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Family Stories
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Online collection of short stories of families, relationships and family matters. Read story of memories and remembrance of family members. Read memory of grandfather, relation between daughter and mother, feeling of being a mother and many more such heart touching family stories.

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In one June evening, after so many years, I saw him again, sitting beside the pond with a fishing rod. He now looked old. But all his actions and poses were of that of the same man I saw in yesteryears. (Reads: 30)

Trust your relations

Never let your trust break, a family is a solid pillar which will protect you from internal and external evils. A family consisting of husband, kids and parents leave you at a stage of the highest show of happiness, love, and integrity. (Reads: 29)

The story of Elisabeth Cain

The family seemed so happy living in their mansion which was painted in faded colors which was quite strange and the furniture colors were very odd too. (Reads: 38)


It’s so blissful! Every time, I look at the same from the terrace at midnight; I feel the enchantment of this Great Universe. Amma! I want to see this world; I want to be enlightened! (Reads: 33)