Excerpt: If he was alive today I would have returned him his money. As for his death; it was his fate. And even God doesn’t break the rules of destiny. (Reads: 251)


“Lift Please!” he exclaimed, waving his hand.It wasn’t too late so he expected some help from any of the cars passing by. Just then a Black Sedan slowed down and stopped a few meters ahead. He immediately rushed towards the car and opened the rear door; just to find ‘ The Weeknd’ on the radio with his track ‘The Hills’.

“Sorry people! My car just broke down and I couldn’t find any way to fix it. Thanks for letting me in. I am Patrick by the way.”

“No problem mate!” replied the one driving.

“I am Gouslit and he is my friend Santanavore.” he said pointing towards the other guy.

“Where are you heading to?”

“I have to reach Mitzburg by 10, where are you guys going?” enquired Patrick.

“We are going that way as well, we will drop you on our way.”

“Perfect” replied Patrick.
“So what do you guys do? I mean what do you do for a living?”

“OH! We generally get things fixed” replied Gouslit.

“I didn’t get you” said Patrick.

“Actually if we come across something incomplete or left undone; and if the situation and conditions are reasonable , we finish the task” Gouslit explained.

“Well that’s interesting! He doesn’t talk much, does he?” said Patrick pointing towards Santanavore.

“He is a man of a few words;just speaks whenever it’s necessary. So what do you do?” asked Gouslit.

“I invest in projects. Pure investment. Nothing more and by God’s grace; I am doing quite well too. Got my own house, my car and most importantly a happy family” replied Patrick.

“Good for you, my friend. Good for you. You must be quite proud of yourself then.” Gouslit remarked.

“Yeah, almost” replied Patrick but a bit hesitated.

“Almost?” asked Gouslit.

“Actually my first Investment was not purely mine. It was a mere 650 bucks from a man, a man I robbed in The Eastern Hills 7 years ago and because I robbed him, I had to murder him too. So now do you see the reason for me not being too proud of myself?” asked Patrick.

“Yeah, I am not very pleased to hear that too” replied Gouslit in a weird way.

“It does change much of the opinion I had about you till now”

“Hey! Dont say that. If he was alive today I would have returned him his money. As for his death; it was his fate. And even God doesn’t break the rules of destiny. I too have a feeling of regret, I am sorry And I guess that’s the best I can do.” replied Patrick.

“Well if thinking like this makes you feel fine, then it’s alright. So you are a well settled man! I guess it won’t hurt a men like you to lend me a thousand bucks,will it?” asked Gouslit with a smile.

“Surely not! But I think I have to hit the ATM. I haven’t got much in my wallet. Let me check…yeah, only 650.” informed Patrick.

“A mere 650?” asked Gouslit.

“Yeah!” he said.

“Hey Gous “shouted Santanavore.
“ Time for some work”


“I just realized he was right. I too am having a feeling of regret.”

“Well I guess that’s the best you can do” replied Gouslit.

Both had a hearty laugh while the radio echoed, “THE HILLS HAVE EYES,THE HILLS HAVE EYEEEES……….WHO ARE YOU TO JUDGE? WHO ARE YOU TO JUDGE?”

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