Look Behind You

Excerpt: Moonlight enlightens the room, the stranger strides in. You are hidden, a sudden rush of energy gushes to your veins. The pan lifts high in the air and comes crashing down on his head. (Reads: 234)


It is night. Darkness welcomes you in its embrace. You are alone in your house. The rest of your family had gone out of town to attend a wedding; leaving you its sole protector. Imagine you are lying in your bed. The lights are switched off; the weather outside is cool. You look out the window to see the tree dancing to the rhythm of the graceful winds. You have your phone in your hand, it’s light; brightening your face.

You look at the time. 2:00 am. Its a bit late and so you decide to halt your fruitless chatting and prepare to sleep. The door to your room is shut; bolted by you like you always do. You put your phone by your side. With its light gone; darkness engulfs your room.

You close your eyes and lighten your self, your tired body cries for some rest. As you begin drifting off to sleep a sudden tone agitates your mind. You open your eyes to find your phone flashing with light. Somebody was calling you at this time of night.

You check the name, an unknown number, and so you decide to ignore; reject the call and try to go back to sleep. But the person on the other end seems adamant enough. You hear a ding; the phone’s screen shines again. You open it to find a text message from the same number. You scratch your head and try to think, slowly you click on view message prompt. A sudden tingling sense of fear grips your mind when you read what it said.

‘Open the door, I am outside’

You control your fear; think maybe its just a prank. But soon the sensation returns once you hear a knock on the front door. You start panicking, another text greets you with chill.

‘That’s me, open up… I know you are all alone.’

Three knocks again. This time in rapid succession, seems like the person was getting impatient.

You jump out of bed, take your phone in hand and decide to look out the window, it is dark; suddenly you see a shadow leaping past towards the back of the house.

The phone vibrates again, a new message pops up. ‘Did you lock the back door?’

You realize the horrifying truth and rush towards the back door near the kitchen. Through the window you see a shadow creeping up towards the door. You decide to fight this intruder and arm yourself with a frying pan. The phone gives out another cry, ‘Ready or not I am coming in.’

A sudden gush of energy rushes to your veins, u clasp the pan tightly in your hands. You hear the doorknob making a whirl, you clench your teeth and hide yourself behind the door. Slowly the  door opens inwards and u see a shadow on the floor creeping into the room.

Moonlight enlightens the room, the stranger strides in. You are hidden, a sudden rush of energy gushes to your veins. The pan lifts high in the air and comes crashing down on his head. He goes down, crying in pain. As he falls down moonlight lights his face, you take a look at the poor man lying on the ground.

A sudden sense of fear and pain rushes through your heart. You couldn’t believe your eyes. The man struck is your uncle. He lies on the floor. You head to the kitchen and fill a glass with water. As the water falls on his face he wakes up seeing you next to him.

Still in  a shock he tells you that your mother had asked him to check on you. He knocked thrice but nobody opened it. He thought you were as sleep and tried to check the back door when you put him in his uncomfortable situation. You are shocked, you apologize to him. You beat your mind, how could have you been so stupid.

He stood up and started to leave, you made sense of all the situation. You laugh at yourself. As he left he too apologized for the inconvenience he caused. He said that he would have called but was unable to do as he had forgotten his cell.

These words stung your heart like a malicious bee. You bid your uncle farewell and close the door. If he didn’t sent those texts then who did. Your heartbeat goes faster as the phone in your hand begins to shake. You take a look at it with your trembling hands. A new message prompt comes into your view. One look and your fear heightens.

It says ‘I am in, look behind you.’


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