Excerpt: Marla was hypnotized and abducted from there only. After the show ended, no trace was found of the poor little girl. Cops were called in; but for no betterment of the situation. (Reads: 496)


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Thriller Short Story – Alternatively
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“Alternatively, I can walk into your life. No, I mean, seriously, I can do that!” Martha gave a no joke look to support her exclamation.

John lit his cigar. In New York, this roof top cosy resto-pub has always remained his favourite. From the time of his college days, he has chosen it as his regular hangout zone. Martha knew it. All the way she came up the hill road just to meet John. He apprehended. “Martha, will you like to have some virgin mojito – with a pinch of Cranberry? “
Martha nodded. Then smiled, “I bet you John, this time, your trick won’t work. You may be a world renowned magician; but I am also the famous beauty pageant selected by New York Times. If I create a scene here, even you won’t be spared!”

“Relax Martha, calm down! Look up the sky! What a sunny day it is! And what a lucky person I am! The famous beauty pageant is offering thou self to me! My honour Ma’am!” John chuckled.

“Please John; I am in no mood to praise your sense of humour at the moment. I am providing you an Alternative. Please listen carefully. Free Marla; and Martha is yours… forever! “Martha pleaded this time in a hushed tone.

John held Martha’s right hand – kissed it passionately. “I understand what is going on in your mind. The day I saw you first time during my Show, believe me, I fell for you. You rejected then and there. Quite natural! You are a gorgeous young lady; and I am an old feeble Man! No comparison, right? Actually, wrong! I claim myself to be the most suited for you. I had been waiting for you through the eras that surpassed. Marla is a kid. One of my ardent darling fans! I just love her like anything! She is so cute! “

Martha held John’s hand.” So you know where she is! “

“Yes, in my surreal world of mirrors. You had seen my mirror magic, right? Where I call a spectator to walk through the Mirror and have a glimpse of my surreal world! Marla is quite happy there, I believe. She doesn’t remember anything in her this Actual World. Even, I had lost the keys of the mirror door. You see, I didn’t intend; but you forced me to!” John gave his nasty crooked smile.

“You bloody…” Martha shouted. Some of the visitors looked back.

“Relax Martha, relax! Okay. Let me know one thing, are you sure about the alternative you just now offered? Trust me; you will become the Queen of My Created World of Surrealism! “; announced John in a low deep voice.

Martha trembled. But she knew no other way to save her sweet sister Marla. Last week they had gone to watch Magician John’s show in town. Marla was hypnotized and abducted from there only. After the show ended, no trace was found of the poor little girl. Cops were called in; but for no betterment of the situation. John laughingly denied; Martha had no proof against him other than her intuition. She met John only after being sure of the deal she offered today!

The curtains dropped. The Mirrors shined and glittered. Transition happened. The inner child of Martha was set free to the regular world. The psycho neurotic patient Martha’s hallucinatory counterparts were confided behind the mirrors.

Dr. John smiled and sipped his glass of hot chocolate. His experiment had surely cured the poor girl suffering from acute schizophrenia.

Sometimes, being a demon can also be such a wonderful Alternative! Dr. John licked his lips in gratification!


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