Blame the Bamboo

Excerpt: He forced his clumsy body through the lining that loosely separated two bamboo frames from the other, he then entered into Pastor Mambo's homestead. (Reads: 103)


It was the darkest night it had ever been, worsened by heavy downpour, indeed the goddess of rain hard opened the gates of ocean to the world, nevertheless, this could not stop Masinde from creeping through the thin lining of bamboo fence that separated their homestead from Pastor Mambo’s compound. His memory was still as fresh as that of an infant, she had smiled, widely and profoundly to him at the church dais as everyone else in the church was fully engaged in the sermons and more precisely the offering’s song. In fact, she signaled discreetly to indicate today at the same time, this was well known to him, just like the stanza of the chorus  they were singing.

He forced his clumsy body through the lining that loosely separated two bamboo frames from the other, he then entered into Pastor Mambo’s homestead and albeit the sooty darkness he was able to scan through the entire compound for any movement.

Swiftly, walked towards the smallest house strategically placed at the center of the compound, cautiously approached the window and without further hesitation knocked at the window frame. His mind was fully occupied with fantasies of their last escapades, infact it seemed centuries had passed since they last encountered. suddenly with lightning  speed the door was ajar, unceremoniously, he stepped in less conscious about how wet and drenched he was save for the fact that he was fully preoccupied with the mission ahead.

Just in the morning, he had been requested to deliver a church’s sermon on ‘youths and morality’. Being the overall youth leader in their local church he was considered a role model and an inspiration- infact just a day earlier one of the church elders had told him how his family envy his perfect deeds, that aside, he stood close to the doorstep to allow his eyes adjust to the dim light emanating from the small bedroom of the small house, suddenly he was able to see a silhouette at the edge of the bed, almost standing up to welcome him, owing to his greed to lust, he never summoned up enough energy to assess the figure, indeed in his own imagination, it looked seemingly obvious and familiar. It gestured again and as an obedient servant he quickly removed all the cloths he’d worn, and in a deep murmuring voice, he asked her to turn on the lights- Jane was the 1st born daughter of Pastor Mambo, she was the talk of the village an inspiration and one of the rarest girls who had successfully embraced Christianity and lived according to its teachings, her father was very proud of her as well the entire congregation, she was also the leader of the local Church’s choir where his dad always delivered powerful sermons every Sunday. This is what they have been doing every Sunday night. The lights were turned on, its rays reflected radiantly on his naked body, it blended well with his dark complexion.

Then it dawned on his, the figure standing right infront of him was not Jane, his heart threatened to explode out of him, he wished the earth could open up and swallow him, he was paralyzed with terror how on earth could this have happened, ????! then he heard the other person asking, ‘Freddie, you look different today?’ he was also naked. True it looked familiar, it was Pastor Mambo himself.


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