mode .it was just an hour since he slept , he suddenly woke up ,he had a dream ,he got up the bad , sat on the chair,switched on the lappy and wrote his dream in the writing software . The dream said ” the black dog tied and cut in to 2 by the owner, the owner then drank the blood “. He again slept and again woke and took the notes . This is his secret to his writings . He makes his dreams come true in the cinemas . And what about the sleep ? Does he sleep enough ? Yeah he does ,he sleeps this way in intervals . This is the secret of producing large number of scripts . He almost has 3 dreams a night and he notes all of them . And dreams are the best suspense thrillers . As they say ,believe in your dreams !

The next day he woke up , he found the neighbours gate open ,as he approached a bit closer to the entrance , he saw that the dog was missing so as the chain . As he moved further in the house he found the owner’s dead body right in the middle of the hall . No blood , no weapons just Patrick on the hall ,unmoved . Spencer called police immediately . Spencer told everything to the police . After investigation police confirmed Spencer that there was no black lab at Patrick’s house . He extremely hated pets and therefore he never had one . Spencer was kind of shocked .

He was not ready to believe that his brain made all that dog stuff. Something like this happens only in dreams . But this was the reality . After that day his dreams worsened . Now he dreams of people killing him. , snakes all around his bed , people chopping his lef off etc . He started avoiding sleep just to avoid these dreams . Spencer started seeing things that were unreal . The dreams had now stepped out of the sleep in to the reality . He was most of the time confused between reality and the dreams . Spencer came to a conclusion that the lab is responsible for all this .

From the day he left Spencer started seeing those bad dreams . Allthough police had already said that Patrick never had a dog , Spencer started to find that lab . He visited several dog adoption centres , hospitals , lost dogs centres but nowhere found the same lab .Spencer was badly tired after searching for the dog whole day . He collapsed on the road . The same black lab came near to him and sat next to him ,Spencer kept looking at the dog ,this was all he was searching for . Then he saw a man coming for the dog , as the blur vision cleared , to Spencer’s surprise it was Patrick . But this Patrick was changed . He was not beating the lab , he was making love to the dog , there was no chainei around the dog , there was no stick in Patrick’s hand . He was the kind of Patrick Spencer always wanted , in dreams , and truly so , Spencer opened his eyes , found himself in the middle of the road .

This dream ended Spencer’s bad dreams .This one dream was equivalent to the past thousands . May be because he was extremely tired ,he had a hard day , he wanted to sleep desperately or may be because he wanted to see this dream . Β Now Spencer’s dependency on his dreams ended . Spencer slept like normal people do . Still spencer is the best writer in the country .He has a black lab as his pet .


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