Red Lipstick

Excerpt: Now Mira lay on the ground, dirt was cleaned. Mira didn’t know why she did this, why she killed a woman, just for rest of the girls, who she didn’t even know. (Reads: 459)


It’s a cool night in Mumbai. And its 1 am in the month of November. The hustle bustle, traffic honks shudders the quiet Mumbai even at this hour. And exactly opposite is the scenario on the beach of Madh. It’s all so quiet, and only sound is of the waves of the sea and hush hush of the trees and the wind.

And there she stood, Mira, and something is shining in her hand, and it’s a blood stained knife. Her face is all with mud and scratches. Hair all messy, her jeans is torn from the bottom. And she has these blood shot eyes staring someone inhumanely. She is staring at some mess, in the wet sand. Hang on a second it’s not a mess, it’s some one’s body and there is a big red dot on the stomach, someone had brutally murdered that body. A lifeless body, of some lady murdered so ruthlessly, just like an animal would slaughter his prey.

And suddenly, a laughter so eerie, so scary, spreads in the surroundings. Mira is laughing aloud, and falls on the ground and covers her face! And the spine chilling laughter turns into a sob.. She cries and cries! She looks up at the sky and remembers the days, how she arrived here and how she became a ruthless murderer! For which she had no regrets!

Mira was standing on the terrace of her plush apartment and looking at sky. She was wearing a satin gown, upto the knee, dark green colour. On Mira’s dusky skin, it looks beautiful, as if her body for made for this gown. In one hand she had her usual glass of red wine.

He comes from behind and helds her close. And as he was about to undress her, Mira gave him a back kick and slammed him to the ground. And started laughing aloud, a sinister laughter.

“ Come on Mr. Ravet, you cannot touch me without asking, it happens on my terms. You get that”.

Mr. Ravet somehow got back to his senses and was highly infuriated. He was already under influence of alcohol.

He started blabbering “You Bi**h you are flying too high. Just because you are an Escort, the truth remains the same you are a slut and you always will be! “

As soon as those words came out of Mr. Ravet’s lips, Mira, threw the glass and the wine on him, and with a fraction of second he missed the glass but got painted red. Not waiting for more violence, the jackal, tip-toed off, out of the room, leaving behind a highly panting and abusing Mira.

Mira came to her bedroom from the terrace and sat on the bed. It had been long anyone addressed her by that name. As she was a high class brothel which is also called as Escort, so none could dare to call them that, but she knew that jackal did speak the truth.

Mira herself had entered into this world of flesh-trade. But she entered for more money. She was already from a high class society family, but her wants were big. It all started from sleeping with her n number of boyfriends, and taking hefty gifts in return. Slowly she felt, she could make it a profession. But ofcourse she wanted to be her own boss! But she never targeted other girls, she never wanted other girls to be pulled into this fleshtrade.

Mira was working in the call centre just to kill time. A complete spoil brat, her shift was a day shift and night time she just freaked out.

Mira still remembers the day when she met Laila. Mira was all zonked in one of the plush bars and Laila was watching her since Mira had entered the bar. Laila was a well know name of a flesh trade dealer. She was not only into brothels but also into escort services recently. Laila got to know of Mira, since Mira started eyeing the top-notch cream of people who entered the plush bars or pubs. Laila was little bit threatened by Mira as she was class apart. But Laila was a much elder and experienced woman in this business, so she thought of killing the competition with sweet poison.

Mira was getting into her car in the car park and the driver was waiting for his Boss to signal him to start off.

“Are you Ok, huney?” a sweet voice comes from behind Mira.

Mira somehow manages to hold herself and turns around. Mira is drunk but she manages to see a heavy figure in front of her. That lady was wearing a cheap frock with glitters on it and a cheap roadside necklace. Oh! Now that Mira got her eyes off from that dreadful attire, she looks at the face. All the heavy glossy patchy makeup and a red lipstick on full thick lips.

“Do I know you” asks Mira.

“I know you and that is important”, that heavy lady says.

“Look, I am not in a state of discussion or whatever, if you know me contact me only if it’s of my interest, if you want to sell something, please don’t bother, ok? Goodnight, Banke bhaiya, gadi start karo”.

All this Mira said in one stretch and Banke the driver, started up the engine and sped up the car.

Laila was fuming from inside as everyone gave her so much respect, and this girl didn’t even give her a chance to speak. “No problem, you will learn a lesson soon” she said to herself.

She woke up with a start, as soon as the sun shone on her.

Mira yelled “Maya kaki, Maya kaki!!” “Ji beta”, a elderly lady came in Miras bedroom.

“Ye curtain, kyun odha nahi hai”.

“Beta, 12 bajgaye duper ke, uthjao”.

“What!” O god! Mira yelled.

“Kaki, meri coffee ready karo”. And she stormed into the washroom.

This was everyday for Mira. Her call centre begun at 3, but she needed at least 2 hours for bathing and relaxing, she had never seen rush in her life.

After a good bath and breakfast.

Mira checked her phone “Jesus! 5 miss calls?” “Mira smiled, who’s getting desperate for me, she said in her mind.

She checked and it was some unknown number.

From Number checking App, she found out it was some “Laila”.

“God, girls too are hunting me?? again she giggled.

But somewhere Mira had heard this name “Laila”. Mira had definitely forgotten last night meet with Laila, it was clear. Mira was not sure to call this Laila, as her name didn’t give her good vibes. But being curious, Mira dialled the number.

The sweet voice came up.

Laila said “Hi Darling! Is your hangover done?”.

“ Excuse me, do I even know you? Who is this? Mira quipped.

“Oh, Mira, we met last night, you forgot?” Now Mira racked her brains and she remembered hazily, the high on makeup figure she bumped into last night.

“O Ok! That was you, so tell me why did you ring me?”

Laila said in her mind “So much air this wild cat has”.

“Well Mira, I would like to meet you”.

Mira in back of her mind already summed up, why this lady wants to meet. “Ok, Moonlight lounge, 12 am, C U” saying this Mira disconnected the phone.

Laila was bearing all this as she wanted to hook this girl or else she would never take all her tantrums. Laila, smiled slyly and said” Ud le, chidya, ud le!! Jitna Udna hai, bahut jald tere par kat ne wale hai”.

Mira knew Laila wants to hook her, now Mira recalled where she heard this plump dames name, one of her partners had named her as he visited her brothels many times. But what Mira didn’t understand is, why a brothel keeper would contact her, when Mira wasn’t going to accept it at any cost (She assumed). And now Mira was fuming, as how did this dame get her number!! Mira started recalling all the boys names, to remember who had taken her name and thanks to her elephant’s memory, it was Viraj who had mentioned her.

She dialled his number and once Vir answered it, she barked

“How dare you give my number to some Bitch, how dare you!!”

Viraj was a high notch businessman’s son, currently was in the pool, and his maid had handed him the phone. Viraj never ignored Miras call, in fact Viraj never ignored any girls calls, all he wanted is fun, but no strings attached!

“My wild cat, hang on! What are you talking about sugar”,

Viraj was a superb charmer when it came to speaking.

“Vir, this some lady Laila, wants to meet me and she does look like a hooking network. And I clearly remember you had mentioned her”.

“O yes, Laila, yes honey, I did mention you to her! Chill, she is superb network, she gets all high end clients babe, just think, d number of green notes you can earn and you get to go out as well, shopping”.

All the anger Mira had went all poof, when Vir mentioned bout international travelling and money.

“Ok,but will decide only when I meet her, honestly I didn’t like her at all Mira said.

“ Of course it’s your call”.

By the way, sweetheart we are meeting today aren’t we? Vir asked sweetly.

“No Mr. Rich banks, we meet next week! Punishment for you for giving my name, without my consent and a diamond ring as a payment for punishment”, and as always Mira slammed down the phone.

Vir wasn’t upset as he had other babes for the night, but Vir was concerned if he did right by recommending Mira to Laila. He knew what Laila was, hence he was bit worried.

Laila was a huge chain of flesh trade and her linkups were all high top notch people. And recently she had jumped into Escort services, but her priority business being Flesh trade. Vir knew Laila had forced many girls into this business, even underage, but it was none of his business, he was just bothered of the perks not the raw materials used for the same. Thinking of this, he jumped into the pool once again.


After ending her conversation with Vir, Mira closed her eyes and went into self discussion; she always had opposite thoughts of what Vir had. Mira used her own body for her Perks, and didn’t believe in forcing anyone for any pleasures or favours. Be it anyone in this world, if someone’s isn’t ready for something, we have no right to force them. But Mira never jumped into such problems, until she faced it.

One such incidence was when at 3 am in the night Mira was done with her enjoyment and was out for a walk, at Marine drive along with Jesse, again one of her big shot boyfriends.

She and Jesse were having a smoke when she heard a spine-chilling scream; her cigarette almost fell of her hand. And she saw the worst ever drama in front of her eyes, live.

4 men well built and all looking goons, were trying to get hold of a 20s something aged girl, who was dressed in some short skater dress and was trying all her miniscule energy on these giants. Before Mira, could step ahead, Jesse stopped her

“where are you going girl, none of our business”.

“Shut up you jerk, she is yelling for help, Mira spat back.

Jesse continued “Look I am not going to interfere, in case you need me, so handle yourself”.

“ You dimwit, I know where your energy lies, so I won’t ever ask for it as well, so take chill pill and run like a sissy if you want”. Mira scowled back at him.

Mira knew she didn’t stand a chance before these 4 goons; she had to think of something, but very quick. They had almost picked the girl and were pushing her inside a Sedan. Mira remembered, in Jesse’s car, there were couple of cricket bats.

She went to Jesse, and said “If you don’t want me to leak our hot videos on d social site to make you piss in your pants, move your bum, take the cricket bat and come with me”.

Jesse was a sissy really and without thinking, he went with Mira, picked up the bats all branded heavy ones and both ran towards the goons. Jesse was the son and grandson of a high profile people, who at any cost wouldn’t want their names maligned. And he thought it’s the matter of banging few goons, thinking this he almost, slapped himself, what he has got into.

Mira whispered something to Jesse and Jesse ran on the other side and Mira stormed into one of the Goons and banged the bat on to his head. Of course the goons, didn’t expect this all to come in a fraction of seconds and before the second goon could react, Mira saw his hand was between the doors and the roof of the car, she banged the door half closed which squeezed the goons fingers and he screamed wailing Mira then banged the bat on to his head as well.

Jesse on the other hand, kept banging the bats continuously on each of the goon’s heads. All this sudden violence was all in few minutes all goons were knocked out. Jesse took out the girl who was unconscious now. And he and Mira ran towards their own Sedan and Jesse drove the car, at the speed he had never drove.

When they were well away from the site and at a safe place.

Mira, kissed Jesse and said “I know you are a monster but what you did today, will earn you some Brownie points in Hell”.

Jesse blushed and then gaining his conscience and said “Did you say Hell???

“Ignore! Let’s get this angel back to earth”. Saying this Mira looked at the girl in the backseat and got goose bumps. She must not be more than 22, she looked pretty in that black skater dress, with high heels, glossy makeup. But Mira immediately understood, what lied behind her was a girl forced into flesh trade.

Jesse took out some water from the bottle and flushed on the girl. Mira was still studying the girl. She wasn’t molested yet today, from what she looked. But she had struggling marks. Mira now, got hold of the girls purse and as expected didn’t find any identity proofs on her.

Her purse had only makeup, comb and poison bottle. Mira froze “a poison bottle? How do they get this stuff?”

Mira then saw something which didn’t make sense to her. In the girls dress, there was a pocket and it looked torn, she further checked and inside the pocket, she felt something.  “Christ!!” Mira exclaimed.

Jesse look on the other side! Mira commanded.

Jesse said “why”?

Mira again scowled “Do as I say fast!

Jesse obeyed. Mira picked up the girls dress and looked at the girls face, she was fainted, she didn’t even budge.

Mira then run her hand and was stunned to what she saw. The girl had hidden a mobile, in her underpants. Mira was not only stunned but was feeling proud of the girl for being brave.

Mira took out tissue paper and took hold of the phone and wiped it. And saw it was all working. Luckily it wasn’t password protected.

She saw the call register and there were 20 miss calls from a contact called “HOME”.

Now Mira was a smarty pants, she was thinking, hope “HOME” wasn’t a code word, or else these demons will get her again.

So she checked her, contact list, she didn’t find any suspicious names.

She did find DAD, MOM etc numbers.

Hoping, it’s indeed her house number she dialled it. “Arya, where are you, you know how much we trying your number, please tell us where are you”.

A man was talking worryingly on the other line”. “Sir, hang on, please listen, just don’t panic, I have your daughter with me, she is safe, just tell me your address, we will get her there and then you can ask all the questions”.

Mira and Jesse, splashed water on Arya’s face, now that they came to know her name.

Jesse was getting impatient, as he didn’t want to get stuck into all this, but he didn’t want to upset Mira and couldn’t face her wrath.

Arya was gaining her conscience, and as expected she looked startled and screamed.

Mira explained to her they are here to help her but she was too shocked.

Mira straightened Arya and took her close to her and asked Jesse to get to the front seat and drive. Arya was calmed down now. And till they drove to Andheri, where Arya, resided.

Arya told Mira, how she landed up here.

Mira was shattered and shocked. Arya was from an upper middle class family. She was studying currently and part time working in malls for satisfying her shopping needs. Arya had a big friend circle, and she had been to lot of parties, to keep up to their standards, costly dresses, perfumes, bags, she had joined work.

Lately her partying had increased a lot, and was a concern for her parents. She often came late at night. Arya was enjoying it, and also she had started getting involved physically with one of the guys.

She gradually moved on to alcohol also. One night when Arya was in a compromising position with her guy. Someone made a video out of it and was constantly blackmailing her.

Result of it, she was forced to sleep with few other guys and this went on. Arya was blown off when she was asked to sleep with one of an elderly man. She had no option but to obey him. She felt like committing suicide that day, but her parent’s images haunted her, after all she herself invited her fate.

One day when the monster had finished, she overheard him talking to someone “Oh! darling. She is amazing and I need her every week. I will pay you double!

Arya froze! She had been woven into a flesh racket, and all her world was up and down.

Then the monster said “I am Ravet, no one will ever mess with me, you know my calibre, don’t you, my sweetheart”.

Arya didn’t have any idea who this “Darling” is all she guessed it must be a lady.

Saying this Arya begun crying again.

Mira tried to console her. Arya said last night also she was taken to Ravet, and she had already got this poison from somewhere and since they didn’t allow any identity, she always hid her cell phone.

And today she had decided to end her life, as she couldn’t bear this physical abuse anymore.

Mira was listening dedicatedly, she just asked her one Q, who recorded her video, if only her BF and she was making out?

Arya, gathered all her consciousness and realized who got her into all this, it was her BF.

Mira just said one thing “ Look girl, you are in a bad state, all I will say you yourself got in all this mess, all have fun, I also have fun, but you need to be alert in fun and this age is to study n to settle not to freak around”.

Jesse tried to nudge Mira, saying this isn’t the right time to talk all this. Mira spat back to him.

“Jesse, it’s high time she knows the truth and hence I said to her, she is responsible for her loss”.

Mira and Jesse then dropped Arya home; the situation at Aryas place was overwhelming.

Mira couldn’t wait there for a minute, but she did exchange her number with Arya, and asked to contact her for any help in future and as a witness too.

Mira had also warned Arya to stop all this and requested Aryas family to lodge a police complaint that her BF is misusing their video and blackmailing her. Or else this vicious circle shall never end.

Mira now opened her eyes and was surprised to find tears in them.

Mira herself was misusing her body, but she did it knowingly.

Her soul froze, when she thought how so many girls must be getting fooled, kidnapped into this racket. Mira definitely knew this isn’t a small pond.

At this very moment, she stiffened, Arya had said Mr. Ravat was referring to some “Lady”, and Mira’s mind quickly went back to what Vir said “Laila”. Can they be connected?

It was 11:30 pm in the night; Mira was dancing like never before, she was high on vodka. She enjoyed dancing; it also gave her a high. She came back to the bar and had another peg. She felt a huge body came and sat besides her. Due to the weight of the woman the high stool almost broke!

Before the figure could say anything.

Mira said” Laila”, you are punctual I must say!

Laila’s powdered face grew pink, and she was about to say something, chucking that she ordered for one scotch peg.

“Mira, good you know my name! Let me come to the point”

You are a hot chick, and I want you to work for me, you will get double the dough you earn now. I have 2 customers lined up in Dubai. You can hit the jackpot”.

Mira was not only listening to Laila’s talks but she was also checking her out and that made Laila very uncomfortable.

Mira’s description of Laila “Short 5’2” frame around 40 yrs old, long hair, screwed up due to puming and blow dry. Blown up body, squeezed in a one piece, due to which her fats were protruding out. Some sleazy makeup, with glitters on her face and fake eyelids, too much eye shadow, made her look like “Cruella” from the movie 101 Dalmatians, thinking of that Mira chuckled.

“What’s so funny, Mira” Laila said annoyingly!

“Oh nothing, checking out a HOT chicken like you “Mira said jokingly.

Before Laila could open her grub, Mira interrupted “Ok for your proposal – A. I don’t work for anyone. B. I chose my own clients, as I don’t know about you, but I got a class. C. Once you get the clients, I will first check them out if I find them good, I will say Ok. D. I want all paid trip if internationally and to be made sure, I don’t want police crap. E. Timings I shall decide, I can’t sacrifice my sleep. F. Final and most important, discuss the Money priorly with me.  So Laila, if you agree to all this, I am in. I give you 10 minutes to think, I will get fresh and come back.”

Laila was flustered, no one ever spoke to her this way and Laila had her own terms and conditions and this girl is dictating her terms.

Laila discussed in her mind “I know which clients I should send this girl to” and smiled slyly.

Mira on the other hand, felt Laila won’t offer her anymore, but somewhere Mira, wanted to get into Laila’s land as she felt this is the same lady, who Arya was talking about.

But there are so many like Laila in this world, so it’s difficult to jump down to conclusion. Mira knew it’s dangerous to lias with her as Mira was sure, Laila was a part of a huge racket. But Mira wanted to get into this, but she herself didn’t know why.


Mira came back, and didn’t find Laila anywhere.

The bartender handed over a note to Mira “It was scribbled, Hotel Pearl tomorrow 11pm, client – Mr. Ravat”.

Seeing the name, the whole puzzle fell into place, Mira was absolutely right, she is the same lady. Mira sat on the high stool and surfed about Ravat, on her phone. She was about to fall off, but regained herself.

He was definitely a top notch guy. But he had the money; he was of Mira’s class. But, he is the same, who was with Arya and don’t know how many more girls like this. Mira, she questioned herself, do you want to do this? She was in lost thought. Bartender signalled her that they were going to shut down. Mira paid him the usual tip and walked off.

She came to her car, Banke Bhaiya was asleep. It was 1:30am. Mira knocked on the glass and he got up and came out to open the back door. Mira instead sat in the front seat.

He understood, Mira wanted to talk to him, this was her usual way.

He said, “Bolo beta, kya pocchna hai?”

Mira smiled and said “Bhaiya, agar apko pata hai, age khai hai, par ek baccha latak raha hai, aur sirf aphi ho jo uski jaan baccha sakte ho, toh kya ap uski madad karoge?”

Banke bhai, looked at Mira and then looked at his steering, thought for a minute and said “Agar mera parivar hai toh mein nahi karunga madad, kyunki mujhe kuch hogaya toh kamanewala sirf mein hi hoon, aur mere parivar ko koi madad nahi karega. Ha agar mein akele hoon, to ek minute bhi intezar nahi karoonga aur baccha loonga use”.

Saying this he started the car and sped off.

Mira understood what he meant and she had made up her mind. Banke Bhaiya was a father figure for her, since her parents weren’t bothered for Mira at all.

Mira went home and as soon as she retired on her bed, she got a text from a private number, stating the room number and the rate for Mira.

Mira was excited seeing her money. Before going tomorrow Mira had to do some shopping, thinking this she smile and dozed off. It was 2:30 am.

9:00 am Maya kaki was going to knock on her bedroom door, when she heard giggles from Mira’s bedroom.

Maya kaki thought she was dreaming.

So early Mira never woke up, she opened the door and saw Mira, not only awake but she was all dressed and talking to someone on phone, it was Vir, Mira told him she had accepted Laila’s offer.

Mira then said “Kaki, gir mat jana”, meri coffee banao aur upma banao, mujhe bahar jaana hai. And you know I love you” saying this she gave a peck on Maya’s cheeks and went off to surf on her laptop.

After recovering from this shock, Maya kaki, went to her chores.

Mira surfed licensed pistols, and embedded cameras. She had chosed what to do. After getting her required stuff, she deleted her internet history. And went off to the kitchen table. Finishing her breakfast. Mira took auto rickshaw this time and went off to buy her stuffs.

After finishing an exciting day at work, Mira came home.

Had a quick bath, took out her favourite stuff.

Asked Kaki to prepare light brunch. Finishing that, Mira got ready.

No doubts why any guy would fall for Mira, perfect body, long tresses, brown eyes which matched her dark tone.

She always had subtle makeup. She was wearing a tight jeans and a seductive top, which could make any man go weak in his knees. She topped it up with a jacket to look decent, when she left her flat. Once she was ready, she checked her last minute arrangement. There was a hidden camera in her purse, inside the lining where no one could make out. A small gun, but with great capacity to kill a monster, in one of her high boots. And thanks to Arya, she hid her slim phone in her underpants. And she left.

She arrived at Hotel Pearl sharp 11:00pm, straight off went to her Room number, as she knew no one will ask her, as all was prearranged. She knocked on the door.

“Come in” a handsome voice said.

Mira entered in a very posh suite, all interiors done in pastels and covered with Dim light.

There, he was sitting on the sofa, in his shorts and was about to sip his drink.

When he saw Mira he froze.

Mira’s description “a handsome man in his 40s, fair complexion, with jet black hair and eyes. Awesome jaw line and a rather fit body for a 40 year old.

Quite a treat Mira chuckled and quickly switched on her camera very smartly.

Mr. Ravet on the other hand was completely bowled over by looking at the girl who stood in front of him.

Laila didn’t tell him, she was sending him an Angel, tall dusky, with beautiful brown eyes and a figure to die for.

Her jeans was showing off her beautiful toned legs. Knowing what Mr. Ravel was ogling at, Mira stepped forward and removed her jacket.

Mr. Ravet accidently spilled off his drink. He was smitten by her beauty. Mira was not only a shrewd girl but she knew how to use her assets well and on her own terms.

Mira carefully placed her bag in a very smart position which could cover everything.

She went and leaned over Mr. Ravet, kept both her hands on his shoulder and peeped into his eyes. “Hi, Mr. Ravat, I am Mira, shall we start”.

Ravet didn’t have anything to say, he was dumbfounded. He said just excuse me and headed for the restroom.

Mira was waiting for this very moment; hence she played her cards right. She quickly checked the room, for any hidden cameras, as she knew Laila was a bitch. But there were none. She quickly remembered, Ravat, that’s the reason his status.

Mira heard Ravet coming out of the restroom, Mira played her stuff and started undressing herself seductively, he was mesmerised by her beauty. He went close to her, held her from behind and both got melted in each other’s arms.

At around 2 am, Mira woke up and saw he was snoring in the bed. She took one look at him, and chuckled, what a man. But was surprised, he was so blinded and overconfident that he didn’t take any safety measures to safeguard his status apart from the hidden cameras.

Mira quickly dressed up, took all her stuff. And before leaving left a note for Ravet. I had a good time, see you again.

Once she reached her home, she quickly checked her recording, it was perfect.

And this continued, Mira met so many high end people, that she was shocked. But Mira met them only on her terms, Laila tried a lot to boss her but she failed.

Laila on the other hand was getting restless, as all her clients were demanding only for Mira and her brothel business was going into losses, as due to other client’s word of Mouth, the people going for brothel girls, were demanding Mira.

Mira on other hand was rejecting clients who didn’t suit her. If they were too old, too young, too fat, too filthy, too illiterate etc. Laila was losing some of the clients due to her tantrums.

But main issue Laila was facing was from Ravet.

He had fallen in love with Mira and already spend over a fortune on her. Mira was slowly getting tired of Ravet as well, as his demands were increasing day by day.

But Mira had made Ravet spit everything, what kind of racket Laila was running, how she kidnapped young girls, he also told Mira how Laila sends them overseas. Hearing this blew her top.

From Ravet, Mira also found out where Laila actually stayed, out of her many fake addresses.

And it was a Monday, around 2 pm at noon. Surprisingly, Lailas house was in a very simple area of Vikhroli. No-one would guess she is earning and swindling India of its fortune, not money, but of precious innocent girls. There were no bodyguards and no CCTV, as very rare people knew of her real address.

She pressed the doorbell. The lady, who opened the door for Mira, surely put her in soup.

An obese lady wearing a cream colour cotton saree. Long hair simply oiled and plaited. No makeup just a big red bindi on the forehead. White skin which went pale white seeing Mira. It was Laila.

Laila pulled Mira in and spat “What, the hell you doing here, who gave you the address, I will kill… wait a second that bastard Ravat, he turned out to be sissy in love“

“Mira said Hang on dear, it’s ok. I just wanted to see where you stay. Must say you look much better, in this deglamorized look. Anyways I just came to tell you. I am over with your stuff. I don’t want any of your work anymore. So goodbye.”

Mira left behind a blabbering Laila, who was yelling, you bitch, you cannot leave me, no one leaves me, you have already put me in losses, I will get you killed” Laila all of a sudden realized, her front door is open and half of the neighbors had gathered. Laila quickly pushed Mira out and shut the door. Laila was fuming that so many years she hid her identity and now this bitch is screwing her.

Mira smiled and left from Lailas house accomplished. Then she remembered something and she texted Ravat, See you at my place huney.. hot kisses!! That was the last bait.

Lying on the bed, Mira got over the quick recap. She had purposely been violent with Ravat.

Now that Mira had infuriated Ravat, and he had ran off to his goddess Laila.  Mira had taken care of everything, as Laila will definitely try to eliminate Mira. Since Ravet, was going to spit out that he has told her everything.

Mira wasn’t bothered about Laila’s goons as she had already send all the video recordings , Lailas details n number of brothel outlets, Lounge, Bar hangouts, Laila real residence etc to the press and to different police stations and the PMO offices through her various  contacts.

Mira also had contacted Arya as a prime witness, but hadn’t named her, for her security. Mr. Ravet, all her boyfriends were going to be in trouble.

Mira knew in all this process, she would soon be found out and won’t be spared, but she didn’t care, she had lived her life, she was trying her best to help the few helpless girls in this racket. Thinking of all this, Mira changed her clothes, wore her jeans, high ankled boots, a sweatshirt, took her gun, her hidden camera and her mobile.

Mira had decided to confront Laila, there was huge amount of Risk, but she had to. As she was thinking this, Mira got a call from an unknown number. She immediately understood its Laila.

She answered it.

“Mira come to Madh, near our usual place Mira pondered, definitely its bait (Usual place where Mira and Laila met to discuss about clients it was a secluded place.)

She continued “I want to apologise I am going to surrender, I want to apologise to you too, and give you some important proofs. If you think I am going to say any of this, you are big FOOL, meet me if you have the guts”.

But she didn’t care for her life, she wanted to finish Laila. She knew Laila can escape. As for the hundreds of girls, Ravet had already given Mira all the Lailas hideouts. And that were gone to the right people to free the girls. Mira knew she cannot free all of them, but whoever she could she did. This was just 5 % of the whole flesh trade in the whole world.

She climbed down, Banke Bhaiya, was waiting at the car, she went and hugged him and said “Aj I will drive”.

“Nahi beta mein jaunga apke sath”, he said.

“Nahi, mera kuch alag kam hai”, saying this Mira gave him an envelope, filled with money and said

“ye apke liya, ap aur maya kaki mere liye sab kuch ho”.

She had kept a similar envelope for Maya kaki in the kitchen drawer.

Saying this she had tearful eyes, and went straight to her car and drove off. Banke bhaiya also had tears in his eyes, he never asked Mira anything, he knew she wasn’t doing good things, but he knew she would never hurt anybody. She was much better than her parents, who didn’t even care for their daughter, just provided her the money.

Laila was sitting on the bench at the beach and waiting for Mira. Everything was over, she was dumfounded, one girl finished all, cause of one sissy named Ravet. Laila was absconding, she had nowhere to go, her passport, fake passports were all with the police, press and don’t know who all. Even the high end people were at risk, they didn’t want to support her, in fear of their names aligned, and even Ravet had absconded, due to the video. Laila was also fuming as she came to know Mira was the girl who saved Arya.

All her men were caught, most of her brothels were confiscated, all her houses were sealed. Police were searching her.. She knew she would be caught soon, but before that she wanted to finish Mira.  Saying this she looked at the shiny Knife she had hidden in her huge scarf.

Mira knew Laila is thirsty for her blood, she had to act smartly. She parked her car far away from the beach and walked. After walking for long, Laila was easily traceable due to her distinct persona. But since Mira was slender she could hide behind the trees. Laila was now getting impatient. It was too long. She called Mira again; Mira had put the phone on vibrating mode. Mira now came close to Laila, and was very happy looking at the bitch. Laila was all flustered. Mira touched her gun, and was about to aim at Laila. When she couldn’t see her anywhere.

Laila, was a sly women, she had eyes of a hawk and mind of a jackal. She had sensed Mira near the trees, and sneaked around like a snake. Laila came from behind and pushed Mira to the grounds. Her gun swayed off to a distance. Before Mira could turn around and settle, Laila jumped on her pushing the knife into Mira. Mira was already suffocated due to Lailas huge body. Her only task was to keep away the knife.

Laila was screaming” I will finish you, you bitch, why you had to do all this, you had fun, you took my money. It was none of your business to be bothered about the other girls”.

Laila was easily overpowering Mira.

Mira was definitely slender but had a firm and toned body; she kicked her ankle into Laila’s stomach and pushed her to the grounds. Mira started kicking Laila as hard she could, with her high boots.

Laila was wailing. Mira had gone mad in anger, she kept barking :

“ You have no right to ask me questions, this is for all the girls you have traded,  for their parents death, their tears, your punishment is you die with no answers to your questions” Laila couldn’t take it anymore, her knife loosened.

Mira took the right opportunity, picked the knife and plunged into Lailas stomach like a mad woman for n number of times. She was continuously stabbing her, without realising Laila is already dead.

Now Mira lay on the ground, dirt was cleaned. Mira didn’t know why she did this, why she killed a woman, just for rest of the girls, who she didn’t even know.

Mira always had been alone inspite of a family. Hence she made strangers like Banke Bhaiya, Maya kaki as her family. Mira had vented all her wrath of her family, pain of the thousand of girls who were forced in to flesh trade, and killed Laila.

Mira knew this was not the end of it, the flesh trade world is big, but she was smiling now, as she could atleast die peacefully, that she had saved, freed and revenged some of the thousands of forced lives. But she didn’t want to go the jail, as she knew Indian Law will definitely put her behind bars, even if she was a HERO!

Saying this she plunged the knife into her and the whole atmosphere of Madh, seemed like blessing and saying to her rest in peace.



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