Excerpt: He pushed me into the lake. I tried to keep my head above the water but failed. I was ready to say goodbye to the world. But something caught me. (Reads: 560)


There have been stories of heroes. Who do we know as heroes? People who save lives,who are in the light of this world,or people who save lives and are bent into darkness? I am not talking about doctors here. My question is,is it necessary for heroes to belong with the light? I know that everyone is a hero and a villain.I know,because I was saved by one.

I had a narrow escape with death. But I’m still not sure who saved me.My story goes like this-

I was out with my friends to watch a movie.The movies was over by 9:30 and it was dark.We went our own ways.My house was a few blocks away so I decided to walk instead of taking a taxi or an auto.I was at my house but before I could raise my hand to knock at the door,I remember having trouble breathing.Something, or someone was blocking my airway. after that I remember being in a tower. It had a dome and a bell. I tried to get on feet and run for my life but I couldn’t stand up. I was tied to a chair. ” Sit”, said a rough voice. I turned back and saw a person. He had ┬ápale skin, red hair, and green eyes.

I kept looking at him. He picked up a piece of chalk and started writing on the wall .” What ?” he asked .

“Nothing “, I answered. Not in a way one should say an answer though. I looked around and saw medals , certificates and equations on the walls. ” Are you a scientist?” , I asked.

” Physicist”. The clock struck. Midnight. My stomach started to grumble. ” I am hungry.” I demanded some food. Then my kidnapper put a sandwich in front of me.

“Eat your full”

” Ha ha very funny”. ” How will a sandwich fill my stomach?

” I wasn’t joking” he commented a returned to his equation. I saw picture of a girl on his desk. She looked a lot like him.

‘Sister ‘, I thought. I asked him why he brought me.” You are a daughter of a rich person, and I want money.” he answered.

“Why?” I wanted answers.

“None of your business”

” I want to know.” After a lot of heated arguments ,I got it out.” My sister has cancer and I need money for her treatment, so your father better bring it by dawn or I will kill you.” I could feel his rage ” And I mean it when I say that.”

The more I talked the more I came to know about him, the more I came to understand him. It was 5:30 and the sun was rising. I was surprised how much fear was needed to keep me awake . What if he killed me in my sleep? ” Time’s up.”

He released me and put a knife across my neck ” Walk”

I had to do what he said , I didn’t want to die. When we went outside , I saw that we were in the outskirts of the city there was a lake nearby. “Do you swim” he asked.

“No. Why?” I asked but he didn’t reply.

The cops finally came .What took them so long ? “You’re late and my bait failed me . As a result she has to…..well, drown.”

‘Drown? ‘It sent a chill down my spine, the cops knew what he was doing and why. So, coming back to my ‘murder’, no , sorry, ‘death’ , he pushed me into the lake. I tried to keep my head above the water but failed. I was ready to say goodbye to the world. But something caught me. Something pulled me up and brought me back to life.

I remember being in the hospital after that. My parents and siblings were there too. ” I thought they allowed only two people to visit” I said and my parents hugged me and asked me a thousand times whether I was okay. Suddenly I remembered about my kidnapper . My parents said that his name was ‘ Hubble’ , weird, I thought and that when he pushed me into the lake the cops said that his sister had died. The cancer had spread everywhere and she was no more. Then he jumped into the lake and pulled me out. And disappeared.The next day, I saw in the news that a man had committed suicide and it was…Hubble.

So, in the end who saved me , a hero? or a villain? I had a narrow escape with death. But not all of us have the luck.


About the Author

Abby Crown

Aspiring to be a doctor,a writer and a manga artist at the same time.My mind hardly lets me settle.I write down what my mind feels in the form of stories,and express myself through my characters,woven by the threads of imagination and inspiration.My goal here,is to write stories that will bring a smile on your face,or leave you in awe. Keep Smiling, Abby.

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