When I grope in darkness not finding my life, Knowing I must trudge along on unknown path. I miss you, my darling, beside me. .Just your pictures hang on lifeless walls and your memories in a shattered heart. (Reads: 130)

Khulne Ki Pratikha

The story of Indian housewife who is lonely and the author through her poem wants to fill the void in her life through her words.The words here are interpretation of a housewife feelings. (Reads: 124)

Poetry of Life

The song of life, Is full of mysteries, A handful of tragedies, Along with the comedies. It is a song of getting enlightenment
Along with several entitlements. It is the poetry of life (Reads: 92)

Times in Goa

I went over to my neighbours’ and we walked to the park, And soon we were going down the slide, The sun was still casting golden light all around, ‘Ah, the times in Goa,’ I smiled and sighed. (Reads: 50)