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You Won’t Allow Me, I Know

My travel should end in the premises of my home, my laugh and talk should not hear outside, my only dream has to be get married and be a good wife , (Reads: unavailable)


If all around the world hates one word, that will be you,” failure”, I wonder, how can something exist in the world, with everybody’s hatred? oh failure! all would have tasted you, all will love to spit you (Reads: unavailable)


Followings are 16 poetic lines in Hindi about different subjects and expressions, each of them is dealing with a specific and different topic and feeling through it. (Reads: unavailable)

Synonym of Strength

When a misfortune happen to you, by some horrible wild creatures, all supported those beasts, because you were wrong, if you were a real lady, you would have been in home and not in a road (Reads: unavailable)

The Glass of Wine

Now your favourite love songs meant something more,you sung along those lines,you smiled,you blushed,you had dreamy eyes,you were lost in thoughts,you spent most of your day in front of the mirror,j (Reads: unavailable)

Meri Kavitayen

The first poem signifies the haunt of dowry in our society. The second poem tells about the old traditions and rituals which grabs the women of the society. The third poem signifies the different shades of life. (Reads: unavailable)

Machali ko Jal Peelane Chale

This is a satirical poem,dealing with the current norms,conditions and situations of our country which a common man has to face and also the false beliefs in which he gets trapped and thinks that everything will change on following it. (Reads: unavailable)