School’s Up for Today

Excerpt: There is this girl in my class, I went by her house. A window was open so I sneaked around in their house. I had to avoid to be seen by any of her siblings or parents. (Reads: 1,209)



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There is this girl in my college class, I have never talked to her, I feel so far away from that girl. The sun shines, the grass is green, everyone is smiling, talking, laughing och the sky is blue.

I saw the girl at the school yard, she came alone so I could just talk to her. I got up on my feet and headed towards the stone walk she was on, and then we were walking towards each other. The stones are like dark yellow and I don’t even know what the color of all the school buildings are called, something not far from red anyway.

She said hi with far more excitement than I expected even though I saw that she was in a good mood. I was amazed how unskilled I was talking to her. While I noticed to my inability to be cool I had time to consider the situation. There was one obvious opportunity that presented itself, I could ask her out.

I said: “Would you like to see a movie or something tonight?”

She said: “Yeah, I would love that!”

We were suppose the meet up at the same place. She came just as happy as before, and we started walking. I went out and bought a car just before.

After the movie it was dark outside, outside the cinema I saw something. She was familiar somehow but I couldn’t place her so I asked.

“Where did you grow up?”

She said: “Maine.”

We grow up in the same little town but here we only knew each others first name. I thought I saw her on the same plane as me once but there was no reason to think it was her because I didn’t get a good look. She was one of the cool kids in school. So I told her who I was, that we are from the same place. She was always happy and full of energy, saw her so many times making snow angels evan as a senior in high school. She used to talk to everyone, sometimes one on one walking out from the school building when school was up for the day.

One night, the day before Christmas, I was on my own and so was she when I met her. Some snow fell slowly, so her beanie sparkled. I couldn’t stop myself, as we were standing and talking I stepped closer to her. As discreet as I could I got even closer, but it was still two meters between her and me. Her phone rang playing some Christmas song and she had to go.

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