Excerpt: Sam was coming down of the staircase to search more coins.Bryan hide himself in the darkness and looked at the key in the hands of Sam. (Reads: 584)


Bryan was saved in the attack but some how he managed to stay alive.Stephen and Robert the two brothers went to live in the islands of Sandarbad.They enjoyed their lives.Bryan wanted to revenge his defeat.But didn’t have any support.

Bryan first went back to the Haunted House with the help of a long pathway.It took him three days to walk back.He searched and investigated everything.The gold coins were the treasure which they looted from the rich merchants. The bodies of men were of his own gang whom Stephen has killed.He analyzed that Robert has told him about every movement of the gang.

But how could he pass from the door inside the chamber to the temple door across the valley.”The Boy , he opened the door.”thought He.

Bryan watched behind the door.It was Stephen’s room.He saw the bed on which he slept.

While climbing up the stairs from the chamber below.He opened the door.Sam was coming down of the staircase to search more coins.Bryan hide himself in the darkness and looked at the key in the hands of Sam.Bryan attacked Sam and hit him hard. Sam was shocked.His key was into Bryan’s hand.Astonishingly Bryan watched the key.

With a gun in his hand Bryan said ,” What is this key.How did you take my whole gang from this door to the temple across the valley when bridge is broken. ”

“Do that again or I will kill you” said Bryan putting the gun towards Sam.

“OK I will tell you.My mother is ill,so I have to take the gold.God gave me this key .It opens the door I wish to and takes me over there.” said Sam picking a stone to hit Bryan.Sam opened the door after putting the key.

God had given this key second time because his mother treatment required a lot of money.

Holding Sam’s body with left hand and gun in the right hand.Bryan jumped into the door and came out of the temple door.”Amazing, absolutely Amazing ! !”,claimed Bryan in exhilaration.

“So this is your power.” said Bryan and watched the valley from above.

“Go and tell Stephen that I am coming for him.” said Bryan.But Sam attacked from the stone ,took the key and vanished somewhere behind the temple door.

Bryan recruited his soldiers from nearby villages and provided them with weapons from his sources.He had 500 men with high quality weapons.He marched on a ground where Stephen and Robert waited for them.

“How did they get the news”,said Bryan.” Only Sam knew about it.” 

Bryan looked at Sam who was standing with Stephen.Stephen called him up.They met in the battlefield. “Wait Bryan you are going to kill many innocent men.So let us finish the battle with sword and shield.”

Metal armour on the shoulders. The war would be decided by the winner.Stephen the old man was losing,but he didn’t fall.Stephen was clever ,he left Bryan grow up his confidence and at the last moment he defeated him.

Sam and Robert picked up the dead body of Bryan and left it inside the chamber of the Haunted House.Stephen told Sam never to come back again.

Aakash and police both helped him to find where Stephen is.Sam ran away from the temple door to the police.He then landed into the police station of Sandarabad.He told Stephen about Bryan’s plan.Stephen prepared for war but eventually called Bryan for one on one war.

Sam took a bottle of rum from Robert. Came back to meet his mother with lot of gold.He took her to hospital.He felt sorry for Bryan.Finally he left to meet Sandarbad but not with the key.H e travelled by train.


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