Remember Me

May God help us find each other even if we are older. May His Holy Spirit guide us forever. May God extend our life to live longer. And May God never forget us that we truly love each other. (Reads: 108)

Social or anti-social?

We all share the same fate. I think it’s too late to notice my worst, heckpoint. Struggling from side to side, Forcing myself to act mature, before I meet the cold eyes (Reads: 48)


And my heart was crushed, I couldn’t utter a word and just listened to the outside world. Not because she had broken my trust,But because of my shattered love. (Reads: 143)

My First Love

I had not loved anyone in all my life as you, True love would never make you to force a change, It accepts you, as the real you, whatever you are, However it is real true, that first love will not be forgotten (Reads: 137)


The glory of sun,who gives us light by burning itself,teach us to burn ourselves, to achieve our goal, If god is light, it is the god,It ornaments the clouds with. (Reads: 71)

There is no way to escape !!

The competitive world is so cruel , nobody can explain in words. The competition may harsh , but it will make you hard. Trust me my brother, it will be bothered. (Reads: 56)