The Bloody Barrister

Excerpt: Something grabbed my attention and it was a locket chain that had picture of Amy and his mom, it was the gift that her mother gave her on her birthday. (Reads: 446)


This story is second winner of the ” Tales told Differently” competition.


Story is being submitted for participating in the event, ‘Tales told differently.’

1:35 pm, College Canteen

I and Amy were in the college canteen. Amy was typing continuously on her phone i tried to peep into, to find out whom she was talking to. Matt was his name. “OH ! Who’s this guy??”, i asked out of curiousity

She was blushing like a typical girl as she told about Matt.” He’s my new friend. We met on Tinder. And had been talking for the past few weeks.” So, what’s next, I asked. “He has asked me for a date, and we would be meeting next week.” But, how you could judge a guy in such a short period of time, I added. “He is a nice guy”, she replied in a cold manner and went for the classes.

9:00pm, Lake View Resort

Amy and Matt were out on a date. All the arrangements made by Matt, made her feel like she’s on cloud nine. He made all his dire efforts to make her smile and feel special that day.

1:30pm, College Canteen

Amy was beaming as I asked her about her first date. All the descriptions that she made about Matt and the meeting were none less than those stupefying stories that we read in novels. I insisted her to show his photo, but as her phone battery was dead she couldn’t. But she was so eager to share every bit of it, she described his appearance to me, so that I could relate to a picture of him.

Amy and Matt reached home. They both came back to Matt’s home after attending a party. “I’m going for a shower” Matt said. In order to break down the boredom in his absence, Amy decided to watch the house. The unique things at a lawyer’s house, white band lawsuit, books and the robe fascinated her.

As she was gazing at things she suddenly came across a room with lights all off and lot of old stuff inside it, she switch on the lights to see what all was there that could add on to her fascination. She went near to the wardrobe that was half open, she looked inside and found that there were blood stains on its door. She heard the creaking of the door, she realized that Matt might have come back, so she came out of the room and asked Matt to drop her back to her home, as she was feeling exhausted.

He finally drove her back home. Amy was now perplexed as to what she saw today in Matt’s house, thinking of it all she dozed off.

Amy, I and our friends group had made plans of going out on a trip to Manali. For Amy it was a change from her anxious thoughts that has been daunting her for the last few days. She appeared uneasy as she talked about Matt and narrated the whole event that she experienced at his house. I advised her not to think of what all happened and enjoy the cheerful moments with the friends. We reached our resort, the enthusiasm and fun was at peak, but Amy was lost in her thoughts.

After few hours I couldn’t locate her anywhere in our group so I called her, just to make sure that she was okay. Her voice was shaky as i picked up the call she asked me to come up on the terrace of the resort. As I reached upstairs, I saw her standing on the threshold, I tried to reach her but, then suddenly my mobile phone flashed an unknown number, as I picked up the call, there was some man on the call, ignoring the call I turned to see Amy, but she was not there anymore, her breathe was lost in the chilly air which was full of tricks today. I moved to see her, she was their lying on the ground, with people surrounding her all around. Everything as for now was numb, thoughts lost, the only thing that grabbed my attention at that time was the statement, “How could one be so cruel to her own friend” That was the time I decided, to work on this obscure mystery.

But mystery aren’t ever easy to flatten. Here, I was been accused of a murder, which I was unable to figure out. That moment I found myself so feeble and incapable of explaining what all happened at the moment.

Now the matter was getting acute, Amy’s parents filed a case against me and thus I had to hire a lawyer for myself. I was helpless, and the truth was hidden. All of these facts were hovering in my mind. Thus I searched for the best lawyer in the city and found Mr. Mark Davidson, young man with a diverse client portfolio. The first meeting with him, made me realize as if I have seen him or known him. He was so very interested to take up the case. My hopes raised as I saw his endeavors towards the solving of the Amy’s Death case. All that made me doubt him was the ways he tried to prove it a suicide attempt and not a murder. Why would Amy think of taking away her life, was the only question that troubled me.

That day we decided to discuss the case at Mr. Davidson house, he went out to take up a call of his client and asked me to get the papers from his room, I went inside to get them all, then something grabbed my attention and it was a locket chain that had picture of Amy and his mom, it was the gift that her mother gave her on her birthday. Situations were now getting tangled, Amy’s being sad on trip day, Mr. Davidson’s resemblance to the person that Amy described me in the college canteen.

Things were now very clear to me, I researched on the whole mystery, and found out that Mr. Davidson was a psychopath. A lunatic lawyer who has been killing girls after dating them.

All the links and apprehensions got cleared as the police investigated by tracking his location on the day of the murder. CCTV footage revealed Mr. Davidson’s presence on the murder day.


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    This story is second winner of the ” Tales told Differently” competition from the Shaheed Rajguru college of applied sciences for women (Delhi University)

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