Excerpt: While moving towards room, Ariana saw that lady walking out by dragging her right leg through locked doors and the lights in the passage were began to blink on and off simultaneously. (Reads: 704)


After 20 years, Sam returned Marina, to his old house. In Marina, his father Mr. John Connors, 65 years old were lived with a servant who worked for him from last 40 years. Sam was grown up in Arizona with his aunt. He came to his house with his wife Ariana for holidays in Marina. The house was very old as it was not maintained properly but it was quiet big with enough rooms. It has a backyard. The house was having 4 rooms among them one room was locked forever. That locked room made Ariana curious to know about that. The door was locked with a big lock with chain wounded on it several time. She thought to ask about that room to Sam but due to lot of work she forgot about that.
In the evening, Ariana was looking out of window sill, viewing beautiful sunset. But later on she noticed that from the time she came to this house she didn’t saw much animals or birds around house but some sparrows sitting on branch of tree were quiet. There was a complete silence around that house. She was amazed by all these strange things. Suddenly, she remembered about that locked room.
“Hey, why that room is locked with a big lock? Is there is something special in it?”… She asked with a great curiousness.
“I don’t know too, even when I was small I was not allowed to visit near that room. I asked my dad about room but he always told me that there is something secret behind the doors.”… Sam replied.

Ariana was very curious to know about secret. And whole night she was thinking about it but later on she slept. It was about 2 a.m. it was lightning and strong wind was breezing and windows began to open and shut. Ariana woke up by hearing this noise, so she closed windows but she was feeling thirsty. She looked for water in her room but there was no water. She walked towards kitchen to get some water. The locked room was on the way to kitchen. She drank some water and while returning to her room she stopped near that room. She heard that someone is singing in a very low voice.

As she placed her ear on door to hear song clearly there was a complete silence and suddenly door was knocked by someone with a loud noise from inside. She scared for a moment and took few steps back. Many questions were aroused in the mind. Later she moved ahead slowly and knocked that door but this time she received no answer. She was totally confused and went to her bed to sleep, but the question that who is behind the doors? Was still in her head and she couldn’t sleep.

It was morning, and she made a decision to reveal the secret of locked room. It was a big challenge for her. At first she shared incident of night with Sam. But Sam ignored that by saying her that it was her mind games.

“OK! It may be a mind game but I wanna go and check out that room. Where are key of that lock”… Ariana cried.
“My dad has that key and I am damn sure he is not gonna to give you that key.”… Sam replied very confidently.

Ariana was quiet for a while and later she replied “I will take that key from your dad, you just wait and watch.”
She went to Mr. Connors for asking that key. As soon as she asked for key Mr. Connors was high tempered and he shouted angrily, “How dare you to ask me for key? Get out of my room immediately, now… GET OUT!!”

She moved out of Mr. Connors room and moved towards kitchen. Servant was cooking food so she went to help him in preparing lunch.

Soon servant whispered in low voice, “From next time don’t ask for key to Mr. Connors and don’t try to open those doors. Those doors are locked from last 36 years. If you did, it will create a big problem for everyone.”

Those words of servant were continuously in mind of Ariana. She asked servant, “Where is the key now?”

“Key is in the cupboard of Mr. Connors and I remind you, don’t ask for key again or else he will not allow you to stay in this home.”… Servant cried.

Ariana started thinking about the way to get the key but she couldn’t find. It was evening now and she was ready with her plan. According to the plan, she bought sleeping pills. While servant was gone to call Mr. Connors for dinner, she found a golden opportunity and added few sleeping pills in tomato soup. Luckily all members had soup except Ariana. It was around 10p.m. when all members fell asleep, Ariana secretly walked to Mr. Connors room and without making much noise she reached near cupboard. But unfortunately, cupboard was locked. She started searching for cupboard keys. After few hours of hardwork she was successful in finding out cupboard keys. Without wasting much time, she searched for key in cupboard and she found it. She was very happy and excited to open the locked doors.

She reached near to that room and opened lock. There was a little fear in her mind but she dare to enter that room.
Alas! She opened the door. As she opened door she felt a cold breeze and she a very bad smell was coming from that room. She stepped in and she felt that temperature of room was very cold and there were no lights in room. She lighted torch and began to look that room carefully. Room’s condition was very bad as it was opened after 36 years. There were spider webs everywhere in room.

As she moved ahead she saw all the things in the room were scattered, an empty glass was fallen on floor with some cracks on it and some small pieces of glass with blood on them, and bottle was placed on table which contained water. Pillow on the bed was wrinkled as someone is still sleeping on it and ropes with knots were tied to the bed that indicates that someone was forcefully tied on the bed. On that bed there was bloodshed too. Ariana looked the condition of room and she felt that this room had witnessed to something bad incident of murder in past. She moved further near windowsill, there she found scratches on the wall and some words as it was something written with blood, but she was unable to reveal those words.

Suddenly, she heard a harsh noise as someone was walking by dragging one leg. She turned quickly and began to look everywhere with her torch but there was no one. She moved near drawer in right corner where she found a mirror. On that mirror a print of a human palm was found but it was a blood print. Now she was getting all the answers about that room and she came to know why this room was closed. She felt that she had made a big mistake and it is not safe to stand here for long time and she decided to lock this room again. But it was now very late she came to know about her mistake. She picked her torch and was turning to get out of room , an arm chair was slowly rolling to and fro, suddenly she felt something was behind her, as she turned quickly she looked at mirror and she shocked for a while, from head to feet she felt a strong cold sensitivity.

She saw a lady in a nightgown sitting on armchair very calmly and no expressions on her face. Her eyes were filled with tears and her right leg was bleeding, her palms were full of blood and she was looking near windowsill where the words were engraved on wall. Seeing this, Ariana ran out quickly and hastily locked the door and she kept the key in Mr. Connors cupboard and moved towards room. While moving towards room, Ariana saw that lady walking out by dragging her right leg through locked doors and the lights in the passage were began to blink on and off simultaneously. Ariana couldn’t be able to believe what she was witnessed for. She went in her room and slept, but she was unable to sleep as face of that lady was continuously coming in her mind. She didn’t slept whole night as she was rolling over bed by changing her side.

Next morning, Sam woke up from his deep sleep; he saw Ariana was not in good condition as she was suffering from high fever. He immediately called doctor. Mr. Connors woke up too and went to bathroom for taking bath. He stood near sink and was shaving his beard he saw lady standing behind him in mirror and seeing her he stopped shaving for a while as he was shocked. He turned back quickly but there was no sign of that lady. Suddenly, tap behind him started to flow, hearing noise of flowing water he turned around and he saw there was flow of blood from tap. He was scared and before he could do any action she appeared and held his neck with her hand from behind and put his head through sink for 3-4 times and with his shaving blade she put a cut on his face, Mr. Connors screamed and became unconscious and felled on floor.

Hearing scream of Mr. Connors, Sam and servant ran towards bathroom. They saw Mr. Connors was lying on bathroom’s floor with blood over his head and cut on his face. They shifted Mr. Connors to his room and meanwhile doctor arrived. He first put bandage over Mr. Connors head and Doctor’s assistance looked after Ariana. After few hours Ariana was feeling better but Mr. Connors was still not awake. In Evening, Mr. Connors opened his eyes and he was continuously repeating in broken voice “She is back… She will kill me… Help me!!”

Sam made his dad calm and gave him some food to eat and later he gave medicine and sat near him until he fell asleep. Sam entered his room; he saw Ariana was writing something on paper. He sat near her and asked “What are you writing?”

“Nothing… Just trying to find out what this words mean and in which language they were written.”… Ariana replied.
Sam just took that paper in his hands and looked at it. It was written ‘Venganza!’

“This is Spanish language… But why you are asking about this word?”… Sam replied.

“…Spanish? But how you know Spanish? You are not from Mexico.”… Ariana cried.

“Yeah… I am not from Mexico but my aunt is from Mexico. She taught me Mexico too… And this word ‘Venganza’ means Revenge.”

Ariana was blanked for a while and she replied “Your dad is hiding a big secret from us and his life is in danger.”

Ariana shared her last night experience and apologized for her mistake. Sam was shocked for a while and he became angry on Ariana. Suddenly, he remembered his dad was asking for help and he was murmuring about someone is going to kill him. Without speaking a word he just ran quickly towards Mr. Connors room. Ariana confused for a while and later she followed Sam. Sam reached to the room and opened the door meanwhile Ariana too arrived there, but there was no one in the room. They entered the room looked around there but no sign. Sam shouted “Dad… Dad… Are you there?”… Suddenly, low sound of whispering came from under the bad. As Ariana looked under the bed, seeing Ariana, Mr. Connors screamed “Aaaahhhhhh- No… Don’t kill me; leave me for sake of God.
“Dad, it’s me Ariana.”… Ariana cried.

Sam took out his dad and made him relaxed at that time servant came to Mr. Connors room and said, “I am going to my home, she is back! She will kill everyone… I couldn’t stay here a moment.”

Saying this servant got out of that house quickly. Sam tried to stop servant but he refused to stop and advised him to leave this house quickly. Sam returned to his dad’s room and sat beside him. Sam took his dad’s hand in his hand and asked, “Dad, say me the truth now… Who is that lady and why she wants to kill you and what is secret about locked room? Please tell us… We can help you…”

Tears began to flow from Mr. Connors eyes and he said… “36 years ago… I was a drug dealer. I used to supply drugs to gangs and many people. One day for a big drug deal I went to Mexico. After that deal, I met a beautiful lady and I felled in her love. Her name was Dannie. After few months of friendship I proposed he for marriage and she was ready to marry me and we happily married. One year later, Sam was born.

Few days passed and one night in that room she heard my conversation on phone about drug dealing and she got angry on me as I never told her about this business. She took out cell phone and was going to call police; I hit her with a glass on her head forcefully that she hold mirror for support. Her head was bleeding and palms were full of blood. I was scared and I ran out of room to take first aid box. But when I entered that room again I saw she was trying to escape through window sill. This time my anger was out of controlled and I pulled out my pistol and I shot on her right leg. With the help of servant, I tied her on the bed and wounded rope around her neck and killed her.

Before the sun rise I dumped her body in our backyard. As Sam was small and to one to take his care so on next morning, I took Sam to Arizona to his aunt to take his care. And I spread rumors that she left me and ran with other man. Few days past and later in every night some unexpected things started in house. Terrible noises of laughing, crying, chanting, scratching over wall were heard over all night. I called out a pope from church and told all matter and he spread some holy water and locked that door and instructed that soul will try to get out but don’t listen her and not to open those doors. I paid a lot of money to pope so he would keep his mouth shut. After that all these weird things were stopped.”

Now, it was about 11p.m.,
“Sorry Sam, I killed your mom. I am really very sorry.”… Mr. Connors replied in a low voice.

As he was feeling shameful as he killed his wife. But he was in a great confusion that how Dannie got out that room.
“But I couldn’t understand how Dannie got out of that room.”… Mr. Connors asked in a great confusion.

Ariana whispered in a low voice, “Sorry dad, it was me to open that door. I am really sorry for that but…”

“Why you did that, you fool? Are you crazy?”… Mr. Connors shouted without listening to Ariana.

As he was high tempered his breathing began fast and he started feeling unconscious. Sam took glass of water in hand but there was no water in it so he ran quickly towards kitchen. He filled water and while moving to Mr. Connors room, he saw Dannie, his mother walking by dragging her right leg towards locked room. She stopped and turned behind and looked at Sam and gave him a smile and continued to walk and she got faded behind the doors…
Sam was in a great shock, glass of water slip off from his hand and he ran quickly towards his dad’s room and saw weird things.

Ariana was lying unconscious on floor and Mr. Connors was hanged with a rope to the roof, a rope was around his neck and on that rope there were some bloodshed. And on a mirror it was written with blood ‘Mi la venganza estar completo.’ Sam took a deep breath and soon Ariana woke up, she had a headache. She saw Mr. Connors was hanged and screamed aloud. Suddenly she pointed her finger towards mirror and asked Sam, “Look! What’s that mean?”

“MY REVENGE IS COMPLETED.”… Sam replied in a low and cracked voice.

Few days later, they got the news that their servant was found to be dead in a road accident. And after that the room which was locked was opened forever.


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