One Tight Kick

Excerpt: She also felt she did earn a little justice for those women who were abused physically and mentally. Now she knew what she was going to do, file an FIR on her DREADFUL EX-BOYFRIEND (Reads: 204)


Puff! Puff! God!! She was wheezing so badly!!! Jogging in the morning after so many laps wasn’t this tiring, but this was! As the purpose for running at this moment wasn’t the same. She looked around; she just didn’t know where she was! She checked her watch, a beautiful RADO gifted by her fiancée Adi! For a minute there, she felt like taking it off and shattering it into millions of shards! But then she thought, so much of efforts have been put to create this masterpiece, the hard work of so many employees, why destroy it!, just because the person who gave it you, doesn’t mean anything anymore? But once upon a time, he did mean to her… he was her world! She sat down on the road… drops of sweat falling in the darkness, shining like diamonds! It was 10 pm!

She realised she was far from Mumbai – Pune highway, like a mad woman she had run, not knowing where she was going, but she had to run… since that was her only escape, rather than being slaughtered!  It was pitch dark, in the month of November, 29 was the date. What! She said to herself, she had almost forgotten it was 29th of November? Gosh! At midnight today, it was going to be her birthday November 30th! Sigh! Only today she regretted it was her birthday. Not because she was born, she was very happy that she was born on this day; today she was just sad, as she was not sure if she was going to be alive tonight!

Far away, she heard some vehicle had stopped, and her heart pounded violently! OH! God! He’s here! She had no energy to run anymore. All she had with her was a bottle of water which would finish soon; she also remembered her bag with her all her universal resources, her wallet, her ids, license and her mobile. Christ!! The mobile! She didn’t even remember it? Hastily, she reached inside her bag; it was her favourite ‘GUESS’ brand. Her hands were shaking; she checked her phone, what a perfect timing! The battery was dead!

She could hear her dad in her mind asking her again and again” honey, hope you have charged your mobile well”, and her classic pathetic answer to her sweet and caring dad, “Yes I did, father, don’t take me for a school girl, you keep asking me the same thing again and again”. How she regretted those annoying moments now… She did have the charger though, but what now… Charge it on the tree branches!?

She was utterly scared now, remembering her father, she panicked!They must be searching for her, where must have she gone, what must have happened to her? Her mom must have gone berserk.

She opened her bag; took out the mirror. She also took out a small torch from her bag, as the moonlight wasn’t enough; very resourceful she was, wasn’t she? And with the help of the torch she looked at herself in the mirror! A fair, but tired face reflected back at her. Her makeup was fine, but sweat had covered it. Her hair was in a good condition, she had gotten her spa done yesterday. Wait! What’s that on her cheek? One side of the cheek had the pink blush, the other side of the cheek, had the blue-green bruise. OMG that was big! She touched it and it hurt so much, a tear rolled out of her eye!

There she was -TANYA, a stunning girl, the loving daughter of her parents, pampered but an independent and assertive person. A qualified MBA, she was working for a MNC. A girl full of life, who loved wearing beautiful clothes, using branded everything, looking good, going out with friends, travelling, and treks…so on,but today was no fun; she was running for her life!

She heard the vehicle again; she got up using all her strength and started walking rapidly. It was dark; she walked somehow with help of the little moonlight to see where she was going. She could hear rustling in the grass behind, shivers ran down her body. She kept walking, swiftly! It could be an animal, a ghost or Adi? She winced and ran again… and hid behind a huge boulder. She sat there, taking its support. Slowly she got up, and tried to look behind. Nothing! All she could see was dried grass, dry ground, a broken house or wooden shack or something and darkness. The boulder was big enough to cover a thin girl like her!

All of a sudden, she screamed! It was a painful scream! Her feet, oh my god!Ants! They were crawling all over her feet and biting her, she tried to dust them off, but her white skin had gone all red. She moved her place again and came to another boulder. Before resting herself, she first checked the place. She was wearing a beautiful one piece, knee length, but it left the rest of her legs bare. She wore a pair of beautiful peep-toeflats, perfect attire for a romantic dinner but not for this ramshackle place. Due to her almost bare feet, the ants had a feast and now her feet looked angry red. The itch was unbearable, but she couldn’t waste the only leftover water she had over it.

She closed her eyes! She didn’t know what was going to happen next! Why did this happen to her;just because she fell in love with someone blindly? But how could Adi… do this to her of all people, Adi? Her mind recalled the memories!

TANYA lived in a beautiful house in Mumbai. Her dad was a businessman; mother was also a career woman, but was now at home. She herself was working with an MNC in South Mumbai. She was like every other girl, pampered by her parents, Mon to Friday working hard and sat/sun partying hard. She was one lovable girl, social and lively. Any guy would fall for her. She was extremely good at whatever she put her mind to. She was cultured enough to understand, every bread had to be earned,and when you earned it, you learned to value it. She respected everyone, even her maid. For her, her maid was the reason her house was clean. Even the garbage man, the milkman, the grocer, the canteen man, the office staff… she made sure that she gave them utmost respect. Her parents had given her good values.

Today she was getting ready for work, dressing up in a formal skirt, her favourite cream colour and a deep maroon top when her phone rang.

“Hey! Yes, yes I am about to leave, what? This weekend, no it’s my birthday this weekend! I am busy you know” and how she blushed!

She put down the phone and looked at herself in the mirror. Hmm she knew why she was blushing.

Aditya, Adi lovingly she called him. The love of her life! TANYA was perfect, not only that, she loved people more than they deserved. She was a very emotional person too. She didn’t realise only her parents were the only bona fide relation she had in her life. She was a smart professional – accepted, but she wasn’t smart when it came for relationships. Anyways! For her Adi was her dream! Well he indeed was! A handsome guy at 6 feet, he was tall dark and handsome.With a good position an engineer himself; he worked for another MNC. A lovely house, a big car, all was perfect. This was a second relationship for TANYA, and she was sure Adi was the one whom she wanted to get married to. Her first, according to her was an infatuation!

This Saturday, Adi, was going to take her out for dinner. As it was 29th November, it was her birthday the next day. She blushed again. She was completely mesmerized by Adi. She was very biddable when it came to him. He talked to her when he wished and he chatted to her when he wanted to. But she was perfectly ok with it. Adi and Tanya were dating for the past 1 year and she had concluded that she wanted to marry him. Her parents knew about Adi, but they weren’t sure, as they knew he is dominating. Father had advised Tanya to be careful always. He was more a friend than her father; but had always advised her to be in her limits. That was the only advice Tanya had heeded. She had not crossed her physical limits with Adi; they had only kissed a few times.

That is what was frustrating Adi, he wanted it so badly. But he was a perfect player. He was not sure if he loved her, but for him while dating a girl, being physical was a part of it. It purely showed he had a lot of experience. With Tanya, it was taking longer than normal so he had decided; he will soon get what he wanted!

Tanya, went to work as usual, had a lovely day; she always drove to and from work.Just as she was reaching home, her phone rang…”You are still the one… her favourite song by Shania Twain” It was Adi. She didn’t pick up the call, as she didn’t have the facility of Bluetooth. So she let it ring as she reached home. On the other side, Adi! Was angry as always, how dare she did not pick up my call!

She reached home, hurried to her bedroom. She heard her mom calling out to her “TANU, should I warm the tea, TANU??”

“Maa, later!” She screamed and shut the door. She knew Adi; he hates it if his phone isn’t answered! God! She called Adi… before she could say anything; he barked “Why the hell, didn’t you pick up my call, what the hell were you doing”.

Oh Adi, baby, I was driving dear.

“Whatever” he barked again;

and he said, “7:30 Saturday, be ready ok. I will pick you up”.

And she blushed again… “Where are we going Adi???”

And cunningly he replied, “It’s a surprise, do you understand surprises? Talk to you later, by the way; tell your parents you will be late!”

“But Adi, you know dad doesn’t like it too late and it’s my birthday, the next day.”

Adi was getting frustrated, but still he replied sweetly “Honey, that’s why I want to take you out right? So at midnight I can celebrate your birthday. And next day you can be with your parents. Ok, now talk you later I am going to the gym”.

But before she could say anything, he had kept the phone.

Tanya was so blinded by her love for him, that she couldn’t see his dominant personality and did not realise anything wrong with his plan. She had to convince her parents. She went to the kitchen where her loving mom was warming her tea and had prepared sandwiches for her. While snacking on her tea and sandwiches she finally convinced her mother and her father as well. Later in the evening dinner with her parents felt like a very long affair and finally when she went to bed, she couldn’t wait for Saturday. Little did she know what surprise was waiting for her!!

Tanya was a lovely daughter of her parents, her father had always taught her, whatever happens, never let yourself down in your eyes and fight for justice. Though, Tanya was a pampered and extremely loved child, she could never tolerate injustice, she fought with people on the roads who threw garbage or who spit. Guys who teased her or ogled at her or tried to touch her, she had slapped so many of them god! But the same Tanya; endured every mood swings of Adi! God alone knows why! Love makes you not only blind, but dumb as well sometimes!

So when the D day came, Tanya went to the spa, pampering herself to look amazing as always. She wore her one of the recently purchased dresses. She looked extremely gorgeous. Her parents came to her room while she was getting ready to go.

Dad advised her to be careful and enquired as to where they both going?

“Dad I don’t know, he just said surprise”.

“But Tanu, we need to know, right? It’s a bad world outside and this Adi…” Father said. Dad “please now don’t start on Adi, he is taking me for a surprise, and I really love him”.

“Ok ok… but have you charged your phone or not, tomorrow is your birthday sweetheart we would call you and please don’t make it too late?”

“Yes dad I have… please dad”! Tanya lied; she had actually forgotten to charge her phone, as she usually did all the time while beautifying herself! Oops!

So she hugged her mom and dad, before she stepped out she called out “Dad, once I come to know where we are going I will call or message you ok? Love you both” and off she went.

Well, that’s why they loved their daughter so much, they knew she was responsible and for her they meant a lot.

She got an auto and reached Adi’s place. And oh my! She heart missed a beat, he looked amazing, in a dark blue blazer and a white shirt and blue jeans.

He saw her and he thought “ You look damn hot, ready to play?” but instead he said “ You look beautiful darling” and he bent to kiss her but she shooed him away..

“Adi, we are on the road what is wrong with you”.

He was boiling inside, but he calmed himself, he said “Ok, come in”. After spending some time chatting at his place, he took her to the most beautiful restaurant in Mumbai; it was just so perfect and romantic.  He showered her with gifts, a perfect diamond ring, a beautiful bag from her favourite brand GUESS and another gift he had was wrapped beautifully. But looking at it she understood what it was – tennis rackets! She loved playing lawn tennis. She was so touched and felt like she was on the ninth cloud. By the time they had finished dining it was 9 pm. After settling the bill they left the restaurant and were in Adi’s car, a lovely black BMW, he put her gifts on the backseat. While starting the car. Adi spoke, “Tanya, we are going for a long drive”.

Tanya inquired immediately “Where are we going Adi?”

She realized that she was so lost in the enjoyment of this evening that she had forgotten to call her parents to leave a message.

Adi said “It’s a surprise baby.

“Adi, at least tell me” Tanya said. She could see they were going towards Pune. She was worried now, as it would be late and her parents would get worried. They were now crossing the Mumbai-Pune expressway.

She immediately, texted her parents “Adi is taking me for a surprise, but we are going somewhere towards Pune, and right now we are on Pune-Mumbai expressway. I will try to come home early.” And then she saw her battery life was 25%! Oh dear!

“Come on Tanya”, Adi exclaimed, “You will love where I am taking you” and once they left the Mumbai-Pune highway, he took a left turn into a very lonely road towards hill side.

Tanya said, “Adi, this is so lonely, where the hell, are we going, it’s not safe!”

Now Tanya was getting worried. “Come on baby I am here! Don’t worry”.

And driving to a certain distance, he halted just near the hillside. He got out from his seat and told Tanya to come out too.

And he said “Surprise”!! Tanya did not understand anything. She asked, “What surprise Adi”? “Come, look down na” And Tanya looked, all she could see were the lights of Khopoli.It was nice just Adi and her, but she was getting scared too, as the place was lonely!!

She was not aware but Adi had placed a mat on the ground and placed two glasses as he had got Champagne. What Tanya noticed was that he had got pillows also, which made no sense to her.

He then held her by her waist and pulled her close. He said “Baby I am so happy it’s your birthday tomorrow, I love you”, and kissed her. Tanya enjoyed the kiss.

But, it was definitely not from the heart. Somehow she was getting alarmed. Then he made her sit down and poured champagne and spoke aloud “toast for my girl, on her advance birthday celebrations” and he gulped the champagne.

Tanya just had few sips. Before Tanya could grasp; in just a matter of seconds, Adi had pulled Tanya towards him making her lie down on the mat! Tanya was definitely taken aback” he was now on top of her…Tanya went cold!

She almost screamed, “Adi, what are you doing”.

He said, “what else do you think baby, I am going to make Luve to you under the sky”!!

Everything turned hazy for Tanya, she could feel Adi getting heavy on her, trying to grope her, but gathering her wits and using her strength she pushed him away.

And screamed again “Are you mad Adi, how could you even think of this! You know I won’t do this before we get married, let’s go from here now at this moment”.

The storm inside Adi had been calm till now and rose, he held Tanya back so harshly and screamed: “what is wrong with you, don’t act like a kid and come here!”

He tried to force to get physical with her.

She again pushed him hard “I am going, how you dare try to force me”. As she said this, he hit her hard on her beautiful face, SLAM!!!

That explained the green-blue mark! Every dream of Tanya shattered into millions of pieces! Adi pushed her to ground again started forcing himself on her. Tanya was not a physically strong girl but her jogging and her gym had given her enough strength to fight back. She couldn’t believe the guy whom she thought she loved was actually trying to molest her! Remembering her dad, mom, and god, she pushed him with all her might and ran towards the car, he screamed at her “TANYA”.

But she opened the door and grabbed her bag when she was about to remove her phone, Adi, caught her from behind!

“You bih, now I will show you, you hit me right? , you bih”! He tried to push her inside the car… Tanya suddenly recalled seeing a girl on TV, hitting someone with a back kick, but of course they were trained fighters. But thinking it could work, Tanya, turned and landed “ONE TIGHT KICK “  , just below his TUMMY. Bang on! He screamed in pain!! “You BITCH”… and swore all his favourite cuss words. She ran like a mad woman with her bag, towards the driver’s seat. Adi had the KEYS in his hand… What could she do… then, it came to her… she could run! So she ran, not looking back. And the demon had started screaming behind her.

Screech!!!!!!!! Startled! Tanya opened her eyes! God, he’s come here! She could hear his voice“TANYA YOU BITCH! TANYA”!! Tanya started sweating. Adi knew very well, she could not have gone far hence he had driven the car towards where Tanya had run! He was stopping everywhere and checking! She tried her best not to say a word, made sure the boulder covered her.Unknown to her, her dresses ribbon had come out and in the pitch dark; her light colored ribbon was easily seen. Adi, like a dangerous snake, quietly slithered behind the boulder, from the other side and caught Tanya…

“Got you, now where shall you run”, “leave me, di”… Tanya screamed!!

At the end of the day, a women’s strength is always less when it comes to fighting with a man. But TANYA had decided to use every weapon she had: She immediately, remembered a reality show where the women bit the villain hand, she immediately started biting Adi’s hand…

“Aaargh!!!!!!!!!!!! Let me go you bitch”, she didn’t let him go , she bit harder, pushed him and gave him “ONE TIGHT KICK” again which threw him on the grounds!

And she took her bag and again RAN toward the car.Gathering a spurt of energy ADI, ran behind her, before she could open the door and sit on the Driver’s seat, Adi came from behind and pulled her.

He started to force her into the backseat and started to molest her.

He screamed “Enough! You BI**H, stop this cat and mouse game, I will show you what a man is, just wait”. Tanya was hurting already, but now anger became the prominent emotion at once! How someone who loves you can be capable to do this!? How could someone physically abuse women! It was indeed a moment of realization for her, that she was now experiencing what abused women feel like, it so normal to read it in news, but now she could feel their pain!

Among all her thoughts and resolve to resist Adi, she realised he was about to remove his jeans, Tanya knew, she has to do something or else, this would be end of it. Her thoughts strengthened her and like a WOMAN scorned she started beating ADI WITH one of the Tennis Rackets. He was screaming now… then with a final blow she hit so hard that she opened the BACKDOOR AND threw him out! He went toppling on the ground. She screamed at him “You ANIMAL I trusted you, my father always felt something was not right and I realise that he was so darn right. But I am a FOOL not to have heeded him, I loved you but I was not your TOY. When Animals go mad it’s better to KILL them”. She started banging the tennis racket on Adi’s head. He wailed… “Stop it”!!But she did not stop until he fell down. She had just gone crazy! All of a sudden, Adi stopped moving…Tanya, stopped and immediately checked on Adi, he was out cold. She wished she could kill him! But No! She didn’t want to dirty her hands with his filthy blood. So leaving him half dead;she ran towards the car, the keys were in, she threw her bag besides her and settled.

Before she started the car, she saw Adi’s phone on the panel, she scrolled through it and saw her dad’s numerous miss calls on it, and she immediately called her dad, “Aditya! Where are you both”? Her Father yelled the moment he picked up.

She answered “DAD it’s me TANU, Don’t ask me anything right now, just meet me at the Mumbai – Pune first Police station, I am fine, and  I will explain everything”…

“Ok sweetheart, hope you are ok”, father enquired. “I am fine, dad”, and wiping her tears out of her eye she said”, I am your strong daughter, right”?

Her father replied “Yes, you are my darling, by the way HAPPY BIRTHDAY”! And he cut the call.

Oh god!It was 2 am, my birthday! She had received the biggest birthday lesson and gift this year! She hung up the phone and flung it towards Adi. Took out her phone, put it for charging, drank the rest of the water and started off in the car.

She started crying, laughing at the same time. She was so hurt, but somewhere she was happy she dint give up, she was happy her parents had defined her life and the values which were given to her did not go in vain. She also felt she did earn a little justice for those women who were abused physically and mentally. Now she knew what she was going to do, file an FIR on her DREADFUL EX-BOYFRIEND and make sure he does not harass any other innocent girl.Thinking she needed to start learning self- defense properly she drove towards the police station, where her dad was already waiting for her.!!

What about Adi!? Well Devils don’t die, but they do get their due, the way Adi had got his RETURN-GIFT – “ONE TIGHT KICK “J.



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